Impact Of IoT On B2B Marketing

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How is IoT gaining attention in marketing?

We have seen various changes in marketing techniques and strategies due to changes in technology. Internet of things and artificial intelligence is capturing the limelight everywhere by improving the old methodologies.

Customers are more connected, digitally savvy and more demanding ever. The customer always loves to experience seamless, personalized experience whenever, wherever and however they interact with the brands. To survive in such a digitized world, every marketer requires the right tool.


Internet of things is becoming more and more popular nowadays all around the world. A report by Strategy Analytics suggests that over 55% of people and businesses know what IoT is and its advantages and over 30% of companies are already using IoT in one or the other form.

1. Purchase & Use Monitoring

Since IoT makes parts/equipment spoolable, you’ll have one step ahead mastery of their life-cycle that you put in use for informing the sales process—both for current and prospective customers.

You will also get an idea of when and how customers are using your products. It will aid you to decide the blog content and various offers you want to give to your customers.

2. Customer Management & Personalization

Usually, the purchasing process is right from their engagement on your site and then purchase and usage. Since the data comes from IoT devices, it provides an end-to-end view of customer experiences.

Further, it also helps to track the purchasing process. Thus you get to analyze the data to know the customer’s behavior which gives you a broader aspect to see what content and touch points were most effective.

IoT technology offers different chances for B2B marketers to hear, engage and speak to their customers and prospects at the correct time with an appropriate message at the right place. Content is an important aspect, but you need to develop more productive and more profound customer experiences for long term business profit margin.

3. Optimizing Operation Management

Let us consider the following instances to understand the impact of IoT on operations:

As per Research, the sensors in manufacturing equipment can reduce maintenance cost by up to 40% as it can send advance information about the need for repair. If you remember the car instance in the first section where I spoke about IoT, you will get an idea.

As per the study, the information regarding the availability of products and also the real-time flow of data between inventory and end customers results in a change of the inventory management system altogether.

As per statistics self-driving vehicles

  • Boosting output- 5%
  • Increase in Productivity by – 25%
  • Reducing health and safety costs- 20%

4. Real-Time Engagement

IoT provides you with data from smart devices thus enabling you to respond with real-time engagement. Everyone seeks attention. It’s human psychology that if someone is paying attention to you, you are essential for that person.

Similarly, if you pay attention to your buyers, they feel endeared to your business and thus increasing the chance to continue to grow the amount of activity.

IoT is creating an impact on every industry including B2B being a promising technology. The insinuation is significant due to which there is a chance of drastic change in human behavior due to sensors and technology for IoT.

Every customer requires time to understand new technology. This ease and space should be given by you as a business to your consumers so that they can handle and adjust the new change.

5. Big Data

The ultimate benefit will be by b2b companies for the growing amount of data that are generated due to connectivity with more devices and start producing user information. Due to this, the opportunities in wholesale, branding, and product placement will impact the industry in various ways that we haven’t thought.

6. A Strong Boost In Efficiency

“By equipping street lights with sensors and connecting them to the network, cities can dim lights to save energy, only bringing them to full capacity when the sensors detect motion.

“This can reduce energy costs by 70 to 80 percent,” John Chambers, former executive chairman-CEO of Cisco, wrote in this blog post. This statement proves that IoT can increase the efficiency of products.

IoT is becoming all important for the B2B marketers who covets prescience into their customers. By welcoming IoT with open arms, B2B marketers are gaining the attention of the customers to provide them with better products and services and deliver a logical, coherent performance.

7. Faster & Better CRM

Amazon and Google are leading due to their firm clasp on data. This data is methodically used to fulfill the determination of creating user profiles that in turn would aid and abet in making and broadcasting ads to explicit people.

Due to its swiftness, IoT is gaining importance in managing and measuring customer relationships. For instance, a 3D picture of their clients is put to use by businesses referring it as an innovative tech by using an enormous amount of data.

By tracking the entire journey of the customer right from his first click, IoT provides with valuable data which enhances smooth customer experience.

This way is implementing IoT in B2B business, it will change the entire scenario of marketing as there will be a change in engaging customers, how others listen to them and hitting bull’s eye with the right message at the right time.

8. Maintenance Alert

According to computing magazine story of General Electric, they have been using IoT in various ways. For instance, sensors on GE’s jet engines enable airlines (and GE) to monitor engine performance and when maintenance is necessary.

“By using sensors to collect engine data, GE can perform short bursts of maintenance much earlier on, meaning that over an entire life-cycle the engine spends less time in repairs,”

According to this story in Computing magazine.

9. Post Purchase Tracking

As mentioned earlier, IoT sanctions B2B marketers to track the complete purchase scenario right from clicking to purchasing by the customer. Now, the later part is following of those products.

It is done by IoT. With IoT, you can monitor the product of your business, where is it being used, how is it getting used, etc. thus enabling B2B marketers several opportunities for efficient delivery of services to the customer for gaining a high customer experience.

Data for Analysis

IoT is the network of physical objects that may be devices, vehicles, buildings and other articles that is embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity. IoT devices enable these objects to collect and exchange the data with each other.

Marketers can use this data to study the customer’s product usage. It enables marketers to deliver more relevant messages and leads to greater customer engagement.

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11. Object Interaction

The IoT involves lots of object interaction by way of controlling or decontrolling through remote control. These products are known as smart products. Since there is a significant increase in the use of connected devices, the impact of data sharing is vast and unpredictable.

12. Digital Marketing with IoT

IoT will be expanding more in the future of digital marketing. It requires the exchange of information through an online platform will have to adapt to whatever forms of communication and behaviors that the users develop online.

Digital marketers would have more access to information about their prospective clients that connects to these devices. Thus through general usage of data, digital marketers will understand the behavior of the consumer which in turn would help them to target potential customers.

Higher the number of contact devices the more the digital marketers would be able to target the potential customers and better tailor-made solutions through the marketing funnel.

13. Direct Connect

IoT would make smart devices, and network joined together with the data sets combined enabling the customers to form a direct connection with products they are using without any intervention from a third party or vendors.

14. Traffic

The traffic derived by the digital marketers is that organic traffic brought in by the company’s website will be the data coming from the IoT enabled devices.

15. Engaging Customers

One of the challenges by IoT to digital marketers is the use of sophisticated devices requiring them to consider context and in applying methods and skills differently.

The IoT is the connection of everyday products like cars, alarm clocks, and lights to computing devices via the internet. IoT technology connects the internet with the objects used in our daily lives, the marketers will be able to engage customers in every marketing phases.

This large amount of data which is generated by these connected devices will allow them to capture interactions, conversion matrix, and customer behavior.


Due to its tremendous capacity, IoT has exploded in B2B businesses. Due to its post-purchase tracking feature, IoT has been in talks as it is replacing old methodologies swiftly. Due to its extent of managing a massive amount of data from devices, IoT has become famous for providing better customer experience, CRM and for boosting efficiency by B2B marketers. Thus IoT App Development Companies are trying to provide B2B marketers get a deeper insight into their customers supporting a better customer experience with real-time engagement.

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