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How To Effectively Use Chatbots To Double Up Your Leads?

How To Effectively Use Chatbots To Double Up Your Leads?

Technology is the pilot in today’s world where online commerce is propelling itself towards prosperity. This virtuoso thickening shows the online retailers a shot and provocation.

They not only have to deal with a huge assemblage shopping online which propels higher revenue but also have to clinch for a flair experience throughout the customer’s journey.

To provide high-end customer service, merchants have two alternatives: a) Engage more employees resulting in an increase in labor costs as a matter of course.b)Bend towards the technology by using chatbots.

Chatbots are qualified enough to provide users with information about product features, update on the order and delivery status, and many more.

Anchoring chatbots, e-commerce business possessors can be always one step ahead of their combatants. This not only helps customer service to ameliorate but also gain customer allegiance.

Some of the following reasons are mentioned below why chatbots act as a perfect lead generation tool.

1.   Giving a Personal Touch

An idiosyncratic aptness that AI-driven chatbots possess is communication with customers and analyze their requirements at the behest of a brand. This is done by a collection of bygone customer data for proffering more individualize and pertinent service.

This facilitates customers with meticulous product favorable mentions, low-down about out-of-stock or back-in-stock goods and exposes to view customized ads that would set the customer’s cap on their interests and wants.

This makes the customers feel obliged and understood which in turn out-turn the increase in trust and better brand cognizance leading to purchase.

2.   Up-selling & Cross-selling

Since chatbots excel in giving a personal touch to the customers, they, therefore, result in unsealing of up-selling and cross-selling opportunities for retailers.

For instance, if a peculiar item is in question by a customer through a chatbot, the AI-driven engine will save and process the queries and obtain all the details regarding customers’ needs and preferences.

For instance, if any customer needs information on an evening gown, then the chatbots depending on the behavior of the customer’s requirements would recommend accessories like necklace, pumps, bracelets, etc.

This increases the probability of purchase as per the customer’s behavior and taste.

3.   User Engagement

As it is said,

“Curiosity is the engine of achievement,”

Chatbots drive user nosiness invigorating them to communicate with a website or an application the bots are racially balanced into. Virtual subordinates unbolted a more riveting and derision of exploring a brand and its commodity.

Imagine at your web store, a customer is exposed to the view of a chatbot. The first thing that will run in his mind will this bot answer my question? Then this series of curiosity goes on.

This curiosity propels them to interact with the bot to confirm it’s capabilities. This increases customer engagement even more thus enhances user experience. The fact that these bots are highly useful, they have the capability to turn a random visitor into a potential buyer afterwards.

4.   Nurturing Leads

In spite of being climacteric for sales, lead generation is often time draining. As per Propeller.com, 80% of sales require at least five follow-ups after the initial contact.

According to Two by Fore, about 50% of leads are never sent follow-ups. Now that’s called losing potential customers.

Therefore in aid and abet with the above context follow these tricks:

To be successful at nurturing leads, you need to answer these important questions:

  • Are your objectives reachable and quantifiable?
  • Are you having the historic consumer’s reaction and preferences data?
  • Are you having the quality content for marketing?

Chatbots with virtual assistance offers to nurture of leads in ease and pell-mell way. They are capable of generating product predilection, consumer bearing, and email etiquette. Due to this, the data from chatbots help marketers in creating effectual emails and lead nurturing campaign. In addition, it possesses the ability to send regular follow-ups rooted in consumer’s behavior. For instance, when they open up the mails. Another advantage of using them is that monitoring is not needed.

5.   Improved User Experience:

The main characteristic of chatbot that moves the limelight from human salespeople to itself is the data access as per human preference and behavior.

For instance—the clothing retailer Aerie by American Eagle Outfitters—developed chatbots for the Kik Messaging App. It enquires about the product search of the customer with a series of questions.

This instance adorns the integration of bots in messaging apps which improved the customer’s experience. People prefer communication with virtual assistants because they get accurate recommendations and instant answers to their questions.

6.   Promotion of lead magnets with educational bot:

A famous saying

“Knowledge is power,”

would justify the title.

Chatbots are commonly used for educational purposes. Educational bots are used by many websites and brands to answer common queries and for sharing vital tips with customers.

An educational bot can also be anchorage to fatten your email list by propounding a content ameliorate. For example, you can declare your forthcoming webinar, an eBook, or your email courses to let people learn more about discrete topics.

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7.   Enhancing Social Media Marketing Campaigns:

Another experiment that can be done with chatbots is allying them with social media messengers.

Follow the simple steps:

  • Post few pics of your online store and what it is offering on any social media platform.
  • Add a comment “Tag your shopping playfellow!”
  • The bot records all the responses and gets in touch with them via messenger.
  • If they buy products online, then the job of the bot is for upselling the things or raise questions about the preferences.

This is an effective way for social media marketing campaigns.


Welcome, AI with open arms as it is here to obliterate our unfitness. With certainty, chatbots have the competence to transmogrify the entire e-commerce industry with feature like corroborate a cut above customer service. Subsuming these bots into their business blueprints by improving chatbot development services, not only retailers get a ballooned potent customer support tool but also an auxiliary lead peer group channel.


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Harikrishna kundariya

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