How To Develop a Messaging Application Like Telegram?

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Nowadays, Telegram falls under a specific bracket. It’s one of the most remarkable messaging applications.

It showcases how the platform has evolved along with the market. It managed to develop a secured messaging app with a vast user base.

In 2016, Telegram managed to cross the range of 100 million active users. It’s a fact despite the cut-throat competition in the market. Telegram vs. WhatsApp is one of the most fierce battles.

WhatsApp has more than a billion active users. A line has twice of active users to that of Telegrams. The developers are considering Telegram as the role model for a messaging app.

Another messaging application signal is the main competitor of Telegram. It provides a secured messaging application. But the former has 1 million downloads on Google Play.

Market Trends, Growth, And Opportunities

The following statistics indicate the growth of the Telegram in the last few years. Its reach has gone a whole new level with more than 62 million active users.

What’s more interesting is the numbers of new users joining this app. So, by analyzing these numbers, one can get a great idea about Telegram.

Telegram Market Statistics

How To Make An Instant Messaging App Like a Telegram?

In today’s scenario, developing an app can mean zero level development. For example, if you’re developing a Wedding Planning App, it means to code from the very beginning.

Telegram App Developer can take help of other online methods, i.e., APIs, libraries, Development Tools & protocols. The developer must know how he/she wishes to develop a messaging app.

Telegram Messaging App

The developer must also know the development platforms, i.e., Android Windows or iOS.

The functions of a messaging app depend on the infrastructure of the databases. (such as storage facility, messaging protocols (XMPP), APIs. Notification services, servers, etc,…).

There are some things you should take into account while developing a messaging app.

They’re as shown below:

  • Cost
  • Security
  • Timeline
  • Features
  • Design
  • Back-end
  • Front-end
  • Support

How Does It Work?


The emphasized feature of the App Telegram is its security. The developers of Telegram paid attention to its safety and speed the most.

If anyone manages to break their messaging encryption, they will reward him/her with $ 200,000. But, no one was able to break the code.

To develop a messaging application, the developer must foremost decide its encryption code.

Telegram uses its encryption, unlike the other messaging apps. It uses 2048 bit RSA encryption, Diffie-Hellman secure key exchange. It also uses 256 bit symmetric AES encryption to encrypt messages.

WhatsApp and Signal use Open Whisper System’s protocol. It enables chats with an end to end encryption.

Telegram’s and Line’s protocols are proprietary. But all the chats in Telegram are not secured by default. You need to know about Telegram App Security. After that, you can understand this thing.

Telegram Secret Chat Messages Encryption

Instead, the users choose whether they want to secure their messages. For that purpose, they use the Telegram Secret Chat feature.

In this feature, users can decide to set a timer on their messages. Once the recipient read messages, the texts get deleted. You can’t forward it as well.

Besides this, servers don’t store the messages which are not sent. If someone takes a screenshot, users will receive a notification for that. The system can’t display media by pressing on them and holding it.

Also, if a secret chat gets initiated on a mobile device, the same cannot happen on a tablet.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation surveyed secret conversations. In that survey, Telegram’s secret conversations got 7 out of 7.


The Telegram also provides free sharing facilities to their API. It allows prospective developers to use their API. They can monetize products or applications built using their API.

As per the terms & conditions of Telegram, there’s a restriction on using API. It’s imposed on companies with IPOs.

It’ s also applicable to those looking for a massive round of investment. The reason is, these companies are incompatible with Telegram’s data privacy. Now, Telegram considers it as a core value. So, there’s a mismatch.

Open Source Code

The Telegram has attracted prospective developers. The reason is their open source code.

It provides an opportunity to develop applications.

Telegram’s Business Model

Parel Durov, the founder of Telegram, from the beginning of Telegram, stated one thing. He has no plans to earn money from this app.

He has sponsored it from the funds he acquired from selling Vkontakte. It was one of the popular social networks.

He further assured that the app would remain free for users. There will be no extra charges for ads or App Subscription fees.

Telegram Mobile App

The estimated amount invested in app development is $300 million. But, creators of the messaging app started commenting. They say you can’t burn money forever.

So, now the company is searching for a unique. The business model. It shouldn’t break the laid down principles. It will enhance the improvement of the Telegram app.

Also, Telegram doesn’t allow developers of games or bots to showcase their Ads. In October 2016, developers of these apps worked on a unified monetization system.

In September 2016, they took the first step by monetizing their paid sticker. It was for iMessage facility through a third-party platform.

Yet, they used the accumulated money for developing new labels. They also used it for paying salaries to the designers.

Why Is Telegram So Popular And How It Attracts Users?

The team of Telegram claims that they have not spent any money on its promotion or ads. The features of the application attract users. They also ensure their engagement due to the maturity of the app.

The features further attract users that need a platform for professional communication. It can be like SMM managers & bloggers.

The app attracts the developers. They can promote their products on Telegram’s platform.


Telegraph By Telegram

The application is also a publishing tool. It allows its users to develop formatted posts with media files.

The posts developed with app support, “Instant view.” It further motivates bloggers, etc. to communicate through Telegram with their audience.


Telegram allows developers to connect their programs to the app system. Telegram Messenger App achieves it through Bot API.

As a result, the Telegram team keeps on updating its bot platform. It was in demand and attracted the developers. It further attracts developers to create bots for Telegram.

Money Rewards For Developers And Designers

Telegram promotes the development of interfaces, products & libraries. For that, it takes the help of competition. They involve developers and designers, which improves the platform.

The following are instances that showcase the same:

  • In 2016 Parel Durov announced that he would give $25,000 to each developer. $1 million was for developers of the best Telegram bots.
  • At the beginning of 2016; To attract the designers, there was a Stickers Contest. It was for the coolest Russian designers. Also, the winners received $80 per sticker and joined their designer’s team.

The secret of Telegram’s growth is not its cool features or contests. Also, one can call it calculated plan or sheer luck.

But in 2014, when Facebook purchased WhatsApp, Telegram got 8 million new users.

There was an instance that added to 6 million user base. It was in a single day. When WhatsApp got blocked in Brazil, Telegram achieved this feat.

Brazilian mobile operators were not able to manage SMS. It was for the verification codes for the Telegram.

Gaming Platform

Telegram Games

With the help of HTML graphics, animations & sounds one can create a gaming platform that is loaded on-demand like on regular web pages instead of the user’s device, saving storage space.

According to Telegram’s blog, it took five hours for their developer to develop Corsairs. It was a time challenge game with graphics, animations & sound.

It is a game where the user avoids getting shot & plays as long as they can.

Challenges You Will Face In Making An App Like Telegram

The following are the challenges that you can face in the app development process:

Retaining And Engaging Users

Nowadays, mobile users are impatient. One can assure their engagement and retention in one case.

When they get attracted to an app from the very beginning, else the user may switch to another messaging application. There are a lot of apps available in the market.

If you want an app to be different from rest, then you should think different. You must include offers providing users an incentive to use the app. Telegram Messaging focuses on that.

It can be mobile-specific rewards, special promotions, or access to specific content. You should update the app with new features. The personalized content enhances engagement and retention.

For knowing more on this subject, you should contact App Developers in NYC. He/She can guide you with their knowledge & experience.

Security Issues

One of the main challenges you will face is handling security issues. Nowadays, users look for secured communication with secure encryption.

Telegram uses an in-house no open–source encryption protocol. It ensures that changes in cryptographic keys weekly. It can also be after a certain amount of messages gets sent and delivered.

Telegram: Features And Functionality

Nowadays, users use messaging applications for other functions than messaging. The developers pay high attention to provide such platforms.

They focus on user engagement and retention.

The following are basic features that a messaging application must have:

Basic Features
For Admin Panel
  • Login
  • Manage profile and users
  • Analytics
  • Reporting
  • User privileges
  • Push Notification
For User Panel
  • Sign-up
  • Verification process
  • Messages
  • Syncing with contacts
  • Groups
  • Manage privacy
  • Multilingual
  • Theme
  • Calls – Video/Voice
  • Multiple profile pictures
  • Sharing live location
  • Channels
  • In-app filters for photos
  • Self-destruction
  • Support all media
  • Support various file types
  • Cloud storage
  • Export data
  • Turn off notification
  • Activated notification
  • Plenty of stickers
  • E-mail
  • Terminate activate session
  • Block users
  • Smart search

Why Switch To Telegram?-Telegram Features

Advanced Features

The Mobile App, Desktop App, PWA

  • The platform available for desktop, mobile, web for the users to download
  • Use any version of a specific platform

End To End Encryptions

  • For keeping the data secure
  • Encryption of information from end to end
  • Only two parties can access that information

Multiple Accounts

  • Users can create many accounts within a single app
  • Users can use 2 or more numbers
  • Maintain their contacts with various accounts

Video Streaming

  • Allows users to stream videos according to their choice
  • No need of downloading the videos

Two-Step Verification

  • Securing specific account with the two-step verification
  • Every time a person logs in entering a password is necessary

Lock Chat

  • Allows users to secure his/her conversations with other people
  • Users need to provide the password every time they log in from a new device

Make Your GIF

  • Allows users to create their GIF
  • Share it with other users.

Profile Customization

  • Users can change…
    • Names
    • Nicknames
    • Patterns
    • Background colors
    • Select an avatar picture
  • Users can check out other user’s status, snaps, last seen, and also if they are typing.

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Group Admin

  • Enables controlling of chat
  • Prevent spamming in the group
  • Can give access to the members to manage the group
  • Power to disbar a member from the group
  • Used for business purposes

Security Features

  • Securing the data of the users
  • Securing encrypted data from others

Delete The Message

  • It allows a user to un-send messages.

Sharing & Storage

  • Allows sharing and storing unlimited files

Payment Integration

  • Payment functionality features like…
    • QR-Scan Code
    • Native in-app payments
    • Online direct payment


  • Combine with advertisers to giveaway rewards to the users
  • For completion of some in-app actions
  • For example, branded stickers

Chat SDK & Messaging API

  • Making collaboration platform retentive
  • For Chat integration API on third-party platforms
  • Multi-platforms for iOS, Android and Web applications

Make It Personal

  • Allows the user to customize wallpapers, statuses, and notifications
  • Migration of data
  • Change or delete his/her phone number
  • Back up of charts and media files as per users requirements
  • Switch between internal and external storage

Super Group

  • A creator can promote every Telegram Group Chatto a supergroup
  • Super Groups allow users to pin an important message
  • Advanced moderation tools like ban spammers, report them. It deletes all messages from a particular user


  • Supports a lot of convenient publishing features
  • Including Links to Post
  • Allows the user to share a specific message with non-users
  • Send silent messages without a notification
  • Use Admin Signatures (allows to identify the owner of a post)

Instant View

  • Enable users to post news links
  • Opens instantly on the user’s device


  • Perform a wide variety of tasks from:
    • Reporting recent news
    • Managing finances

How To Make Money With An App Like Telegram (Monetization Model)?

The next thing that will come in your mind is, “How to earn from these On-Demand Instant Messaging Apps?”

You can provide with the following in-built methods to maximize your earnings potential.

A few ways that most of the app development firms follow are as under:


Advertising is one of the most common methods to increase earning. Telegram Mobile App captures the users in the most effective way.

But if you will do too much advertising, then it will annoy the app’s users. As a result, the developer charges a nominal fee. It’s for disabling such advertisements.

In-App Purchases

The messaging application can have a set of features. The user can use them only when they have paid fees.

It can be stickers, themes, emoticons, wallpapers, filter. These trends are high in demand among the youth. It is the most significant user base. Telegram Chat App captures this thing.

In-App Money Transfer

In-App Best Money Transfer Mobile Apps

Another feature that can enhance the earning capacity of the messaging app. Enabling money transfer via your messaging app helps.


This feature enhances the engagement of users. It provides them with a facility to play games in their respective chat threads.

Subscription Fees

Under this method, the user gets a free trial period, which may last to 7 days or a few weeks or 6 months or a year. After which, you will have to pay a fee (like say $ 0.99) for accessing the app.

This method may incur income. But it may become either a barrier or make the users shift to other apps. Nowadays, messaging apps are free of cost.

How Much Will It Cost To Develop An App Like Telegram?

The mobile application development cost of an app like Telegram is not fixed. It varies from region to region. It’s because of the market variation.

Be it the USA, Europe, the UK, and India. You can measure the cost of developing a messaging app like Telegram in dollars. It depends on the hours spent on such development.

The cost of developing with the hours in different areas or region is as below:

Region Cost of Development Hours spent on Development
North America $ 60 – 250 Per Hour
Eastern Europe $ 50 – 100 Per Hour
Western Europe $ 40 – 120 Per Hour
The United Kingdom $ 60 150 Per Hour
India $ 20 – 70 Per Hour

The above table gives an idea about the cost of developing a messaging app like Telegram in one platform.

If one decides to develop a messaging app like Telegram in India, mobile app development price may reach up to $ 50000. This is when developing both the platforms (Android and iOS versions).


The messaging app market has evolved in a very new dimension.  There is so much room left for new evolutions.

It is the best time for developing a messaging app like Telegram. There is a surety that it will get a decent market share.

One thing is clear from the market scenario. The future of communication lies in the hand of messaging apps.

There is a principal reason for such apps and the vast market base. They are free of cost, and so the apps beat SMS.

These messaging apps are gradually taking over phone calls by VoIP features.

So, if you are looking forward to developing your messaging application like Telegram, then you need to find a Mobile Application Development Company in NYC to get started with your project.

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