Is Making An On-Demand Electrician App a Good Idea?

On Demand Electrician App
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Did you ever have an electric short-circuit? 🤨

You no longer have to hustle for searching an electrician to get back with electricity. Some household’s appliance needs repairing, no need to get a new one instead. Save your penny with an electrician service app.

This Electrician app finds you the reliable electrician to repair all the household appliances like geysers, washing machines, ovens, toasters, air-conditioners and all other services you request.

Finding an electrician seems the hardest thing to do. After a tough hunt when you finally get the contact of an electrician from ads or neighbors, he/she takes too long to show up.

But through the Electrician App created it’s handy to find an electrician and to get the work done.

A Look Into The Market Trends

A steep rise is visible in the ‘digital economy’ due to the heavy investments and innovations made after the commencement of ‘electronic revolution’ in industry. Competition has reached high heights since the last decade.

The Business Research Company (TBRC) ‘s latest report says that the electrical and electronic manufacturing market is expected to touch the $3 trillion mark by 2020. The report covers the top five global trends.


Original Equipment Manufacturers are outsourcing the services from Electronic Manufacturing Services partners. This collaboration has led to forming new models like Joint Design Manufacturing (JDM).

Virtual Reality

Image result for vr

The electronic manufacturers are using a new form of technology to increase productivity. This technology helps electronic management companies to inspect the design which eventually decreases the number of object defects.

Automation And Robotic Technology

Introducing advanced technologies like automation and robotics in electronic equipment for reducing potential breakdowns. It enables the machines to access the data through sensors and thus increasing efficiency.

Smart TVs

After smartphones now, Smart TVs are becoming the consumer’s preference. Smart TV comprises the features of both TV and computer with penetration of the internet.

Smart TVs has direct access to streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix.

IoT Technology

Image result for iot technology

IoT technology in household appliances is making the user’s life more comfortable. IOT helps in exchanging data between physical objects and devices. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. enables smart house household appliances.

Types Of Buyers

Three types of buyers are interested in buying electrician apps which are as follows:

Electricians And Engineers

Professionals are always willing to pay for such apps, as they generally need all sorts of advanced features for their business to grow revenue. They would also need other business management apps from the best app development companies to manage the accounts and projects.


Other contractors who work as an electrician or work with them may need to buy electrician apps to maintain their records.


Those learning to be electrical engineers or electricians are interested in calculators and tools provided in the app. To access the features, they make app purchases.

Know The Best Apps For Electricians

  1. Electrical Calc Elite
  2. Electrical Calculations
  3. Electrical Pro
  4. Electrical Engineering
  5. Electrical Toolkit
  6. ElectroDroid
  7. Electricians Blog

How To Use Electrician App?

Let’s take a look through the app manual to get detailed information about the app. It includes a user’s guide, electrician panel and features of the admin portal.

User’s Panel

Login: The user can sign-up and log into the app via email, social account or through contact number. Entering the user’s details is mandatory for authentication.

Selection: Searching the repair services that the user seeks, choosing the selected electrician through the lists by filtering out the one matching your requirement.

Service Request: Once finished with choosing the services. One can make the booking by specifying date, time and location most favorable to the user.

Payment: Online payment to complete the booking of the service.

View Request-Status: The user can check the status of the booking and view order history through the app.

Cancellation: The user is free to cancel the bookings due to some urgency or issue with the electrician.

Feedback: Customer service ratings and reviews are highly recommended to improve the quality of services provided by the electricians.

Electrician’s Panel

Register: An electrician has to register himself with the app using email, contact no. Or social media accounts to get started.

Accept/Reject: According to the required services, user location and number of bookings aligned electrician can accept or reject the appointment.

View & Manage Profile: The electrician can view his profile under this section. The electrician can manage his/her profile by adding relevant details, years of experience and fields of expertise.

Availability: The electricians can manage their availability in the calendar. They can update the status to busy or free. This feature is created by some of the Cheap App Developers in India for making it convenient for the user to book the service.

Receiving Payments: The electricians can accept payments via Paytm, Credit/Debit Cards and by Cash on delivering the service too as per their preference.

Customers Review: The electrician can view the ratings and reviews of services provided by him/her. This feedback from the customer can help him in improving his skills.

Admin Panel

Dashboard: Admin has the God view of the app’s progressions. He/she manages the overall bookings. The pending and completed requests are under his eye. He/she can also check the number of active users in the dashboard.

User-Electrician Management: The admin manages and verifies the users and electricians of the app. He/she has full control over their accounts. He/she can also activate or deactivate accounts at any given time.

Ratings & Reviews: Admin looks through reviews and ratings given to the service provided by the electrician and manages the reviews and ratings of the app. The feedback helps in resolving the user’s complaints and improvement of the app.

Service Management: The admin regulates all the services provided in the app related to the electrical appliances. Enlisting and managing the services includes in the management process operated by the admin.

Payment Management: Admin can view total earnings and has all the rights reserved for verifying the payment process. More revenue can be generated via in-app purchases or through subscriptions.

Reward Points: Admin has the right to offer users rewards, offers, cash back and coupons. The admin manages memberships and other loyalty programs as well.

Marketing And Monetization: With the features provided by mobile app developers, admin manages the promotional contents, banners, and templates.

Reports: Reports related to the service requests, peak times of bookings, services with good reviews and one with bad are looked upon by admin.

Other Advanced Features Of The App


Following are the eminent features of the app making it one distinguished app:

Automatic Estimation Of Arrival Time: With this feature in the mobile app, the user gets to know the estimated arrival time of the electrician. This app also provides the functionality to track the location of the electrician.

Access To Multiple Locations: App development company aids the users with a view of electricians from multiple locations. Through this advance feature, the user can locate the best electricians in their town.

In-App Chats: With the inbuilt feature of chatting, users and electricians can interact with each other comfortably. They can discuss the locations, time and services in detail.

GPS: With access to the location of the electrician, it becomes easy for the user to guide him the directions. Also, with GPS technology users could know the estimated arrival of the electrician.

Push Notifications: Confirmation of the booking requests, payment completion reports, offers, and discounts given to the users are delivered to the users through push notifications. It provides the necessary details of the electrician and services.

Cloud Installations: All the information about the orders, user and electrician details, payments, communications are stored on the cloud server. Mobile app developers install these to make the app run smoothly. It also helps in keeping the data secure.

Loyalty Programs: By making special discounts, offers and cashback for the users the app attracts many customers. Hence, you can see the increase in the number of service requests, that increases the app revenues.

Setting Locations: Users through this app can save their locations like home or workplace. With this feature, it becomes convenient for the users to book the service just by a tap.

Payment Methods: By introducing various modes of payment like credit /debit card, net banking, Paytm and even COD help users in making secure payments for the services of the app.

Turnkey solutions: This advanced feature of the app allows electricians and other service providing companies to collaborate. This idea can make a handsome amount of money.

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Technologies Involved

  • Bandwidth Twilio – this is used for push notifications.
  • Nexmo – For SMS, Voice, and Photo Verification
  • Braintree & Paypal – For Accepting Payments
  • GWT- For powerful programming
  • Datastax – For data management
  • MANDRILL-For everything related to emails
  • Debian – The Universal Operating System
  • Database – MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgres, Mail Chimp, Integration
  • Cloud Emviomme – AWS
  • Real-time Analytics – Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache, Flink, Cisco, IBM

Electrician App – Things You Need To Consider

Things to keep in mind regarding electrical app:


It is a problem in the software of the app due to which it is not supported or updated by the developer. Some apps keep on selling without getting any updates from the developers. Checking the app versions is essential.

Offline Feature

Customers refer the apps which could be used even in offline mode as some of the app features may not be available in offline mode.


Always look into the reviews before buying the app. But also keep in mind that some app developers may write fake reviews. You need to be careful about relying on reviews. If the app is of low price, you can best know it by trying it out.

The App Development Process

Image result for app development process

After finalizing all the features and attributes, one becomes ready to initiate the process of mobile app development. The selection of the right development model is all-important for making an app to the top grossing.

It is a step-wise-step process. 📈

1) Analysis

It is the first step for the app model. All the app features and requirements are documented under this step.

2) Development

It is the step that models and turns the idea into an app according to the idea and business preferences.

3) Design

With the help of infographics and engaging content and images, the app is retooled in this step. All the insertions must match with the idea of the app.

4) Quality Assured

It is the testing phase in app development. Standardized testing tools along with other techniques are applied for finding the bugs. Measures are taken as well to affix the previous bugs.

5) Launch

The app is made ready for the launch after the successful completion of the above steps. The well-tailored, efficiently developed app with incredible performance would definitely become the top grossing app.

How To Choose The Right Team?

The individuals involved in developing your apps should be of high potential who would take your app to the heights. In your team, you require mobile app developers, creative designers, critical testers along the efficient managers and the right mobile app development company for best results.

  • Project Manager: The individual should have good management skills. He/she should be a problem solver for anything that comes in the way.
  • Developers: Android App Developers, IOS App Developers, Back-End App developers.
  • Designers: Expert UX/UI designers, Graphic Designers
  • Testers: Some extremely skilled QA experts are required for this position.

Cost Of Developing Electrician App

App development is a time-consuming process and takes lots of effort and complicated procedures, and since it’s a huge task, the app development firms charge hourly as per the time consumed in developing the app.

Standard charges are from $30-40$. These are very reasonable charges for app development. Costs also include other services like quality assurance, UX/UI developers and testing team.

For example, App Development Company USA takes around $40-$250/hour. Western Europe and Eastern Europe charge $50-$170 and $20-$150 respectively.

The cost of simple on-demand electrician app development in India is $20-$80/hour.


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