How To Effectively Use Git In WordPress Development?

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Hello.! All and Welcome to another edition of our blog series where we discuss some of the most common problems, tips & tricks, and the latest trends & innovations related to the field of Information Technology.

Today, we’re going to shift our focus to a topic which would excite all the developers out there. We’re going to discuss how you can use the Git for the WordPress Development.

But, before going into the details of that, we need to understand what is Git, as only after recognising that in detail you all will be able to know the blog topic in detail.

What Is Git?

Developed by Linus Torvalds and initially released on 7th April 2005, Git is a free and open-source distributed Version Control System (VCS) which is used to track the changes in the computer files. In other words, you can say that Git is a repository that is used for source code management during the software development process.

Now, you all may be wondering that,


What do you mean by Version Control System?

So let’s analyze that first..!

Version Control System

Version Control System (VCS) is a system which manages all the changes related to the document, computer program, large websites and other related information.

1. Centralized Version Control System

As the name suggests, a Centralized Version Control System (CVCS) uses a central server to store all type of files and enable the team collaboration. In other words, you can say that Centralized Version Control System (CVCS) works on a single repository which is directly accessed by the users through a centralized server.


As shown in the figure, in a Centralized Version Control System a central server is directly connected with every programmer’s workstation.

Each programmer can update their workstation with the data which is present in the repository OR they can make some changes to the data and then commit in the repository. Even though it sounds that Centralized Version Control System is very easy to manage and work with. But, there is some significant drawback related to that. So, let’s analyze that first.

Drawbacks Of Centralized Version Control System
  • It is not locally available to you. So, every time there’s a need to connect to the server.
  • Single point of failure. So, if the server crashes, then there’s no way to recover the data.
Distributed Version Control System

Unlike a Centralized Version Control System, Distributed Version Control System (DVCS) does not rely on a single server. In fact, here each of the contributors keeps a copy or “clone” of the main repository.

In other words, you can say that every member will maintain a local repository of their own which contains the files present in the main repository.


As shown in the figure above, each programmer maintains a local repository on their hard drive, which is a copy of the main repository.

So, they can update or commit their local repository without any interference. In addition to all that, the programmer can update their local repository with the new data from the central server. This is called as “Pull” operation.

In contrast to that, when you make any changes to the local repository and then make the effect on the central server, then it is known as “Push” operation.

After reading the above section, you must have got an idea of what do you mean by Version Control System and how it works.

So, now you all know that Git is a Distributed Version Control System (DVCS) and therefore, it follows all the typical characteristics of that, which we discussed in the earlier section.

Are you someone who is working as a developer or as a designer for a long time in the IT industry?

Are you one of those developers who have not to use Git until now?

Then, I tell you what. You’re in trouble mate.

Nowadays, when reputed IT organization hire any developer, they will always check whether you know Git or not. Knowing the Version Control System is one of the primary prerequisites for the developers in the modern time. Without knowing that, you won’t be able to survive in this industry.

Now, let me give you some stats related to Git which will surely make you believe that it is essential to know it.

According to a survey of Octoverse, In the last decade or so, GitHub has been able to reach 24 million developers, and there are 67 million unique repositories created.

From this statistics, you can clearly understand the impact of Git on the developers’ community, and therefore, you should know about it.

So, Are You Worried About How Can I Know About Git In Detail? Then, Don’t be so.

Today, I’m going to discuss the working of Git for you in detail which would make your job much easier than ever before.

How Git Works?

As you all know that, nowadays there’s a massive demand for rapid application development in the IT industry. Now, to implement that process, you need to work in a team environment, as it would be difficult to develop a sophisticated application.

What happens in a team environment is that, all the developers are working on the same code and therefore, it becomes extremely important to have a collaboration between them.

That’s where the role of Git comes into the picture, as it is a version control system which stores all the version of your code.


Now, the question is that, how can a developer efficiently utilise Git?

What a developer can do is that he/she can create a clone or copy of the main repository on the hard drive, which is known as the local repository. Now, the developer can make changes to the code in its working environment.

After making the changes, he/she need to update or commit to the local repository instead of going to the central repository.

Only when he/she need to update their local repository OR make the changes of the local repository reflect on the central repository, they need to deal with the fundamental repository through PUSH and PULL operation.

Till now, we have seen that what is Git and how it works. But, the question that remains is that, What are the benefits of using Git for software development? So, let’s analyze that.

Advantages Of Using Git


One of the major advantages of using Git is that it is strong & reliable compared to any other version control system. The new code can be easily committed, compared, merged, and optimize efficiency.


As a developer, when you’re dealing with software development, you want a version control system which is secure. That’s where the role of Git comes into the picture, as it maintains the integrity of your source code.


This is perhaps one of the major reason why developers nowadays prefer using Git for version control. Git offers you the flexibility to handle nonlinear development flows, and it can handle small & large scale projects.

Widely Accepted

As you all know that, Git offers features like functionality, security, performance which most developers needs for software development. Due to this reason, Git has been a popular choice for the developer’s community

How To Use Git For WordPress Development?

As you all know that, nowadays there’s a lot of content being written on any business website regarding blogs, articles, landing pages, CTAs, etc.

Now, to maintain that content effectively, you need a good Content Management System (CMS). For that purpose, the role of WordPress comes into the picture.


According to a survey conducted by ManageWP, WordPress now powers 26% of the web.

As per the recent survey of W3Techs, WordPress is used by 59.9% of websites who uses Content Management System on their business website.

From the above statistics, you can clearly understand the kind of impact WordPress has created in recent times. Today, if you’re in the IT industry, then you must be knowing that there’s massive demand for WordPress website development.

“I See The Future Of WordPress As A Web Operating System.”

— Matt Mullenweg,
(Founder & CEO, Automattic)

Nowadays, there are lots of WordPress developers who are working in the IT industry and who have very good knowledge related to WordPress development.

But, most of them will scratch their head, when they are given the task of using Git for WordPress development, isn’t it?

So, to solve that issue, I have put the major emphasis on this section, which is of course of our main topic of the blog.

As you all know that, whenever you’re dealing with a complex WordPress web development project, there are lots of developers who are simultaneously working on this.

In addition to that, a complex web app will have hundreds of different files which is residing inside a directory.

In this scenario, Git can be a fabulous option for the WordPress developer. The reason behind that, Git will allow you to track all the changes in the project with the utmost ease.

In addition to that, Git will have all the previous version of your code. So, if you think that, you’re stuck somewhere, then you can always rollback to the previous version.

Git also allows the WordPress developers to merge the various version of the code and make the update to the central repository according to that.

So, the developers who are working on the same project can collaborate with each other in an efficient manner.

Another major benefit of using Git for WordPress development is that it gives the freedom to the developers to create a whole new branch of the project, without having to worry about losing the original code.

Let us understand this scenario with an example. Suppose, you’re working with ten other developers on a WordPress development project, and the project is running as per schedule.

Suddenly, one day you got an out of box idea that you want to implement in this project, but at the time, you want that the source code should not be lost.

For that purpose, you can use the Git. What happens with the Git is that, it will allow you to create a whole new branch of your project, where you can implement you’re out of the box idea. This process is known as “Forking”.

Now, if your idea works very well, then you can make an update to the central repository by which every other developer will know that you have made changes to the source code. But, if your idea doesn’t work out, then you can discard that code and merge it with the original code.

So, in this manner, you can make the use of Git for the WordPress Development, which will not only allows you to save your valuable time but also helps you in increasing the productivity of your team.

5 Major Operations Which Can Be Performed On Git

1. Initialize

Allows you to create an empty Git repository OR reinitialize an existing repository.

git init <project directory>
2. Add

Adds a file to your local repository and stage it for commit.

git add <filename>
3. Commit

Record the snapshot of your changes.

git commit -m <message>
4. Push

Push the commit made on your local branch to a remote repository.

5. Pull

Allows you to update the local branch by fetching the data from the remote repository.


3 Major Places Where Git Plays A Major Role:-

In the earlier section, we have seen the major operations which can be performed on Git. Now, let’s look at the major places where the Git can play an important role during software development.

1. A Local Development Environment

Here, Git will help you track all the changes in your project.

2. A Git Hosting Server

As you all know that, Git is a repository. So, it needs to be hosted somewhere. For that purpose, the role of the hosting server comes into the picture.

GitHub and Bitbucket are two major hosting servers for Git. Hosting server is a place where the master version of the project resides.

3. A Web Server

With Git installed on the server, you can use SSH (Secure Shell) to create a clone of the Git repository on your local server, where your website will reside.

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Git Tools Used By The WordPress Developers

Let’s look at some of the famous Git tools which are used by most of the WordPress developers.

1. Git GUIs

As you all know that, Git was initially designed to run from the command line and many developers still use that methodology to deal with Git. But, if you don’t want to deal with the command line, you can use Git GUIs. SourceTree and GitHub Desktop are the popular ones.

2. Git Host

As discussed earlier that Git is a repository. So, you need a hosting server to host it for your project. GitHub and Bitbucket are the most famous git hosting servers. Bitbucket allows you to create more private repositories than GitHub, but if you compare all the characteristics, GitHub is way ahead of any other hosting server.

3. Git Tools For WordPress


  • Creates a Git repository on your web server
  • Allows you to track each and every change
  • Allows you to create staging sites which can be merged later on
  • Not a finished product


  • A finished product
  • When you make commit to Git repository, changes are automatically reflected on your website
  • Ability to track database changes


  • Especially used to track changes in WP Plugins and Themes.

WordPress GitHub Sync

  • Allows you to track changes in the content which is made by the users

WP Pusher

  • Allows you to connect WP Site with WP Plugin OR WP Theme in the Git Repository. So, easy to update & install any theme or plugin.
  • Without WP Pusher, you have to use SSH or FTP for the same purpose.


As you all know that, nowadays there’s a massive trend of using Content Management System (CMS) for the website development and WordPress is the undisputed king of the CMS.

So, as a developer, it becomes important for all to know the effective ways for WordPress development. Now, one of the ways for it is by making the use of Git.

I hope that, after reading this article, WordPress Web Development Company will be aware of how to use for WordPress Development, which would definitely help you in your future endeavours. Thank You.!


Disclaimer: We at eSparkBiz Technologies have created this blog with all the consideration and utmost care. We always strive for excellence in each of our blog posts and for that purpose, we ensure that all the information written in the blog is complete, correct, comprehensible, accurate and up-to-date. However, we can’t always guarantee that the information written in the blog correct, accurate or up-to-date. Therefore, we always advise our valuable readers not to take any kind of decisions based on the information as well as the views shared by our authors. The readers should always conduct an in-depth research before making the final decision. In addition to these, all the logos, 3rd part trademarks and screenshots of websites & mobile apps are the property of the individual owners. We’re not associated with any of them.

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