Mobile App Marketing With AI

Top 4 To-dos for Transforming the Mobile App Market with Artificial Intelligence

By Harikrishna Kundariya Artificial Intelligence, Technology March 23, 2019 12 min read 757 Views

Let’s start with something fundamental which hopefully you already know. But even though, you already know the answer; keep reading, who knows, you may get you something significant to the treasure of knowledge.

So, the question is
“What Is Artificial Intelligence?”

“If your marketing plans don’t include mobile, your plans are not finished, and In 2019, if your marketing plan doesn’t include Artificial Intelligence, Be ready to get vanished”

In academic language,  “Artificial intelligence, sometimes called machine intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans and other animals.”

In technical language, “Artificial intelligence is a technology that is already impacting how users interact with and are affected by the Internet. Shortly, its impact is likely only to continue to grow. AI has the potential to vastly change the way that humans interact, not only with the digital world but also with each other, through their work and other socioeconomic institutions – for better or for worse.”

But, in simple and straightforward terms, it is the “the intelligence of Machines upon which they are programmed to work.” Gone are the days when only humans were intelligent and smart. The new era machines are not just capable, but also fast.

What a surprising fact it is that recent research by Stanford University on Artificial Intelligence showed much better performance of machines programmed with Artificial Intelligence at a language and comprehension test than humans. Machines were able to perform with high accuracy and speed.

Hence, with the advancement of new technologies; fast, smart and most importantly intelligent machines will dominate the world. Computers will not only decide “what to do” and “how to do” but also will change the way we do business, drive cars, study, online book tickets and much more things way beyond our imagination.

1. Recent Advancements of Artificial Intelligence

1. Artificial Intelligence to Become more pocket as well as small enterprises friendly

It is a historical fact that Artificial Intelligence was for “Big Corporations.” Google, Amazon, and Wallmart are some of the companies who used AI for their advancement. With millions of dollars, investment requirement for the development of own AI made it virtually impossible even for a mid-sized company.

But recent advances in the AI technology not only made it user-friendly but also pocket – friendly due to the availability of different open source software like (TensorFlow, developed by Google) that allows for building advanced self – learning systems.

2. China’s big plans for AI

Till date, China means “copy-cat” because of its tendency of copying every technology from the western world BUT be ready to see a new China where the world will virtually “copy from China.”

According to an open survey, the global investment into AI-focused start-ups amounted to $15.2 billion. Chinese investors poured 48% of this money, which is 10% more than the United States, the current leader in Artificial Intelligence. Not only this, the Chinese Government is planning for a substantial talent pool for AI with considerable investments in the technical education sector.

3. AI is becoming Imaginative

Machine Intelligence or Artificial Intelligence is a blunt program without any imagination. But this notion is going to change soon.

In 2014, research in University of Montreal showed the way to make AI more imaginative. The study emphasized the idea of Generative Adversarial Network or GAN which might well be the solution that data scientists have been looking for a while.

2. Use of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Based Applications

Changing the way Search Engines ‘Searches’

The modern-day Mobile App Development services are Artificial Intelligence enabled which makes them able to come with new facilities like search using voice, image, unlike text mode. Moreover, Image recognition system in mobile phones is getting full acceptance by mobile based applications.

Internet of Things (IoT) with Artificial Intelligence

AI and IoT are going to change the way we, as well as our devices, are designed to communicate with each other. IoT is knocking at the door to let its presence very soon. The future mobile devices will allow AI will enable them to communicate with each other.

AI enabled Real-Time Facial Recognition

It is Artificial Intelligence which has already added a high level of safety in present-day mobile devices with its feature of “Real Time Facial Recognition.” These AI enabled devices not only recognize a human face but also their cameras are designed to understand food, landscape, fireworks, etc.

Real-time Translation

Gone are the days when Language was a barrier in communication. AI enabled mobile based applications to allow users to take an image of a text in one language to convert it into another language. Moreover, with the help of these applications, smartphones are capable of translating different style in real – time without any need for the internet connection.

3. Why Artificial Intelligence is excellent for Mobile App Marketing

So, the numbers are significant and are ready to get surprised. Recently, a survey company has presented the facts which are enough to blow the mind. Artificial Intelligence is going to change the way marketing done to date. So, for online marketers or mobile application based marketing executives, here are the facts:-

  • Revenues from the artificial intelligence (AI) found Mobile or Web-based application is going to be $89,847.26 million US Dollars.
  • The growth of artificial intelligence based application is phenomenal. In 2017, the global AI based application market was expected to grow approximately 150 percent from 2016 levels, reaching a forecast size of 4.8 billion U.S. dollars.
  • The statistics depict the project size of the global autonomous vehicle market in 2025 is estimated that the demand for fully autonomous vehicles will grow to some six billion U.S. dollars.
  • This statistics shows the global spending on automation and artificial intelligence (AI) business operations in 2016 and a forecast from 2017 to 2021. According to a survey, in 2018, 7.5 billion U.S. dollars will be spent on intelligent process automation. In this context, artificial intelligence is an autonomous decision – making by a system or system designed to simulate human thought process.

If you’re someone keen to develop an AI-based mobile app for managing your business operations, then you should Hire Mobile App Developer. He/She will be able to guide you with his/her knowledge & experience.

4. Marketing Techniques for Mobile Based Applications

Before discussing the ways, Artificial Intelligence will transform App Marketing, let’s consider what great marketing techniques for mobile App Development are.

Forbes, a leading media house, has published a detailed report on killer ways of marketing for mobile based applications.

  • Know your Target market: – Creating a mobile-based application is not enough. One needs to research the target market too. Before starting the marketing campaigns the mobile apps, one should define the target market. Don’t try to reach everyone. Choose a particular group of customers for which you’re making the product and create their profile. Define such import details as demographics, psychographics, habits, lifestyle, etc.
  • Know your competitors: – To able to beat your competition, you need to know your game first. This research about your competitors will help you much in serving your customers by offering the services that your competitors are not providing at that time.
  • A landing page that sells: – This part is essential. In case, you do not feel confident about your writing abilities, hire a writing professional who can write a great landing page that can generate sells. The persuasive landing page should mention the app name, services, and clear information.
  • Make your app visible: – How can you sell, if the application is not visible to the customers. According to a survey, the chances of an application getting sells are 70% higher if the app is on the first page of a search on the app store. Here are the ways for ASO (Application Search Optimization)
    a) Title: – Describe it in a clear and informative way. Search keywords that can optimize the complete ranking of the application.
    b) Description: – Let the store, as well as customers, know about the problems that you are solving through the app.
    c) Screenshots:– Best feature of the app should be visible on the front.

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5. Four To-Dos for transforming the Mobile App Marketing with AI

1. AI enabled Buying Behavior Study

The ultimate goal of Marketing is selling. How services through Mobile based app will get sells without customer behavior information. Once an application receives a decent number of downloads, it is evident that your marketing plan should include how to make money.

It is a well-established fact that gaining new customers for your app is not just time-consuming, but also tough, and quite a costly affair. However, up-selling to your existing pool of loyal customers can prove to be the primary growth driver for a business app like yours.

Bombarding your customers with push notifications, or in-app messages to hard sell each and everything incessantly is a sure-shot way to getting your app uninstalled from most of the customers’ devices.

Luckily there is no shortage of user data available for any app owner which can be a significant advantage, but a big hassle as well!

It is essential for any mobile app marketer to know how and who to target and make an informed & cautious decision about what to sell, who to sell to, and when to make the sale. It is where Artificial Intelligence comes in handy.

This massive data set in front of you might be humanly impossible to shift but can be accomplished in a fraction of that time using AI. It can help you analyze user behaviors of the customers on your app and help you distinguish between ‘hot leads’ and the rest of the leads.

A system that is designed and powered by AI can learn the ideal time to shoot targeted relevant suggestions about the products and services that are offered by your app and send them to only those users who care the most about your app and its offerings.

2. AI enabled Sales Forecasting

AI allowed Sales Forecasting, or Insight from Marketing Data is one of the most straight – forward marketing applications of business intelligence data lies in its ability to aide in predictions, a capability much enhanced by developments in AI.

According to leading Business Intelligence and predictions Companies like Rapidminder, Birst, Sisense, high volume and quantifiable nature of marketing data like clicks, views, time-on-page, purchases, email responses, etc. are going to transform the whole marketing methods.

These high volume data are going to predict the success of an email campaign or marketing initiative which ultimately will help companies continuously improve marketing efforts in the form of display, text, video or even direct mail.

3. Conversational Commerce (Speech / Text Recognition )

With the introduction of Chatbots and speech recognition, the Artificial intelligence enabled marking is getting is even bigger day by day what has made a legitimate impact in marketing and advertising.

A wave of legitimately viable speech and chat interfaces have crossed over into the marketing worlds, and some of them showed grand promise. Here are a few of the examples of traction:

  • Amazon Echo – One of the most remarkable successes in turning the internet of things into reality. Particularly in its ability for users to purchase by merely speaking to the machine. You can order Uber Car or any other online services can by speech.
  • Facebook Messenger – What a great surprise; Facebook Messenger allows users to order flowers and much more via chat alone.
  • Google Echo – Google is working in the Echo, which the brand thinks that it can become the speech ‘hub’ of the smart home.
  • Chatbots – while chatbots and natural language processing haven’t made their way into the marketing departments of most of America’s small businesses, the applications from the most significant and hottest tech companies are certainly making waves and making it clear that there’s a more critical trend ahead.
4. Trend Analysis

Did you know, Artificial Intelligence can also predict upcoming trends before they even appear?

AI and machine learning can also predict upcoming trends before they are apparent. The intelligent system can aggregate sales information and latest trends from various digital channels including blogs, social media, and online communications. It uses the collected data to give predictions in real-time.

The system analyses the customer churn pattern and preferences and then, notify the marketers about the imminent customer defections. Also, it enables the marketers to evaluate their current offers, determine an optimal price for better conversion and manage their costs according to the forecasts.

The preliminary price management allows the companies to retain and even expand their consumer base in the event of a trend change.

Airbnb travel service uses a dynamic pricing model to determine the charges of every site based on a variety of factors. The model integrates the locality, nearby amenities, time of the year, previous seasonal demand, and expected customer turnover to offer the best prices.


Artificial Intelligence has already changed our day to day lives with its dynamic approach towards the problems we face. It is also changing the way Mobile Application Development Company is marketing its services. With improved efficiency, focused approach, and information-driven marketing decision will change the face of businesses in coming years. Till then, let’s witness the ‘Rise of AI in the Horizon.’

Mobile App Marketing With AI

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