Use Chatbots To Automate HR Administration

How Chatbot for HR Can Be A Lethal Combo?

By Harikrishna Kundariya Chatbot August 6, 2019 11 min read 709 Views

A Chatbot for HR can be a helping hand as it helps in minimizing the to-do list of the HR department.

You can utilize Chatbot by handing over the not so important tasks and focus on more important and vital elements.

Also, you can hand over the operation task to the Chatbot so that it can save a lot of time.

The giant organizations have put into practice the use of chatbots. And, it is advisable to use the Chatbot to get tasks done by it.

Let’s have a glance over a few major benefits that you can extract out of it.

This article is majorly beneficial for the organizations that are planning to set up a chatbot and reap its benefits.

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1. Advantages of Chatbot for HR Administration

1.1 Increase in Productivity

If investing in technology could increase productivity, then it is an ideal option. The combination of humans and technology always results in huge profits.

The Chatbot can be put in use to simplify the task. As the Chatbot executes multiple activities, HR can focus on strategic decisions.

The chatbots take less time than human resources that result in increased productivity. Also, it saves a lot of time of HR, which can be utilized in other administration work.

1.2 Quick Response

When a company wants to hire a new candidate, they shortlist the candidate and call for an interview.

The process of hiring an employee requires two-way communication and also a quick response that can help HR to finalize the candidate.

If the Chatbot executes the task of HR, then it can save a lot of time. Also, a candidate has to not wait for the response.

A chatbot will respond within no time, and the process will be executed quickly.

Quick response results in effective communication. It can save time for both parties. A candidate has to not wait for a long time and gets a response on-time.

1.3 Induction of New Employee

The hiring and onboarding process is pretty much similar in an organization.

When the organization that is giant and has recruitment regularly should be automated.

Also, the employees belonging to the same department have a similar process.

Human resources have to follow the same pattern while recruiting a candidate. What if these processes streamlined to a chatbot, then the HR can focus on important tasks.

1.4 Hiring

Hiring requires meticulous research of candidates’ profiles. The candidates are shortlisted as per the requirement.

If there is an opening for a specific profile, then there is research-based on experience, educational qualification, and many more things.

Chatbots can do the pre-screening of candidates. The chatbots gather information at the time of Pre-Interview. This way, the chatbots eases the burden of HR’s work.

You can also hire a dedicated developer for your idea of Creating a Custom Chatbot and ease the task of human resources.

Explore chatbot technology and let your HR pay attention to ways to increase the company’s productivity.

1.5 Salary Information

Salary and other deduction information are also tasks that need to be automated and streamlined with a chatbot. These are the tasks that need no eye of humans and can be done with the use of a chatbot.

For example, if an employee needs the help of HR for availing HR services, then he/she may contact the HR.

The HR department, integrated with a chatbot, will respond to the user. The Chatbot greets the employee and provides them multiple HR options wherein it can assist the employee.

Furthermore, the Chatbot provides the list of tasks that can be taken immediate action. If the user wants a salary slip, then he/she can drop-in request, and the Chatbot will email him/her the salary slip.

Advantages Of Chatbot For HR

1.6 Leaves

The employee can communicate regarding leaves with the Chatbot. Also, the Chatbot can revoke, apply, or check the leaves without interrupting human resources personally. Sr. Manages have the right to approve or reject the leaves applied by the Juniors.

1.7 Travel Desk

If there is an outstation tour of an employee, then he may request a chatbot to reserve a ticket and make arrangements. This eases the task of HR, and work can be done effectively without wasting time.

The Chatbot will find the best possible option for a candidate and make all the arrangements. It will help the organization to cap on the travel allowances.

1.8 Support

The HR can roll out the survey of the under training employees to know the feedback about the organization. HR has a right to maintain the anonymity of the employee.

1.9 Collection of Data

Apart from answering the questions, chatbots can be explored to unlock the new possibilities. They can also be used for the collection of data and information.

The collection of data is to make managerial and strategic decisions. They are vital as they stand out to be an important factor while making a decision.

For example, if a chatbot receives a similar type of question from almost all the employees, then it indicates that there is something not up-to-date in the system.

HR gets an update from the bot about the discrepancy that an employee is facing in the organization. They can run the sentiments analysis to know the feedback, and also find an effective solution for the problem.

1.10 Governance & Confidentiality

It is believed that Chatbots can maintain Confidentiality of data, unlike humans.

The Chatbots are reliable sources to store data and maintain the privacy of the document as they are programmed in such a way that they don’t leak the vital information.

They strictly adhere to the company policy of maintaining secrecy and privacy of both the parties, i.e., employer and employee.

It is important to well-structure the Chatbot avoid fidelity that contains login credentials, two-factor authentication, encryption, and if opened forcefully, then the system self-destructs the message. Any tampering to the system may lead to a non-function of it.

2. Additional Benefits of Deploying Chatbots in HR

Chatbots helps the user to know company policies. The chatbots provide them relevant information via email. Also, it helps the HR department by setting up a reminder to make follow up from HR.

  • HR bots solve the queries on-demand and increase productivity. Also, the chatbots learn from the frequency of the messages and interactions with the users. The decrease in time will increase the demand for chatbots in HR. On the other hand, it decreases human jobs and costs on human operators.
  • HR chatbots maintain transparency by providing all the documents and filling up the documents for the records. Also, the Chatbot for HR answers all the questions either directly or indirectly.
  • Employees use the best HR bot as a medium through which they can ask the feedback from senior officials for the presentations, records, or official issues by them.
  • The company can upload the policies and procedures on the HR bot application. The employees can access by using HR bot apps.
  • Employer brand is vital, and that can be increased if you utilize the bots effectively. The bots can answer the questions of employees on various platforms and increases the chances of attracting talents from various platforms.

3. Why Are Chatbots Necessary for Human Resources?

The Chatbots are artificial intelligence that communicates with humans in their native language. With the help of Chatbot, the process of HR becomes agile and efficient.

Let’s discuss why Chatbot is important for human resources:

3.1 Employee-Centric HR Solutions

The traditional approach of a record-keeping system like ERP, CRM, and HCM was designed in such a way that they do not provide seamless results.

Agreeing to the point that they make great platforms but aren’t so versatile in delivering the functions to the employees.

It becomes difficult to respond to all the employee’s queries in the giant organization such as TATA, Infosys, etc.

There has to be a chatbot to bolster human resources. Managing multiple tasks single-handedly could lower the productivity of human resources.


3.2 HR Chatbots As A Rescue

The best part about the Chatbot is it is multi-functioned technology. It eases the operations and provides seamless tuning.

HR chatbots can integrate with multiple systems to deliver in-depth user-centric information. Also, the employees can sit back and relax as they are going to get accurate and precise information.

There is no rocket-science behind using HR chatbots. Using Chatbot requires no specialized training as every person is well-versed with social media platforms.

The Chatbot answers all the questions of the employees virtually like – leaves, policy, benefits, etc.

There are several advantages of HR chatbots:

  • Ask Multiple Question
  • Eliminates multiple operations
  • Simplifies the tasks
  • Provides Accurate Answers

The installing of Chatbots helps human resources to leverage today’s essential elements of s, i.e., time.

The human resource can focus on talent acquisition, leadership development, and many more important things that weren’t possible before the invention of Chatbot.

After reading the article, you might be thinking that the development of Chatbot might attract a heavy investment in terms of time & money.

But, a complete guide regarding the development of chatbot technology will help clear your views regarding it.

Why Chatbots For HR

3.3 Chatbots & ROI

The research says that there will be huge cost savings by 2022, as the chatbots will majorly cover the market.

The chatbots will become an essential part of human resources and that is how they will depend on the chatbot. Hire Chatbot Developer from a reputed firm to know more about it.

The dependency will increase the demand for the chatbot which in turn will increase the ROI by 3x to 4x.

An upsurge in demand will attract the implementation of bots by the organization. Chatbots have the ability to grab the Human resource very well, and that is the reason it will be heavy demand in coming years.

Read also: How Chatbots Have Become Your Teachers In Education?

3.4 Text Over Calls

The investment behind the employee’s training to answer the calls can be saved by installing bots to the system.

The time that is required to reach the paramount of answering calls could attract a lot of investment.

Instead, a company could install the bots and train them to answer the queries via messages.

Traditionally, the experts have provided effective solutions that could cut the cost per contact.

There are various ways to implement that can help in lowering cost, i.e., skill-based routing, IVE, and a callback feature of IVR.

The chatbot, when designed as a helping hand for human resources, will develop skill-based routing without the intervention of humans into it.

Chatbots are so intelligent that it saves a lot of time of executives by sending automatic reminders messages instead of calling.

Chatbots can become a blessing for an organization as they can save costs by rapidly answering via texts, easing human resources to focus on important decisions and tasks.

Before going into details of that, you need to know the Cost to Build a Custom Chatbot. It will prove beneficial to you.

Nowadays, people prefer texting over call and that preference can be utilized as a cost-saving factor.

There are other advantages that an organization can reap from installing chatbots are:

  • No year-on-year Appraisal of Chatbot
  • Uplifting Productivity
  • Reduction in Recruitment Time.

Concluding With…

It is time to embrace and welcome the modern technology that helps in saving time and money. Installing future technology could help in reducing costs and an increase in ROI. The companies should install the chatbots to execute not so important tasks.

Also, the companies allocate tasks to chatbots that will be executed within the time-frame. There will be more advantages than disadvantages. Those disadvantages are as follows:

  • Onboarding of Employees
  • Company Policy & FAQs
  • Training and Common Questions
  • Benefits of Annual Assessment & Reviews.

Artificial Intelligence streamlines how an enterprise deal with full-time or part-time employees.

However, it becomes significant to protect the information security, legal borders audit reports, and loggings while planning to install the chatbot in HR.

Start exploring cognitive technology and uplift the revenue of the organization. Let 2020 be your year of bringing the bot to the organization and ease the work pressure.

Use Chatbots To Automate HR Administration

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