Mobile App UI/UX Design Trends

Mobile App UI/UX Design Trends For The Year 2020

By Harikrishna Kundariya Mobile March 23, 2020 8 min read 241 Views

“First Impression is the Last Impression” best suites with UI/UX design trends. If the design is monotonous, then it is going to be replaced. The technology is advancing, and the users are aiming to make the maximum out of it.

User experience is nothing but a swift and rapid access to the end-goal without facing any hindrances. The following factors matter in the success or failure of the application, if we are entirely focusing on UI/UX design:

  • User interaction with software, app or website
  • Touch & Feel 
  • Access to end-goal 
  • Easy Navigation
  • Glitch & Bug-free
  • Smooth Performance
  • Saves Time & Energy
  • Use of Visual Design
  • Wireframing

2019 has witnessed ups & downs in the field of mobile & web UI/UX design, but as we have stepped in 2020, it has come up with innovations, advancements, and few rules for the designers that you can understand by reading the article.

1. Personal User Interfaces (PUIs)

Netflix is the first company that focuses on not building the enticing user interface but proactively monitoring user preferences. It is one of the innovative measures of UI/UX design trends. It collects the information of the viewers by analyzing the shows the users watch. 

This way, it can understand the taste, genre, and preference of the user, and next time whenever the user turns on Netflix, it features the preferred shows. This way, it can indirectly cater to the user’s needs and hold the user to the application.

2. Biometrics

Traditionally, biometrics were installed at the banks, offices, or organizations, but now, it is an in-built feature of devices like mobile, tablets, iPads, and many more handy gadgets.

An application with fascinating user-interface combined with biometric security would be a cherry on the cake. The user, while enjoying the smooth and rapid access to the application, feels more secure if they have such security features in it.

Biometrics is one of the growing UI/UX design trends. As per the reports, around 1.5Bn users are going to prefer biometrics as their choice of securing their handy device’s apps. From the current 429M users, the number is approximately going to be increased by 3.5 times.

Also, there are a lot of apps that we are using in our day-to-day life, and remembering passwords of all the apps seems arduous. Biometrics is a one-stop solution for all the headache. It only requires either facial recognition or fingerprints. 

3. Voice UI

After biometric breaking all the barriers, voice user interface, another innovation that is potent and high in demand. The voice UI includes Siri, Alexa, Speech recognition, and Bixby could be the next big thing that could change people’s perspectives. 

Instead of fingerprint, voice commands are observed and used for interacting with the applications. The users will be astonished by the new feature where the tasks are executed over voice commands. Also, it can quickly detect the voice command and deliver results at a much faster pace. 

4. Curved Screens

Smartphone devices are transforming not only with the software but with the hardware as well. Traditionally, pointed screen phones were in trend, but then the curved screens or rounded corners grabbed the attention. 

It delivers a smoother experience to the users who see it. Also, it leaves a positive impression on the minds of users. 

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5. AR/VR

Launching a popular Game like Pokemon Go was an introduction to Augmented reality. But MTV, Cadbury, Ikea, and Walmart are already into the players in the competition who have applied AR/VR. 

As everybody knows, how Pokemon GO works; it shows a virtual pokemon at a real place on the device screen. The game uses the camera and augmented reality concept. Also, if you want to see how a sofa set would look at your home place, then AR Application Like IKEA will best fit for you. 

There are new features that are added every day, which are enticing UI/UX design trends for mobile devices.

6. Microinteractions

The sole purpose of microinteractions is to deliver pleasant and soothing UX, which results in an increase in the engagement ratio. It becomes important to hold users to the platform by using alluring and fascinating UI/UX. 

If you use advanced animations that are operative and movable, then there will be a positive impact in the minds of the customers. Animations play a significant role in retaining users to the platform. 

7. Gradients

Colors play a vital role in the success or failure of the project. Also, the colors majorly contribute to UI/UX design trends. It is simple and attractive with the use of the dark and vibrant color combinations. 

Designers can utilize the warm and light color to make the design of the application or the website eye-catching and user-retaining. There should be an upsurge in the use of gradients. 

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8. Dark Themes

Dark themes is not a new concept, yet it is popular amongst the device users. It uses low-light and saves a lot of mobile memory spaces. Also, it helps in reducing the eye strain by customizing the brightness of the device.

9. Buttonless Designs

Buttonless applications catch more attention than digital buttons as it frees more space for the users by allowing them to optimize the space for content. Without buttons, the center of attraction becomes only the content and its designs.

10. Device-Agnostic

There are multiple technological devices such as desktops, mobiles, laptops, tablets, iPad, and wearables. So, why to build an application only for a single platform. Delivering UI/UX design trends is an important aspect of retaining users to these platforms.

11. UI Design of Chatbot

People have started opting for Chatbots. And that is going to be the next influential thing in the UI/UX design trends. It becomes challenging for the designers to craft a separate design that attracts users as well as sustains the market.

Various functions need to be integrated in the chatbot, which requires specialized skills as the design, color palette, and gradients matter a lot. Also, an avatar, voice system, typing indicator, greetings messages play a vital role in engaging the user.

12. 3D Designs

3D designs are fascinating and attractive as it gives a realistic look and feels to its users. The usage of design is for entertainment and games, and with the introduction of faux 3D, you can offer an enticing experience to the users.

13. Personalization

This is an era of personalization wherein, without customizing, there is no further step. There is an increase in demand for Machine learning & Artificial intelligence that eases the lives of the users.

The users avail AI and ML to improve their work and efficiency. Use of Soundcloud or Youtube for song recommendation.

14. Bottom Navigation

There was a time when the iPhone’s screen size was around 3.5 inches, but now it has almost doubled upto 6.5 inches, which makes it difficult for the users to manage all the functions with their thumb. 

The nearest area that a thumb can reach or tap instantaneously is the bottom. The designers have to consider the bottom area and craft the application in such a way that the users enjoy accessing the application and don’t get irritated.

15. Content is King

Whenever you are planning to build an application, what matters the most after the design is content. If the content typography and color combination contradicts, the entire application, brand, and company will be on stake.

You have to be extra cautious while designing the interface of the application as they have to consider the space, responsiveness of the software, color palette, text size, and many more things. 

Neither the fonts should overlay, nor should they be too tiny. Also, a simple text menu should be preferred to engage users in your app. 

16. Liquid Swipe

There are no physical buttons on the mobile device, which is freeing space for more gestures. It enables designers to utilize the space and add a feature that can enhance the user interface as well as user experience.

17. Emotional touch

The designers are adding emotional elements in the design to connect to the users at an emotional level. As the emotional element is powerful, no user will disown the project once he/she has been connected to it.

Final Thoughts

The trends are never going to remain constant, but for designers, it becomes important to stay updated and acknowledge necessary changes. Be it in software or design; it becomes a duty for designers to stay vigilant to accept the UI/UX design trends and implement the same.

If you are also looking for a creative mobile UI/UX design company that artistically shapes your idea by contributing their colors to it, then connect with one of the leading app development companies and ensure quality delivery of the project. 

FAQ  for UI/UX design trends

The major difference between UI and UX is as follows:

UI refers to a user interface, which means the user’s interaction with the screen layout, buttons, texts, color combination, and many more things.

While the UX is the user experience, which means how a particular user feels while accessing the applications, did they feel hassled? Did they face any system non-performance of app crash or glitch? These are a few common questions that come to mind while using the application.

If you want a horde of users for your application, then UI/UX is a must and that too, not by creating a rosy picture. For apps, websites, or web-apps, UI/UX plays a vital role in retaining existing customers and bringing in new customers. 

If your app delivers smooth and quick performance without any hassle, then it is surely going to win hearts.

You must possess the following skills:

  • UX research 
  • Wireframing and UI Prototyping
  • Visual communication
  • Command on UXPin, Sketch, Adobe XD and many more softwares

It means to design PSD and place it into a smart object layer using the photoshop tool and witness a conversion to realistic rendering.

Below are few sites from which you can get free mockups:

  • Futuramo
  • FreePik
  • Graphic Burger
  • MockPlus
  • Placeit
Mobile App UI/UX Design Trends

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