How To Make Millions By Starting A Travel Blog In WordPress – 2020?

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It clearly shows that you should also opt for WordPress for starting your travel blog. Taking this into consideration, today we’re going to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to start a travel blog on WordPress and make millions out of that.

So, let’s get the things underway & discuss each step one-by-one in detail.

1.  Choose The Right Blogging Platform

The first thing you need to do to start a travel blog is to find the right blogging platform. It is an area where most beginners fail, as don’t know the platform on which they should start their blog.

As discussed earlier, WordPress is the most popular blogging platform in the world and that’s many Custom WordPress Development Company would recommend you to should start your travel blog on this beautiful platform.

Now, don’t get confused between and; both are a different platform. While is a hosted solution, is a self-hosted platform.

We always recommend you to organize your blog on For that purpose, you need to find a domain name and a hosting provider.

However, when you’re planning to launch your blog, you need to have an idea of Securing the WordPress Site. It is vital for any newbie blogger.

Typically, a domain name would cost your around $14.99/year, and the hosting would cost you about $7.99/month.

2.   Choose The Domain Name & Hosting Provider

Once you’ve decided on the blogging platform, the next step is to choose an appropriate domain name and the hosting provider. According to a study conducted by Hosting Facts, Bluehost is the no.1 WordPress hosting provider in the world.


Taking this into consideration, you should choose Bluehost as your hosting provider which will cost you around $2.75 per month. Now, to purchase the domain name & hosting services, go to which open a webpage as shown below in the screenshot:


The Bluehost offers you free domain name as well as free SSL (Secure Socket Layer) services. So, you don’t have to pay for the domain name of your travel blog. You have to give the money for the hosting services.

Now, click on the green color button –’Get Started Now’ which will open up a new window as shown in the screenshot below:


The next step is to select the hosting plan as per your blogging requirements. Most beginners prefer to go for the basic plan or additional plan. So, choose any hosting plan by clicking the ‘select’ button which will redirect you the next page as shown in the screenshot below:


Now, it’s time to choose the domain name for your travel blog. If you’ve already purchased a domain name for your travel blog, then you should utilize that by putting the information in ‘i have a domain name’ box.

For those who have to buy a new domain name should utilize the ‘new domain’ box and type the domain name in the textbox. After that, click on the ‘next’ button which will redirect you the payment page as shown in the screenshot below:


Now, add your account information and finalize the package to complete the installation process. The experts recommend that you should opt for a 36-month plan, as it gives you the best value. You shouldn’t choose for the extra options until you become a pro travel blogger. Last but not least is to provide the payment information and finish off the purchase.

After finishing this process, you will receive an email with your web hosting control panel (cPanel) login credentials.

3.  Installing WordPress

Once you set up your hosting account, the next and significant step is to install WordPress. Here’s how you can install WordPress on your hosted website.


However, if you choose Bluehost as your hosting provider, then you don’t need to go through this complicated process. You need to click on the link in the email received by you from the Bluehost after completing the sign-up process.

Once you click on that link, you will move to Bluehost cPanel. Now, enter the valid credentials for your cPanel which will take you to the cPanel dashboard.
From there on, you have to click on login to WordPress button which will take you to the WordPress Admin Dashboard as shown in the screenshot below:


4.  Choose The Right Theme For Your Travel Blog

So far, we have set up a WordPress travel blog with a hosting provider & domain name. Now, the time has come to customize the appearance of your travel blog. For that purpose, you can use the WordPress theme that suits the travel blog.

There are thousands of free as well as paid themes available on the web. You can choose any one out of that as per your requirements. You will need a theme that aligns well with your niche, i.e., travel blog. The trick for that is, keeping it simple and finding the balance between functionality offered & design.

Here are some of the best WordPress themes for a travel blog:

Choose any theme as per your need & then install it on your WordPress website for a travel blog.

To know about the practical use of WordPress theme, you can Hire WordPress Developer from a reputed firm.


5.  Add The Content To Your Travel Blog

Once you’re done with the installation and set up of WordPress theme, the next step is to add the content to your travel blog. For that purpose, you can utilize two default WordPress content types, i.e., Post & Pages. The post will be the number of entries in your blog, and page are for adding the static content to your website.

You should add the static content first in your travel blog, as it helps you to build a structure for the website. For example – Contact Form Page, About Us Page, Privacy Policy Page, etc. After completing this task, you can add new blog & articles to your travel blog website by going to Posts->Add New as shown in the screenshot below:


6.  Find New Content Ideas For Your Travel Blog

Once you do the initial setup for your Travel Blog by adding some posts, the next step is to find and generate new blog ideas. Your travel blog post is a way to voice your opinion on the subject of traveling and engage with your audience. Therefore, they need to be informative, catchy, and helpful at the same time.

As a travel blogger, the challenge is to come up with new ideas each & every day which is not an easy task.

For that purpose, you should visit the top travel blogs around the globe, as it will give you an idea of the latest trends in the market. App Like Airbnb are also writing beautiful articles on travel. You can refer to it.

In addition to that, you should participate in the various forum related to your niche, as it will give you a new perspective on travel.

Another significant thing is to maintain the frequency of your blogging. All the successful travel blogger follow this practice, and it has given them rich rewards. You need to be consistent with your writing, only then & then you will be able to create a loyal customer base which may help you to generate revenue shortly.

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7.  Getting More Traffic For The Travel Blog

Once you set up your travel blog, the next thing is to generate maximum traffic for your travel blog. The reason behind that is, it will create an opportunity for you to make money out your travel blog. But, for that to happen, you need to work on the following aspects:

A.Working On Blog’s SEO

As you know that, in the digital era just having a great blog/website is not good enough. You also have to make sure that your blog is visible to the audience at several places. For that purpose, you need to follow the best SEO practices.

WordPress is an SEO-friendly blogging platform, so you don’t need to do much to make your blog SEO-friendly. However, there are many things that you can do to drive more traffic to your travel blog. So, start working on the SEO aspect. That will bring you a lot of traffic.

B.Improve Website Speed

Site speed is such a crucial factor that contributes to your blog traffic. If your blog/website takes too much time to load, then it will be considered as a bad User-Experience (UX). Therefore, you should start taking the necessary steps to improve the speed of your travel blog.

For more details, click here

C.Track User Statistics

Tracking the user statistics regularly will provide you with some useful insights about your blog. For that purpose, you should install Google Analytics in WordPress. It will tell you the information regarding the number of people who have visited your travel blog, what they have seen, from where they have come, and many more such details.

8.  Making Money From Your Travel Blog

The last step is to make money from your travel blog. So far, you have done everything possible to set up an excellent travel blog that can help you to generate the maximum amount of revenue. Here are some of the ways to monetize your travel blog:

A.  Sponsorships

One of the most common ways to earn money for the travel blogger is through sponsorships. These sponsorships can come from the hotel, airline, cruise, tour operator, government agencies and much more.

Once your blog reaches a creatin amount of traffic, you can reach out to these organizations, and they would be interested in mentioning their name in your blog. In return, you can ask for some amount of money. This way, you can earn a right amount of money.

B.  Advertisements

Like all the other blogs, travel blogs also rely heavily on advertisements to generate revenue. The most popular way to advertise your blog is by using Google AdSense. It is a great platform which connects passionate bloggers with the advertisers and advertisers will pay Google, which will pay you after cutting their amount.

Here’s how you can Google AdSense on your WordPress Blog:


C.  Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing allows you to recommend travel products that you love the most. With the help of this method, you can get a referral commission when a user purchases a product after clicking your link.

To do Affiliate Marketing with your traveling blog, you need to find out the travel products and brands that you can partner. The biggest partner you can sign up for your travel blog is Amazon Affiliates. They have lots of travel products with which you can associate.

D.  YouTube Travel Vlogger

YouTube is another excellent platform which provides you with plenty of opportunities to earn money. As we all know that, videos are much more engaging than the plain text and therefore, you should sign up for YouTube’s advertising program by putting up the video of your traveling experiences. It will help you get subscribers and followers at the same time.


In the digital era, blogging has become such a great asset to make money and also voice your opinion on the subject that you’ve known for a while.

Nowadays when travel blogging is a profession, this blog can be like a bag of gold dust for any Custom WordPress Development company. Here, we have tried to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how you can start a travel blog on WordPress and make millions from it.

We’re sure that you’ll have your opinion on this subject. Do write your thoughts in our comment section. We will try to answer them to the best of our abilities. Thank you!


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