How GPS Helps In Better Fleet Management?

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Fleet owners will tell you that managing a fleet is not an easy thing. There are so many factors involved. If there is a failure in any of these, the fleet could run into a loss. The competition is severe, and the margins are low. In such a situation proper management of the fleet is essential. Today fleet management apps are helping fleet owners manage their operations.

There are still some areas where improvement is necessary. Fleet management software alone is not enough to manage the fleet. You need to integrate different technologies with the software to make your operations more streamlined. We will see how GPS can help in maintaining the fleet in a better way.

1. What Is GPS?

Before we get into seeing how GPS can help to enhance the functioning of your fleet management software, we need to understand what GPS is. GPS expands as a Global Positioning System. It is used to find the exact position of an object on earth. GPS helps in tracking purposes and finding the route to a particular place.

The GPS consists of 24 satellites placed at 19,300 kilometers above the earth. All these satellites orbit around the planet once every 12 hours at 11,200 km per hour. At any point in time, there are four satellites in sight from earth.

Every satellite continuously broadcasts its position and time. Every GPS receiver takes the information from these satellites to calculate the exact location. This process is known as triangulation. It needs at least data from three satellites to get a correct positioning. But if there is information from four satellites, it will be more accurate.

Different GPS devices will give you the reading at different speeds. A car’s GPS device will provide the location faster than the one in a smartwatch. It depends on how powerful the receiver is. The rate depends on how quickly the receiver can establish a connection with the required number of satellites.

All GPS receivers require a direct path to the satellites to establish a connection. It is why GPS may not give the correct reading when you are inside a building. Smartphones and other mobile devices will also depend on wi-fi connections and cellular towers to provide the exact locations.

2. GPS Applications

There are many applications for GPS. As it is a method for locating and positioning it is useful for many purposes. If you want to find the use of GPS in apps, then you should hire any App Developers. He/She will be able to provide you with various options and proper solution. We will see a few places where GPS is useful.

Tracking Vehicles

It is one of the common uses. You can track a vehicle fitted with a GPS device from anywhere.

Tracking Animals

It is another essential use nowadays. Animals are fitted with GPS devices so that scientists can locate them easily for undertaking various studies.


The technology is beneficial in surveying and redrawing maps. Any change of course of rivers or other land masses can be easily detected.

Law Enforcement

GPS helps law enforcement agencies to track criminals. They can track stolen vehicles using GPS.

Accident/Repair Support

When you are stuck on the road, you can call emergency numbers. Even if there is no internet or mobile connection, the emergency crew can find you using GPS on your smartphone.


This application is handy to know the entry or exit of a vehicle from a designated area. GPS helps to see the presence of a vehicle in that area.


Of course, this is one of the most common uses. With your location, there are map applications which can find hotels, restaurants, hospitals or places of interest for you. It is instrumental when traveling to new places.


It was the US military which first developed the GPS. It is used by all armies across the world to know movements of troops and for navigation.

3. Fleet Management Systems

We started the article by saying we will see how GPS can influence fleet management. We have seen what GPS is and how it helps us in various ways. Before we look at the advantages of integrating GPS in fleet management software, let us know why we need fleet management systems.

With proper fleet management software, the fleet owners can manage the trucks in a better manner to give maximum productivity. With so many different entities to be handled, it needs good software to maintain the fleet. It helps in the proper flow of information.

A good fleet management system helps in time management. It is imperative as the trucks need to be in time to pick up the goods. Companies depend on the truck companies to deliver products on time to their customers.

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Fuel management is vital for fleet owners. With so many trucks being on the road, even slight mismanagement can result in huge losses. Every cent saved on fuel is adding to the profit of the company. Proper recording and analysis are possible with good software. If there is any vehicle is not giving the required fuel efficiency it can be corrected immediately.

Having good fleet management systems will help the management to plan the regular maintenance of the vehicle. If the fleet owners can record all details of the vehicle and the parts, then it is easy to know when the vehicle should stop for maintenance. It will prevent breakdowns and subsequent losses.

A good app development company can create a mobile app. It makes it easy for customers to book their goods. It is also easy to make payments to the company. They can even know when the on-demand delivery of products will take place. It makes customers happy. When proper information is available to customers, they will stick with the company.

Fleet management helps in analyzing driver behavior. With the maintenance of proper records, the owners can know how each driver is handling his job. It will also help drivers to input their information about stops and loads transported. Good software will help to keep the drivers happy as there will be no delay in their payments.

A good fleet management software also helps in knowing the actual performance of each vehicle concerning fuel and spare parts. It helps in changing operation methods if needed.

  • There are many elements in the truck industry, and so effective management is a must.
  • Good software can help in bringing all entities together and giving you data to analyze.
  • Fleet management software helps in better time management.
  • Good software helps in better fuel management. It results in saving a lot of money.
  • The company can plan timely maintenance of the vehicle.
  • Customer service is much better when you have good software
  • The software can help drivers maintain their records properly and get paid on time.
  • A good fleet management system helps in knowing the performance of each vehicle.

4. Use Of GPS In Fleet Management

A fleet is always on the move. Your trucks are in places where you cannot see them. Once they have left on a trip, you have almost no control over them. There can be various drawbacks due to this. Even with a good fleet management software, unless you knew the details for sure, you can’t do much good.

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Management of a fleet depends on knowing where your truck is, how much it traveled in a particular time slot, how many stops and starts it made and how well the driver drove the truck. If the information is not available, it is hardly possible to take any action. Depending on people to give this information is not practical anymore.

Integrating a GPS into your fleet management software brings a lot of benefits. The information you get is enough to run your fleet in a much better manner. You don’t have to depend on human inputs. Let us see some of the benefits that GPS can give you.

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5. Making Informed Decisions

GPS helps in making informed decisions. You have real-time information with a GPS. You know where your vehicles are. If you see the time it will spend there; you can plan your trips in a better manner. They can do the planning by accurate real-time information.

A GPS can give you information about the run time of the engine. It can tell you when you need switch on/off the ignition. The system gives you information about the speed of your truck. If the driver brakes and accelerates suddenly that information is also available. It gives you enough information about how the driver behaves.

You will also get information about vehicles usage. If some vehicle has run more than others, that information is essential to you. If there is under-utilization of vehicles, then that calls for some action. Either you downsize your fleet or find more customers. The more information you get, the better your management will be.

6. Fuel Efficiency

Ask any fleet owner, and you will know how important fuel efficiency is. Fuel is one of the significant expenses for a flee owner. GPS systems help in planning your route in a better way. A mobile fleet management app with GPS can give the driver better information about traffic on the roads. It will also suggest alternate routes thus saving fuel.

Image result for fuel efficiencyWhen you get to know driver habits from the GPS it wil,l help you save fuel too. You can get the drive to correct his driving habits. Sudden braking and accelerating are not suitable for fuel efficiency.

A GPS can also help the driver in finding out fuel stations on the way. He can plan to refuel in a better manner. GPS also helps in finding other requirements like mechanic shops and emergency services.

With such a lot of information, you can undoubtedly get drivers to improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. The data will also help you to do any corrections to the vehicle if needed.

7. Customer Service

You can get the benefits of a mobile app and improve customer service.  As there is heavy competition, you need to provide customers with something more than the other company does. With GPS information you can give better information to your customers. You can tell them when their goods will reach.

When you have a GPS, your drivers have information about roadblocks and accidents. They can choose alternate routes using GPS in their mobile app. It will help them avoid delay. Instead of being stuck in traffic, they can reach the goods on time. It will keep your customers happy.

Related imageGeo-fencing is a feature that GPS provides. It can be a time-saving tool. If you can inform your customers when the truck has reached a particular area near their company, they can arrange to have the goods ready to load. It will save a lot of time. In the transport industry time saved is money earned.

If you get a mobile app development company to incorporate GPS in the mobile app, the customers will be able to track the goods themselves. They can see the movement of goods in their panel of the app. They will also be able to plan their loads in a better manner.

8. Fleet Maintenance

Fleet maintenance is critical to keep your fleet running correctly. With GPS integrated into your fleet management software, you can have exact information about the vehicle movement.

The GPS can give you correct readings about the kilometers that the truck has run. It will help you in planning the maintenance. You can program your software to give you a reminder when the truck has covered a certain number of kilometers. You can keep your vehicles in good condition all the time.

Planning your maintenance will ensure that your trucks won’t break down on the way. It will also help you plan trips with your customers. You can give better customer service when you know which vehicle won’t be available due to maintenance work.

If there is a breakdown on the way, the GPS will help the driver to find mechanics. Moreover, you can locate the truck easily if you want to send someone to take care of the repair work.

9. Track Your Vehicle

Integrating GPS in your system will make it easy to track your vehicle at any time. You will know whether your drivers are using the right route or deviating from it. It will help you keep the trucks safe. Even if your someone steals your vehicle, it will be easy to track it with a GPS.

10. Cost Saving

Overall, we can see that integrating GPS with your fleet management software helps in reducing cost. You save the expense incurred on fuel by finding the shortest and fastest route. You can use GPS so study driver behavior and improve their driving habits. It will save money by way of fuel and vehicle maintenance.

Offering better customer service also helps in saving money. When you serve them better, you get your payments faster. Also, you can improve the lead generation process and earn more customers. Using GPS helps to have a streamlined operation which will keep your fleet running more efficiently. There are no empty trucks.

  • GPS helps you to get multiple information easily
  • You can know the vehicle location and plan your loads in a better way.
  • The system can tell you driver driving habits.
  • GPS systems help you in knowing the utilization of your vehicles.
  • You can know the traffic and other road conditions using GPS. It helps in re-routing and saving of fuel.
  • As it gives you the exact driving habits, you can correct the driver and save fuel.
  • GPS helps the driver to find the nearest fuel stations and mechanics.
  • GPS helps in passing on information about goods arrival to your customers.
  • Drivers can take alternate routes and reach goods in time for better customer satisfaction.
  • Geo-fencing will help to get customers ready with their loads.
  • Customers can track their goods and know precisely when the products will reach the destination.
  • GPS information helps you to know the correct dates when you should service your truck.
  • Proper maintenance will ensure that there are no breakdowns on the way.
  • In case of sudden breakdowns, GPS can help find mechanics nearby.
  • GPS helps to track your vehicle if someone steals it.
  • There is cost saving due to fuel saving and better maintenance.


Integrating GPS in your fleet management software has a lot of benefits. As your trucks are going to be on the road all the time, it is essential for you to know their location. As GPS also gives information on the way your drivers drive the vehicle, it will help in taking corrective action.

You can work with eSparkBiz – A Mobile App Development Company for integrating GPS to your existing fleet management app. You can also create a new app if you don’t have one already. A fleet management app with GPS will help you manage your fleet in a much better manner. It will certainly help increase your profits.

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