Top Features of iOS 12 That App Developers Should Have Knowledge Of

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Last year at Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference), Apple dropped a bunch of different announcements as they usually do, but the biggest of those was iOS 12. iOS 12 Features has been in debate for a while.

This time around, Apple launched a bunch of great new features that every app developer should be aware of. Apple users longed for some of these features for a relatively long period.

Apple has made sure that they add enough features in iOS 12 that make using iPhones a better experience.

iOS 12

iOS 12 is not like a significant design overhaul; it is just a bunch added new features that people have been looking forward to for a long time.

However, according to Apple, iOS 12 is a step towards eliminating bugs rather than adding new features.

Nevertheless, users get plenty of new useful features anyway. Also, iOS 12 focuses on increasing the overall performance of the device.

This means that now, iOS app developers have more things within the user interface that they can use to develop apps.

Here are the top 5 new features in iOS on the iPhone. Let’s get started!

Top Features Of iOS 12

Grouped Notifications

Android has had this feature for a long time, but with iOS 12, Apple also now has it. When this feature got announced, it got the loudest cheer from the iOS App Development Company. All notifications from one app get grouped.

It can look pretty net and organized, and you can tap to view all of them. Also, you can act on each one of them one by one. When you finish it, either at the top or the bottom of the list, you can hit the collapse button.

This functionality is immensely better than before. Since this feature is young on the iOS side, it has some bugs but will improve with time.


Animoji in iOS 12

It is somehow one of the most prominent headlining features of the iPhone 10. iOS 10 brings a bunch of new animojis. All these are similar to what Snapchat has been doing for the last 3 or 4 years.

There is memoji using which you can create an emoji that looks exactly like you. The eye-tracking is more impressive than tongue detection.

They also work in FaceTime now, and there is a bump in the time limit of video recording with animoji, and the best part is that you can superimpose them on your own body.

Screen Time

This Feature Of iOS Apps shows the user what apps they have used in the last couple of hours on the phone. It lets the user set limits for individual apps, so if you want to make sure you only spend one hour on Instagram, you can tell it to do that.

If you try to open the app after you have exhausted the time limit, Screen Time will not allow that app to open. With iOS 12 Features, you can have this facility.

Also, it shows you a detailed breakdown of the most used apps, how many times you pick up the phone during the day, which apps send you the most notifications during the day, etc.

Siri Shortcuts

Siri Shortcuts

This feature allows the user to map any in-app action or any command to any phrase you want.

For example, if you wish to check stock prices, you can map the phrase “show me the money” to open the stocks app on your phone.

Aside from this, there were some minor improvements in Siri for better voice recognition and response.

New Apps

The pre-installed apps on iOS get overhauled with iOS 12, and they look drastically different. iBooks app is now Apple Books and is sporting a new design, the news app is redesigned and features a modern UI, unique logo for voice memos, and lastly, the stocks app gets redesigned with a new and intuitive user interface.

Also, there is a brand new measure app that utilizes augmented reality capabilities to measure the dimensions and volume of objects.

These were the five most popular features in iOS 12.

Aside from these, there are many other new iOS 12 Features which are as below.

Other Features

Amazing Features of iOS 12

Faster Performance

Regular tasks such as taking photos, video, calling, web browsing, closing, and opening of heavy apps like Video Editing are more rapid.

Older devices like iPhone 5s and iPad Air will also be able to take benefit of increased processing speeds.

Decreased Animations

This is not something people will notice right of the bat.?

Android likes to keep animations as Google believes it enhances the app experience, whereas iOS prefers minimal animations so that the opening and closing of apps look snappier.

40% Faster App Launch

Multitasking, scrolling, swiping, etc. within the app is 30% faster, whereas apps will now launch 40% faster with iOS 12.

Typing Speed

The keyboard will appear 50% faster when you want to type anything. Also, the typing experience will be much smoother.

Faster Camera

Almost all phones allow the user to access the camera application from the lock screen. However, doing this takes a second, and you might miss the moment. Launching the camera from the lock screen on iOS 12 is 70% faster.

Group Facetime

You can do a FaceTime group call with up to 32 people. If you do this with someone in iOS 11, it kicks them out of the Facetime call. This is one of the most amazing iOS 12 Features that you will ever see.

Do Not Disturb During Bedtime

Before sleeping at night, you can toggle this functionality on. It dims the screen, and all notifications get silenced. To turn off this setting, unlock your phone in the morning.

New Options In Do Not Disturb

The option to toggle off do not disturb mode after a certain period is already available on a lot on non-iOS devices. With iOS 12, this feature is now available on iPhone.

Search In Photos

The improvements to search in photos are much more robust to the point where they have put a search button right there at the bottom of the app encourages you to use it. This is similar to Google Photos.

Killing Apps

You can swipe up in iPhone 10 to kill apps right away. You don’t have to hold down and wait for the little red minus sign to pop up anymore. That’s massively more convenient.

Face Id

iOS 11 allowed users to enroll only one face for unlocking the device. In iOS 12, this number has been increased to two.

Also, after several failed attempts to unlock the phone through Face ID, users had to type in their passcode. In iOS 12, users can try the face unlock an unlimited number of times.


Screenshot Capture in iOS 12

It’s now harder to take accidental screenshots. If you wake up your iPhone with the power and volume button at the same time, it would usually accidentally take a screenshot of your lock screen. In iOS 12, the phone has to be unlocked for this key combination to work.

Faster Codes

Android can read and copy one time passwords from messages and paste them in the app. iOS users had to fill in the passwords manually.

With iOS 12, the device will scan a message for OTPs and then paste it for you. So that would be a great asset for Mobile App Development.

Lyric Search

To search the lyrics of a song, head over to Apple Music and type in the lyrics that you are looking for. This feature is useful if you know the lyrics but don’t know the song name.

Battery Information

You can check the apps which drain the battery the most. Go to settings and navigate to the battery usage chart. There you can check the battery usage for the last ten days or 24 hours.

More Colors In Screenshot Editor

After taking a screenshot, you can mark or highlight something in it with a wide range of colors. Earlier, there were only six color options.

Virtual Trackpad

Press and hold the spacebar to convert the keyboard into a trackpad. Use it like you use a trackpad on laptops to move the cursor around.

Automatic Updates

Turning on this feature lets the device automatically install software updates overnight after it gets downloaded.

You will receive a notification before updates get installed. Your phone must be charging and connected to Wi-Fi to complete the update.

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Carplay Updated

iOS 12 now supports Google Maps and Waze, two of the best navigation apps.

eSim Functionality

All iPhones have a single SIM slot. With iOS 12, iPhones become capable of using two SIM cards without actually using a second SIM card on the phone. Head over to settings and tap on – Add Cellular Plan.

Better Portrait Mode

The camera now places a mask between the subject and background to improve the quality of portrait shots.

Search In Albums

iOS 12 Photos Search

You can now type in keywords in the photos to show pictures of events, places, people and so on.

Sharing Suggestions

Photos are now capable of recognizing when you have taken a trip or attended an event. Based on the location and people in pictures, it suggests sharing those pictures with people who participated in the event or took a trip with you.

Import And Editing

Photos and videos from professional cameras can get imported to the iPhone. Also, if your iPhone has the A9 chip or above, you will be able to work on RAW images.

QR Scanning

Enhanced QR Code Reader in iOS 12

QR scanner has been around for a long time in Android, but it was released for iOS devices last year with iOS 11.

However, it had some struggles recognizing codes and working on them. With iOS 12, the QR scanner located in the control center. It now highlights the QR code when the camera is pointed towards it.

End To End Encryption

To ensure the privacy of conversation in FaceTime, end-to-end encryption has been introduced for both group and one-to-one calls.


Translation of phrases in over 50 languages is supported. Also, you can ask Siri to switch on and off the flashlight.

Tracking Prevention

Web pages will now require permission to track your activities in Safari. Also, advertisers won’t be able to collect your device’s settings; hence, they won’t be able to target ads to you across different websites.

AR Kit 2.0

ARKit iOS 12

AR kit 2.0 improves up on last year’s face tracking, 3D object detection, and realistic rendering. Users will now be able to play games against each other in a virtual environment.

Use Siri In Low Power Mode

Earlier when low power mode was turned on, Siri could not be used whereas in iOS 12, “Hey Siri” works in low power mode as well.

Gestures On iPad

Since the iPhone X got rid of the home button, it had to teach some gestures to retain functionality. These gestures have made their way into the iPad as well with iOS 12.

Hindi-English Dictionary

When using the Hindi Transliteration keyboard, this new bilingual dictionary helps with word predictions.

Podcast App Settings

Users can jump back or forward for a custom amount of time in a podcast episode.

Air Quality Index In Weather App

Declining air quality is a severe problem in big cities. The weather app can now show the air quality index of areas where the quality of air is severe.

Tv App

AirPlay in iOS 12

Whenever a new episode of a TV series is available, the Apple TV app sends a notification to your device.

iPad Multitasking

iOS 12 allows iPad users to use three apps at the same time. Two apps can be opened in a split-screen view whereas a third app can run in a slide over the window.

Message Shortcuts

The native messages app has a new user interface. You can initiate a FaceTime call and audio call from the messages app as well. For knowing more about that, you can contact and Hire iOS Developer from a reputed firm.

New Siri Voices

Siri is now capable of understanding and responding in South African and Irish accents.

Better Location Data For 911 Calls

This feature is available only in the US alone. When making a 911 call, precise location data is sent to dispatch centers.

Password Auditing

This feature tells the user whether the password they have used is strong enough or not. Also, it suggests updating passwords that are old with something better and secure.


iOS 12 is available for all iPhones launched after iPhone 5, i.e., from iPhone 5s to the latest iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and XR.

From the latest 12.9-inch iPad Pro to the oldest iPad Mini 2, all can run on iOS 12. Also, the iPod Touch 6th Generation can get upgraded to iOS 12.

iOS 12 download size is 1.65 GB. All compatible devices will automatically prompt that an update is available. iOS 12 is a lot better than previous updates. However, there are bugs that Apple is likely to address via some smaller updates.

As mentioned above as well, iOS 12 Features maintains the design aesthetics of iOS 11 but brings to you a bunch of extended due features that should be there in the iPhone a long time ago.

It is believed Apple will roll over the air updates shortly to address the bugs. However, if some problems persist, users will have to wait for iOS 13 to resolve them.

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