Mobile App Growth Statistics

Mobile App Growth Statistics In 2020

By Harikrishna Kundariya Mobile February 25, 2020 6 min read 386 Views

Mobile Applications have become an integral part of our daily life. Anything and everything is available over the internet. You can use mobile apps for various purposes such as booking tickets, cabs, accommodations, ordering food, grocery, medicine, connecting and messaging friends over social media, watching videos, reading e-books, newspapers, and many more things.

The upsurge in mobile apps is because it has evolved the lives of the users. People prefer mobile phones over television sets because the former is compact, easy to access, and lightweight. Below is a chart that shows the mobile app growth over the years versus the TV:


You see a gradual increase in the use of mobile devices. The major reason behind this increase is applications. The apps play a major role in diverting the user to mobile devices. And a big contribution comes from social media applications.

It tops the chart in reserving the maximum amount of time of the users. Around 49% of usage time for the US people is reserved by social media followed by Mail and Browsers.

1. Mobile App Downloads

Since the inception of mobile apps, the market has witnessed an upliftment in the downloads. As per the reports, there were about 204Bn mobile app downloads in 2019 and is expected to spike up to 258Bn by 2022.

Let’s have a look at the numbers using a bar diagram:


The above-given bar diagram shows a prediction of a 45% increase in app downloads by the end of 2022.

2. Mobile App Revenue

Revenue is one of the essential factors of mobile app growth. It is the inclusion of in-app purchases, advertising, and downloads. The revenue is expected to be $581Bn by the end of 2020. Additionally, it is pre-assumed that there will be a growth of approximately 48% over the next four years.

According to statista, it is forecasted that the year 2023 will witness a boom in mobile app revenue generation. Source:


3. Social Networking Tops Up The Chart

Social media applications are one of the reasons for mobile app growth. It has grabbed the first position of being the most used category by the users.

The report shows that 20% (approx.) of the total time of the users is spend on social media. In fact, due to this scenario, people are thinking about How To Make A Mobile App for social media.

The graphical representation would give you a clear picture of the contribution of social media apps in a user’s life:


The Music Video App closely follows the social media category and covers 18% of the usage time of the users.

4. So does Facebook, Gmail, AMAZON

The users surf through various apps over the internet and resist sharing the vital information initially, but once they feel secure and safe, they share it. In fact, this is the reason why people are emphasizing on Securing Fintech Applications.

Here, it becomes mandatory for an app owner to maintain that integrity and reliability so that the user can continue and also recommend it to others.

Mobile app development services

Amazon tops the chart, which means that the users trust it and would allow the site to store credentials in its database. Amazon securing top position in the competition against Facebook & Gmail shows how much the users feel safe in sharing their credentials and vital information.


5. Age-wise Demographics

The stats show millennials (18-24) are the primary mobile app users. According to the reports, this age group contributes about 10.5% approximately.

age-wise-demographics6. Mobile App Vs. Mobile Web

Users prefer mobile applications over websites because of multiple factors such as UI, performance, feasibility, and many more things.

As per the recent study, people spend around 2hrs and 43minutes out of 24hrs on mobile apps as compared to the mobile web that has only 27 minutes of user engagement time per day.


7. M-commerce

According to the study, it is assumed that 90% of the population is connected through the internet. M-commerce is also one of the reasons for mobile application growth.

As said earlier, m-commerce contributes a lot in mobile application usage. Approximately 43% of mobile phone users use it for online shopping. That is the reason to have Mobile Apps For Businesses like online shopping.

As the traffic is moving towards online shopping, it becomes compulsory to integrate payment-gateway to your application. So, this is one of the Ideas For Mobile App that developers need to keep in mind.

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8. Mobile App Future

Voice app is the most awaited mobile application that can become one of the favorites of users. If you go by the sources, then around 34% of the users anticipate the voice apps to be in the markets by the end of 2020.

Alexa has proven to be an excellent example of grabbing the attention of the users globally. Moreover, if you expect IoT advancements, then 2020 would be the year for all the anticipations to come true.

The IoT will provide cloud-driven app assistance, which will ease the workload, and users can access or store the data in the cloud.

Mobile Application Technology has evolved and shaped itself constantly. It has improved to a point where it is available in the form of wearable techs. The technology is also one of the significant contributors in the mobile app growth.

Additionally, you can expect the 5G network, which will boost the performance of apps and will be the biggest blessing to cognitive technologies.

Factors Uplifting Mobile App Growth:

User retention is one of the major factors behind the success or failure of the application. You have to make sure that your app satisfies the requirement of the user with easy access and minimal time.

You have to go through mobile application development trends to understand the customer’s requirements and build it accordingly.

Also, after understanding it, you have to prepare a budget that includes all the requirements of the general public. If you want to build an app, then you must go through an article on the cost to make an app that will suggest the factors to consider while building an app as well as the do’s and don’t.


The mobile applications are ever-evolving and updating, and so will you have to. If you focus on delivering quality, customer-oriented apps, offering value to the user, then your app is undoubtedly going to be the next big thing.

If you want to build an application from the country’s prominent Mobile App Development Company, then connect and reap the benefits of professional expertise.

Additionally, you can hire mobile app developers who will be dedicatedly working on your project and will ensure a quality-focused delivery of the project.

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Mobile App Growth Statistics

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