Wanna Increase Mobile App Downloads? Some Hacks To Your Rescue – [App Store Optimization]

By Harikrishna Kundariya Mobile June 17, 2019 11 min read 493 Views

I have my app finally built with eye-catching design, enthralling app icon, and attractive features. I have tested it on every device available and witnessed its seamless work.

The idea of my app on the genre that I chose is out of the box and innovative. It will have less competition in the market due to the novice idea it is based on. But I am shocked to see; my app isn’t getting any downloads.


If you are facing this situation as I had once with my app, then its high time to analyze the methods/tips/hacks to catch hold the attention of the people.

Marketing an app is a hard nut to crack; Knowing How to Develop an App is much simpler. Many people around the globe search for mobile apps that would serve them in different aspects.

All you need to do hit when the iron is hot❗

And this isn’t rocket science but proper research of the market. If you think I am trying to magnify, then I have the proof ready with me.

  1. Near about 12% of smartphone users look for interactive apps.
  2. More than 50% of the users search for applications every week.
  3. Hold your chairs properly as this figure might shake you well!
    Six million unique keywords/month are recorded.

I hope now you believe me that I wasn’t exaggerating.

Getting back to the point, let us see a few hacks that would boost the mobile app downloads and help you to make some real money.

But before I share the secret, let us brush up about App Store Optimization.

In techie jargon, ASO is all about the optimization of mobile applications. The main aim to optimize mobile apps is to achieve a higher rank in the search results of the App Store.

As per a study, it is said that ASO improves app downloads in less than a month by 1500%. For that purpose, focus on App Store Keyword Optimization.

So in this article, the simple hacks that one should know for increasing the app downloads are:

Double-Up Mobile App Download

  1. Attract The Customers With a Bonny App Icon
  2. Stretching Your Aim In Social Platforms
  3. Your App Should be Named And Described
  4. App Marketing
  5. A Demo Video Is The Icing On The Cake
  6. Be Hungry For Reviews
  7. Be Loud While Promoting Your App
  8. Organize Giveaways
  9. Guest Post Attracts Masses To Your App
  10. Play Tactfully With Your Keywords

Let us dive in the details of each point.

1. Attract The Customers With a Bonny App Icon

What is the first thing that catches your attention when you enter the app store?

The app icon.

Therefore, it is mandated to choose an enticing design for your app icon. App Store Marketing tact proves to be useful when the users scroll the App Store, and your icon pops out, attracting the user’s attention.

Your app icon should be clear and crisp. It should have a decent representation of your app. The icon itself should be sufficient to give a hint about what your app is all about. Keep your icon simple. Flashy icons aren’t the best option. They would create complications and confusions to the eyes.

2. Stretching Your Aim In Social Platforms

Techie Tip: Decide the angle even before deciding the Social Media Apps
to put to use for building the app’s persona.

Human language Tip: Match the app’s persona with the social media platform you are planning to voice your app.

Ask these questions:

  • Who is this app?
  • How would it act?
  • How does it sound?


But it is the ideal way to voice your app consistently.

  1. If you have developed a cool app, then there is no need to bore your audience with technical jargon for business.
  2. If your app is targeted to the young professionals, then you need to speak in the business perspective to your audience.

Some famous Social Media Marketing Apps that would help to gain the attention of potential users:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • FourSquare
  1. Don’t think of promotions. Do not post any information that hints the intention of business towards the development of your app. It becomes monotonous and results in bounces.
  2. Try to involve in an engaging interaction with the user. You can increase the engagement by replying to the comments.
  3. The two steps mentioned above if followed correctly will lead to popularity spread through the mouth.
    This popularity will mainly include praises regarding the commitment to the users, which, in turn, increases the downloads of the app.

Every social media platform has its own rules and directives. It is better to go through them and act in accordance so that you don’t violate any law.

3. Your App Should Be Named And Described

Why do you have a name?
What is the advantage of having a name?

Let me list down the answers:

  1. Your name is the identity of yours.
  2. Used for reference.
  3. When someone says, “Tell me about ABC,” people know what to speak about the person.

I think it’s enough to convince someone why names are famous.

Then why your mobile app should be left without a name?

A right name helps in differentiating your app in Mobile Application Market. A description of your app should be enticing. The app’s story should be crystal clear and crisp. The narrative is necessary for people to know what exactly your app is about and does the app serves their purpose.

Therefore a unique and appropriate name and description will do the work for you. It would help your app to remain in the memories of your users for a long. A unique name always catches attention and stays for long.

The description should be strategically written and concerning ASO. It is like a meta description tag for a website. So if you are targeting the keywords be very precise and perfect.

Don’t overload it. With crucial information like CTA, social proof, and features, they all can significantly influence the ASO factor.

For knowing more on this subject, you should focus on Finding App Developers. They can guide you with their knowledge & experience.

4. App Marketing

identify target market app marketing

You have to keep a reasonable marketing budget.


  1. Structured marketing may take from a few weeks to months.
  2. Plan out effectively the marketing campaigns and how to roll out them. Who would dare to stop your impressive returns?
  3. Spread your adverts across multiple channels.

The channels might be:

  • Social media
  • Sites like Reddit and Digg
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • App directory sites
  • Relevant blogs/magazines
  1. Organic traffic affects the download of your app.
  2. Landing page affects the download of your app.

Create a webpage that would help in increasing the number of downloads of your app through a properly placed CTA.

The CTA should be catchy such as ‘Get App Download.

5. A Demo Video Is The Icing On The Cake

What is the difference between a text and a video?

Imagine you are reading about a product. Still, you don’t find it happening. When you watch the video of the same product, it not only can keep you engaged but also lures you to end up buying the product. So you can say, Video is a powerful marketing tool.

What can you do?

Create a one-minute video. Once the app is ready to step in public, display the video. Your potential users will get to know what and how your app works and what would benefit them on downloading your app.

Keep up the excellent work by making life easier for your users!

But one minute isn’t enough❗


But what is wrong if you keep it unrevealed and let your users be curious enough to know about the app?

You need to have convincing skills with your strategy. You have to be loud and secure enough in the video to speak what you want on behalf of your app. Mobile App Marketing demands these skills.


Add a CTA at the end of the video. This helps in directing the user to the landing page and thus end up downloading the app.


After having the video share it to all the social channels.

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6. Be Hungry For Reviews

Your downloads escalate when the reviews are positive for your app. It one of the best ways for Marketing Your App.

Reviews that shows
  1. The app’s values
  2. How the user is benefitted
  3. What was the user’s experience
  4. The understanding of the product
  5. The functionalities
  6. How this app is different from others in the genre, and so on.

7. Be Loud While Promoting Your App

An Intelligent Tact

Is your app available with a pay-to-download monetization model?

If it is, then you can keep a temporary drop in price for driving downloads.

This tactic helps App Marketing Company in increasing the download of your app and thus aids in increasing the revenue as well.

For proven results, Distimo had analyzed a significant increase in their global revenue within seven days of promotion of dropping the price of its gaming app.

Added tacts are word-of-mouth through which people would try to get hold of apps at a cheaper rate than the usual, thus increasing the downloads.

8. Organize Giveaways

Another mantra for increasing the app downloads is through giveaways. Market your app by giving away prizes, coupons, special discounts, and contests. These giveaways attract customers to your app and further helps in sharing the info socially. This, in turn, boosts Mobile Apps Free Download.

Wishpond and Rafflecopter are tools that will aid you in such giveaways.


It is good to organize giveaways, but you can try to make it hassle-free and straightforward.

Don’t confuse your audience with complex procedures for the contests. Confusion creates unnecessary frustration leading to abandoning your app.


Your giveaways should be connected to the app.

For example, if it’s a travel app, you can give prizes like travel bags, discount on their next trip, and so on.

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9. Guest Post Attracts Masses To Your App

Writing guest blogs for various sites help in Mobile App Promotion. Writing a guest post helps in-app conversion rate as it reaches to a wide variety of audience. All you have to do is research for the topics related to your app.

If you have a travel app, write blogs on travel and leisure. This would help you to fetch many people resulting ultimately in an increased number of downloads.

How to approach for guest blogs?

  • Identify the blogs that you would like to post as a guest.
  • Reach to the site’s owner and propose this thought.
  • Review other sites that accept guest blogs.
Point to remember

Guest blogs aren’t an advertisement. It is a mere piece of advice and guidance to the questions the users are searching in the form of blogs. Guests blogs allow the author to provide a link of their company or app in the bio.

10. Play Tactfully With Your Keywords

The following steps will guide you through the optimization of the app for search engines:

  1. Suppose you have a travel app named “Peace in Travel.” Obviously, you will aim to use the word ‘travel’ many times as possible in the context.
  2. What more you think can be words that are used to search for a travel app? Make yourself a bit free to do keyword research and list down the keywords with maximized traffic pullers.
  3. There are many tools available, but Adwords Keyword Tool is popular.
  4. App Marketing Strategies tells you not to choose a keyword due to its high search volume.
  5. Use keyword with accuracy and precision and relevant to your app.
  6. Avoid loading your app with unnecessary keywords, which may result in loss of credibility.


So what you think after reading this article?

Isn’t it easy to increase the app download?

You have to keep in mind about the audience you are targeting through your mobile app. If you find it difficult, then you may ask any Custom App Development Company to aid you with this.

Mobile app developers build an app with the expectation that his app should get the maximum number of downloads and benefits the target crowd of users. Be confident enough to boost app downloads with the help of these hacks.

Try them and let us know!

Disclaimer: We at eSparkBiz Technologies have created this blog with all the consideration and utmost care. We always strive for excellence in each of our blog posts and for that purpose, we ensure that all the information written in the blog is complete, correct, comprehensible, accurate and up-to-date. However, we can’t always guarantee that the information written in the blog correct, accurate or up-to-date. Therefore, we always advise our valuable readers not to take any kind of decisions based on the information as well as the views shared by our authors. The readers should always conduct an in-depth research before making the final decision. In addition to these, all the logos, 3rd part trademarks and screenshots of websites & mobile apps are the property of the individual owners. We’re not associated with any of them.

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