10 Tips & Tricks For Designing Perfect Landing Page For B2B

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When it comes to increase the traffic on your site or get a large number of subscriptions from the visitors, then you need to make your website fetching.

To make your website drop-down doesn’t mean that you always have to adopt some fanciable layouts and overload your landing page with numerous designs, images, and texts.

You need to work on your landing page to win over your visitors. How you select a shop while going shopping? I see the appearance of the shop and the clothes that are worn by the mannequin.

That means I decide the quality and collection by only watching the doorway of the shop. Therefore, for your business to get the number of visits its necessary that the door of your business, i.e., the landing page of the website should be engaging.

1. Header Message should be clear and precise


Inspect the screenshot given above. The heading “Make up to $35/hr Driving your car”, clarifies a lot many things to a novice reader. The points which I could collect-

  • It’s related to driving
  • You can earn $35/hr by driving
  • The job welcomes all people who know driving and wants to become a driver on an hourly basis.

A header on a landing page should be simple yet effectively understandable. Some landing pages are with irrelevant headers or one-liner that makes identification difficult. Due to this, you are sweeping away your visitors thus costing you a likely lead.

2. Let the contents on the Landing page be valuable

While creating contents on the landing page, focus on the fact that your landing page requires information that will benefit the visitor and will keep him engaged.


  • A suitable heading which describes the intention of the company and its work of ‘Credit Cards.’
  • You can use bullets for improving the readability.
  • The company is providing few benefits that are appropriately distributed and mentioned. We can say the content is a benefit based for the visitor as he will get all the information on the landing page itself and later may contact the company for better offers or to resolve the queries.

3. Mix and Match but with professionalism

It’s wise to use a contrast look for your landing page but would be quick on the update if you go for shades which define professionalism more as your landing page represents your business.


The image which selected for the landing page is a combination of three colors viz., white, Grey and black whereas the rest portion of the page is white.

The portion covers texts in black and images in light green which makes it easily readable and tidy. The contents on the picture are readable as the image itself is light and not bright.

The button used is of green color with white text on it giving it a regular feature. Top right corner, links are provided to other pages. They are in black as the shade on top is quite darker thus making it suitable for this landing page.

4. Role of Images and videos

If you would be a visitor to a particular site, what would have lured you to the site? Brief contents, images and videos relevant to your subject in question is the correct answer.

If you want to engage your visitors and want them to stay for long or want them to visit your site often then you need to think of images and videos for your landing page.

Adding multimedia doesn’t mean you will load your site with irrelevant images and videos or only with them.


The points which I got from the screenshot:

  • A background image which captures your attention for its relevancy with catching video software.
  • A video at the bottom which gives a basic introduction to the software used for video recording.
  • The landing page has excellent contrast visibility making it professional with the addition of multimedia.

5. Choose a wise “Call-to-Action.”

If you don’t have an actionable CTA then what is the use of having a landing page? More precisely what is the purpose of building a website for your business?

The main aim of having a CTA is to have potential customers in your database. It happens only when the visitor will fill up the opt-in forms, subscribes your newsletter or fills up the feedback form to get connected with your business.

It will happen if you let them communicate and discuss with you through this CTAs.


Take a look at the screenshot given above.
My observation with this is as follows:

  • There are two effective CTAs here on the landing page.
  • One is the opt-in form for a consultation.
  • Another one is to have contact from the visitor either via mail or on call.
  • They have given you the option either you call them, or they will be in touch with you.

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6. Usage of Social Proof

If you don’t want that your landing page should blow its own trumpet, then use social proof. Social proof brings life and gist to your marketing message. Put your self in the shoes of a customer.


The value of your business will increase when your customers speak more rather than you. It’s obvious they won’t believe you as you are salaried for talking good about your company!

Therefore it’s an acute move to let your customers speak about your company. Recommendations and audit by the customers are essential elements for the landing page.

Few tips to add social proof on your landing page:

  • Add a video testimonial to your landing page.
  • Striving for good comments is another critical factor. Therefore while collecting testimonials from them you need to manage their addresses, company’s name, email id’s, phone number and other details so that they can’t fake about your services or products.
  • Try to get testimonials from reputable sources. It will be a feather to your cap.

From the screenshot what I could infer is the landing page has a video uploaded very perspicaciously. The video displays the current customer’s experience with the company’s service.


Another way of using social proofs is putting up what users have said about your product or services as shown above.

Here are some few more ways of social proof that can be put up on your landing page:


The different formats are as follows:

  • Reviews by the customers
  • Social platform- how many people have liked your page and have an interest in your services and products
  • Sponsorship or funding by companies
  • Podcast
  • Users speaking about your services in a video
  • Trust partners
  • Certifications
  • Statistics/demographics
  • Comments by the users
  • Photos by the users.

7. Minimum Navigational Links

Loading your landing page with navigational links may be confusing at times. It can break the focus of all the users.

Therefore to keep it simple and easy to use, your page should have minimum navigational links so that the conversion rates are maximum.

If you take a glance at the screenshot given below, there are very few navigation links on the landing page thus making it user-friendly.


8. Forms should be short and effective:

A popular lead form is a premier move towards getting your leads attracted. A way which is quick and accurate. It will help you to get leads for your business.
Few samples of forms that you can put on the landing page:


If you see the above screenshot its entirely for software that controls the classroom. Therefore for this, the form is given on the right.

If you see, it will have details like name, email, country, and zip-code.

9. Lead Form should be in sight:

Your Lead Form should be placed on the website. If your form is out of sight, then it will be out of the mind of viewers.

To avoid this, it’s necessary that your form should catch the eyeballs of the people. The more the lead form is in sight, the more you will get close to getting leads.


Observing this I can say:

  • There is a perfect header that describes what the company is.
  • The contents are managed and are active.
  • As you read the content, it will challenge your intellect to ignore it or try for a few days and would like to register. Then immediately you would fill up the form of registration/trial.
  • So the form is placed below the content. Well managed landing page.

10. Make A/B testing a practice

If you want your landing page to fit into all the boxes, you need to look at the landing page on different versions. It will help you to create a well-optimized, related and well-built landing page for your business.


As I had discussed earlier, your landing page speaks a lot about your business. I have given ten best hacks that will help HubSpot COS Designer to build one of the best landing pages for your business.


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