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Kotlin is the 3rd official language for Android which is growing day-by-day & the reason behind that is the benefits that it offers to enterprises and startups in crafting robust native Android apps which are easy to maintain. eSparkBiz has a wide range of experience in Kotlin mobile app development.

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Kotlin Android Application Development Services

Kotlin is Google’s amazing programming language for Java Virtual Machine actively developed by JetBrains. It provides you with a wide range of solutions to diverse problems faced by Android developers. Kotlin is statically typed and open-source programming language that is suitable for server-side web application development. From eliminating bug to improving code readability & reducing the development time, Kotlin is a star in the making for Android Mobile App Development.

eSparkBiz support the new programming language named ‘Kotlin’ for Android app development. Our highly skilled & experienced developers are well-equipped at working in the IDE called Android Studio. The open source language is based on JVM & requires you to install the Kotlin Android Studio plugin. We firmly believe to take your Android app development to the next level with Kotlin by making the most of the amazing features as well as functionalities. In addition to these, we also provide customized & user-friendly solutions at an effective price.

Key Features

  • It’s open-source
  • Interoperable with Java
  • Compatible with Java Virtual Machine (JVM) or JavaScript
  • No runtime overhead
  • Safety from null reference exception
  • Developers have to write less code
  • Comes with lazy-loading feature

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Kotlin Development Services

eSparkBiz provides a wide array of world-class professional Kotlin programming services all the clients across the globe, from startup to a large enterprise.

Mobile App Development

Built your Android app with fully-featured & powerful backends from ground zero by using agile processes, best coding practices & the latest available technologies.

Migration to Kotlin

Looking to migrate your Android app from your existing technology stack to Kotlin? Then, contact us and avail world-class services from our expert Kotlin developers.

Kotlin Upgradation

Upgrade your system to the latest version of Kotlin and programming paradigms to utilize the power of your applications by connecting with our expert developers.

Kotlin App Optimization

Our highly skilled and talented Kotlin development team will review your code, analyze crash data & do performance grading to recognize problem areas to optimize.

Support & Maintenance

Join global brands that trust eSparkBiz to provide support and maintenance services by assigning your Kotlin application projects to our experienced maintenance team.

Independent Testing

Double-check your Kotlin applications by utilizing our mobile and product testing services which consist of functionality testing, code review, load testing, and more.

We use best-in-class tools and state-of-the-art Kotlin
application development services to make Android development faster and more exciting.

Our skilled and experienced developers utilize the most modernized tools and technologies for Kotlin application development services which allows you to make your Android application faster and provides you with enhanced user-experience (UX).

Supreme Performance

Kotlin is a statically typed programming language and it is recognized worldwide due to its supreme performance. Our talented developers are highly skilled in delivering modern Android applications that are fast, scalable and reliable.

Concise Code Structure

Kotlin is not only a wonderful programming language, but it is expressive as well as concise. It can be easily interoperable with current Android languages and runtime. Hire our Android developers and save a lot of time and money.

Safe and Reliable

Kotlin is indeed safe and secure language as it contains many features related to immutability and nullability. In addition to all that, Kotlin's compiler verifies the accuracy of the programs so that it is less vulnerable to the errors.

Functional and Object-Oriented

By using the Kotlin's web framework, we can code in object-oriented and in a functional manner. In this manner, Kotlin helps our developers to write complex higher-order functions and allows them to leverage the power of abstraction.

Named Parameters

Our highly skilled as well versatile programmers have the expertise in passing the parameter by name, rather than through an index. This type of approach is highly recommended for you all when a function has numbers of parameters.

Safe Multithreading

Simultaneous modification of the same data and lack of synchronization is the main reason for the error in a multithreaded application. To solve this type of issue, contact our developers which are proficient in using immutable objects.

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Benefits of Kotlin

As a programming language, Kotlin and Java are very much similar. However, it comes many other cool features and enhancements over Java. Let’s analyze some of the major benefits that you get with Kotlin.

Easy Migration

Easy Migration

Kotlin is fully interoperable with Java and therefore, the developers can use Kotlin code with Java and vice-versa. This is critical for migrating of large software projects which are in Java to Kotlin in few steps & allow developers to access Java libraries smoothly.

More Concise

More Concise

Kotlin is more concise than Java and therefore, it solves the same problem with fewer lines of coding. In addition to all these, it enhances the code readability and maintainability. This clearly means developers can read, write, and change the code more effectively.

Kotlin Is Safer

Kotlin Is Safer

Kotlin is more secure than Java and therefore, it helps you to eliminate all the common mistakes done by the developers. This will help you all to prevent the app crash scenario. Unlike Java, Kotlin suggests that developers should figure out potential coding problems.

Speeds Up Development Tasks

Speeds Up Development Tasks

Kotlin comes with tons of handy features which allows developers to complete the development in a faster manner. These include extension functions, object declaration, default parameter values & many others. All these features assist developers to reduce overall time.

Reduces Errors In The Code

Reduces Errors In The Code

Kotlin compiler always opts for the fail-fast approach whenever possible. Due to this, the searching for errors becomes faster and you can also prevent them as well. In addition to that, Kotlin performs checks, avoid any runtime errors & helps you to save lots of effort.

The CodeBase Increases In Quality

The CodeBase Increases In Quality

With the introduction of Kotlin, the technical debt has been reduced to some level. "Technical Debt" is a unique concept of development where the cost of additional work caused by preferring an easy solution compared to a better approach which slows down productivity.

Developers Are Improving Their Expertise

It's very easy for Java developers to learn Kotlin within a few hours of practice. Initially, Kotlin developers thought the coding is the same as Java, but after working with it they realized that Kotlin is more secure and concise & therefore, it's good if you invest the time.

Global Leaders Who Are Already Utilizing Kotlin


  • A popular photo-sharing social platform where more than 150 million users are shifted to Kotlin & the results are amazing.


  • World's leading as well as the largest education-based technology company is using Kotlin for enhanced user experience.


  • Outstanding code quality and agile development process of Kotlin has force Uber to utilize this great programming language.


  • Kotlin is one of the prime reasons behind Nextflix's humongous success as the world's largest internet television platform.

What Makes Kotlin Better Than Java?


  • Server Side Kotlin is being utilized in order to craft server-side applications that are not only expressive but also concise. Another major advantage that you get with Kotlin apps can be deployed to all Java web application hosts.


  • JavaScript Applications that require a server/client side architecture can be made with utmost with Kotlin. Our highly skilled & professional developers can use Kotlin to create graphical & DOM elements and server-side technologies.


  • Kotlin-Native can compile the Kotlin code into native binaries. This kind of scenario is useful for the platforms where there is no need for the virtual machine. Our Kotlin developers can build amazing iOS apps using Kotlin-Native.

Hire Kotlin App Developers for Android App Development

Kotlin is designed especially for highly skilled Java developers. In fact, Kotlin has become the first choice of many programmers across the globe including Python, Scale, Ruby, Go and JavaScript programmers. Nowadays, more than 15% of Android Studio 3.0 are utilizing Kotlin programming language. Whether you're a start-up, mid-size company or an enterprise-level organization, hire our Kotlin app developers and relieve yourself from application building and maintenance headache.

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