Mobile App Development Trends For The Year 2020 – Read Or Miss Out

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September marks the beginning of the end of a great year in the mobile tech development industry around the globe.

2020 saw a lot of trends coming to the spotlight right from AR (Augmented Reality) to on-demand mobile applications for everything you can imagine under the sun.

But at the rapid pace at which this industry is growing, it can often become challenging to take note of all the trends that are making its mark and therefore in this article we have collated all of them for you.

One article to know all that’s going on in the mobile tech industry in 2020.

Let’s begin!

Internet of Things

Since late 2018, IoT has been doing its round and now finally in 2020 we could see some fascinating developments in this space as far as Mobile App Development is concerned.

In early 2020, IDC released a report which stated that the spending on IoT devices is expected to hit more than 200 billion by 2022 and this indicates that the need for a mobile ecosystem to host all these branches under the same roof is crucial.

Real-life applications like smart cities, hospitals, and other public utilities will only come to life when then there is a mobile ecosystem to support all of them, and that is precisely what we saw this year.

With devices such as Amazon Echo Dot, Google Home Mini, and many more smart connectivity devices getting launched in early 2020, the ground gets set for more developments in the days to come.

On-Demand Applications

In 2020 one trend that continued to rise is that of on-demand applications. As our lives are getting busier every day, these on-demand applications are taking over our phones and today there is an application for every service we want.

Be it getting food delivered from our favorite restaurant across town to ordering groceries at home, mobile apps of today can do it all.

The IDC reported that by 2025, the net valuation of on-demand services is set to reach a whopping 335 billion USD, which clearly shows the vast opportunity that lies here. The demand is here to stay for the next 10 to 15 years, thus making this a lucrative opportunity to seize.

AR and VR


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality took a new leap in 2020.

Starting from Instagram and Snapchat using AR stickers to giants like Reliance Industries releasing AR headsets for shopping online, mobile applications are getting better at bringing the world within our screens closer to reality.

With new apps such as Pokemon Go and Sky Map getting released, we can confidently say that the AR and VR trend is here to come.

Zion Market Research predicts that the AR and VR industry is slated to reach an all-time high of generating 814.7 billion USD by 2025, through which we can understand the sheer scale of this industry.

AI & Machine Learning

As technology is evolving, more and more developers around the world realize the importance of automating manual tasks.

Simple human labor which can be replicated at a higher efficiency by a machine or a program built for the same is getting recognized, and thus AI and Machine Learning are rising in popularity.

IDC predicted that companies around the world would spend more than 77.6 billion USD by 2022 in the development of Cognitive and Artificial Intelligence systems.

Thus this considerable investment naturally presents a lot of playing ground for budding developers who want a piece of the pie.

In 2020, we saw some of the best apps being launched in the market which actively make use of AI and Machine Learning to make our lives simpler and more efficient.

Some of the most famous examples of this can be Apple’s Siri and Google’s voice assistant, both of which make use of AI to continue natural conversation flow with users, without human interference.

With the coming days, we can only expect this technology to be developed further and thus witness many more remarkable improvements.


When it comes to customer satisfaction and feedback, chatbots have taken the industry by storm.

This automated snippet of programmable code can be conveniently inserted in websites and programmed to assist customers with any help they need.

A research study found that in 2020, chatbots were able to solve customer problems 80% of the time.

In 2020, we saw significant companies around the world, such as Amazon making use of chatbots to run their customer care services, and thus, the potential of this technology can be easily understood.

But still, there is a lot that can be worked upon in this industry and therefore, there lies an opportunity for budding developers to create smarter and more efficient chatbots in the future.

Instant Applications

One of the newest trends that the mobile tech industry saw in 2020 was the release of instant applications.

Although these might look like the same package in a new format, these applications come with the promise of revolutionizing user experience.

The underlying principle of these apps is that the user doesn’t need to download the whole native application on their smartphone to finish one task, but instead download only the features they need to use at the moment.

For example, BuzzFeed, which has an instant app, lets users download the immediate application from the play store and or app store when they need to read a particular feature.

Once the user closes the application, it is automatically deleted from the smartphone. For a second use, the application can be downloaded in a jiffy and thanks to its robust technology; the user can see it from where they left.

Some of the most famous examples of applications in this domain are The Wall Street Journal, NY Times, BuzzFeed, etc.

If you’re interested to develop such apps for your business, then you should contact and Hire Mobile App Developer from a reputed organization. He can guide you on this matter.

Mobile Payments

Long gone are the days when users used to rely on either cash or plastic to make their payments.

As 2020 came around, many more mobile payment applications were released in the market, making it easier than ever before for users to make payments right from their mobile screens.

According to the mobile payments report released by BI in the year 2018, the industry is expected to reach 4574 billion USD in revenue by the year 2023, and this is the perfect example for the immense amount of opportunity this industry holds.

Some of the most prominent examples of applications in this domain are Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, among others.


As technology is getting better, so are people’s preferences on what they want to wear on their wrists.

In 2020, we saw some of the most prominent players in the industry release new wearables in the market, and these years they are better than ever.

For example, Apple released its new series four watches, which not only comes with an updated iOS 12 but also corning gorilla glass body, period tracker, and heart monitoring at all times.

Other players in the industry like Fitbit and Xiaomi, also released new wearables for their consumer segment.

Along with wearables comes their accompanying applications. These applications are designed in such a way in 2020, so that they can track the user’s stats in real-time and also update them to a remote server, guaranteeing timely and accurate reports.

Increasingly doctors and medical practitioners around the world are relying on these reports to judge the physical wellbeing of a person and also including these statistics in their study to see if a person is ill or not.

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2020 was all about developing applications that don’t have an oversight body.

These decentralized applications based on the blockchain technology are designed in such a way that no matter what happens, these apps cannot be shutdown.

While this might not sound like the motive of an evil crusader, rest assured developers around the world are working on these to guarantee the safety of their users.

As of now, the number of these applications is significantly low, but in the coming days, they are set to increase.

In present times, some of the most common examples of DAAPs are Aragon, Brave, and Augur.

Cloud Applications

Last but not least, this list is the widespread development that is being observed in the cloud storage world.

As smartphones continue to develop technologically, the amount of storage they have inbuilt is on the decline, and thus more and more users around the globe are feeling the pinch of developing cloud storage or cloud-based applications.

Not only do these applications give the users a significant amount of flexibility, but they also guarantee that the users can access their files from anywhere around the globe.

Both these factors, combined with the affordability of these platforms, have contributed to their widespread popularity and rightly so.


2020 has been a year of significant technological development. We have witnessed some of the best developers in the world coming up with applications that hold the potential of changing our perspective on how we use technology, and in the coming days, we can only expect this to get better.

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