Top 15 features of the iOS apps that makes it better than the Android Apps in 2020

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Importance of iOS Device in the Modern Day Business World

In the modern world of thriving technology, having a business app is essential for a growing company. Smart-phones are the highest used devices for personal and professional use. Two important platforms that run a smart-phone are Android and iOS. However, often, a business owner falls in a dilemma while choosing a platform for app development for business. Both, Android and iOS, have their benefits, but there are specific reasons why launching a business app at first on iOS can be more beneficial than Android.

  • iOS devices are famous for their superb performance and the most practical features that users love to use.
  • The business visionaries see iOS applications as a beneficial resource to uplift business.
  • Users optimize iOS applications for little tasks during the day.
  • Though Android apps are exceeding iOS, when it comes to generating more revenue for business and best ROI, people trust iOS apps.
  • iOS apps have excelling technology that offers better security than Android apps.

Importance of the App Developer in the Modern Day Market

A rise in application usage has boosted the importance of app developers who have gained mastery in developing any iOS mobile application. Mainly for the business purpose, the apps must exceed client expectations and boost brand awareness exponentially.

1. Amazing Experience for Consumers

iOS users are generally happy users, empowering it to be the first choice for a business app. With its ideal hardware, outstanding customer support and flawless software, Apple has developed a superior brand in consumer electronics.

When a user downloads an android app, some of them work, while some of them do not. But that’s not the case for Apple users. Every iOS app works smoothly on an iPhone, providing a great user experience, which is necessary for a business.

2. Offer High Level of Security

While developing an app for a business, a company has to choose a platform with other exciting features also provides the utmost level of security to its users. iPhone users always stay safe from external threats. iOS provides a strong shield for virus and malware, making it the perfect choice for app development of a business.

3. The Apple Interface

A company creates its app to offer better customer service. The more fun the app is, the better would be the company’s relationship with the customer.

  • Apple users always admire the regulated environment of their device.
  • In addition to that, they also enjoy the simple and pleasing interface of iOS apps.

These features can make the company’s app more advantageous to use and boost up its sales.

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4. The growth of Business in Developed Countries’ Markets

Growing the business and establishing the roots in foreign countries is ultimately the dream of every company. iPhones acceptance is tremendous in developed countries like the United States and the United Kingdom.

Having an iOS app entitles the company to make their business bigger in such countries. Due to the reputation of iPhones in these countries, the company stands an excellent chance to take a firm stand in their market.

5. High ROI

  •  Android apps produce less than 10% of the total money spent on making it, which is not quite profitable for a business. Usage of iOS apps can lead a company towards healthy finances with higher revenue and increased ROI.
  • The scalable iOS apps can cater to the needs of the investment worthy clients and increasing the reach of business with enhanced value.

High ROI

6. Advancement in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Siri

Ever since Apple launched Siri—its assistant, it has gained much eminence in the world. Siri has undeniably brought a significant boost in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and contextual learning as it understands what people are searching and speaking.


  • Moreover, it has assisted a great deal in finding answers to important questions.
  • It also offers a GPS pin, which helps you to get access to the Citi Mobile App offering service as the task manager.

So, now you can understand why it has turned to become a favorite and will remain in the limelight within the following years.

7. Apple Pay will be more User-Friendly

As Google introduced Google Wallet, Apple has also launched Apple Pay, a digital online mobile wallet using which the iOS users can make secure payments. This digital wallet will support all the iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, iOS watches and Mac laptops.

  • Please do not get concerned about security issues; it is highly secured, and you can make your purchases hassle-free.
  • According to the statistics, there has been an incredible hike of about 500% on transactions using Apple Pay. And the same website also states that nearly two million small businesses have accepted invoice using Apple Pay.
  • You can book your flight tickets and also make a hotel reservation.
  • What’s more interesting is that you can even send or receive the money through messages. It makes it truly unique.

As already mentioned before, Apple hasn’t compromised on the security front. Therefore, iOS developers can easily make use of Apple Pay in their application. The strength of security from the fact that here in Apple Pay you do not need to store your debit or credit card information. So, it will rule for years to come.

8. Low Fragmentation and Easy Testing

There are several devices which use different versions of the Android operating system. While developing an app for an android platform, the plethora of releases may increase the Mobile App Development and testing time of the app. Apple has barely 20+ mobile devices in the market. Having less variety of tools and the versions of iOS they use enables the developers to create and test the app early. It also enhances the benefits of the business as soon as possible.

Mobile app development services

9. Benefit from Apple’s Market Image

iPhone users know how difficult it is to get an app accepted in an App Store as they only allow thoroughly tested and useful apps. When a user comes across a business app in an App Store, he instantly knows that the company must be worth the price and his time as it got accepted in an App Store.

10. Better Management of Files

The release of iOS 11 has brought a new app in the name of files that are specifically developed for file management.

Cloud-based Application: It is a cloud-based application that will entitle the user to store all the information in a single file so that they can access it using any of the devices. It is helpful for ordinary users as well as business organizations.

Single Dashboard: All you need to do is generate a single dashboard where you can store all your documents including images, videos, etc. You don’t have to waste any time in searching for the files at different locations.
The cloud-based apps will also assist in staying connected with other people. Further, the sharing of information will be much easier.

11. Focus on Creating Hybrid Apps

Over time, the cross-platform apps have faded out, and they are getting replaced by new and advanced tools including NativeScript and React Native, etc. It will help a lot in solving issues related to performance and user experience.

It will also support in developing hybrid apps having better interfaces and UX. iOS developers will also be focusing on the creation of hybrid apps as it is time-saving.

12. More Paying Clients

Despite having 75% of the smartphone market as Android users, Apple still prevails when it comes to paying capacity of clients. Apple users are more willing to spend on an app than Android users.

One of the primary reasons behind this is the open source heritage of Android. Moreover, the average cost of an android app is $3.79, whereas, for an iOS application, it is $2.01, making a broad base of paying clients.

Some Android apps can even cost you more depending on features such as App Like Quora. The reason is several new features and functionalities.

13. Apple Home-Kit – Innovative Creation of Apple

There is no doubt that Apple Home-Kit has been one of Apple’s pioneering creations that have been developed to solve the purpose of home automation. Now, imagine the iOS devices interacting with one another and Siri is indeed their commander! It is what the advancement of technology is.

This futuristic technology will allow the iOS app developers to create such apps in the future that can get connected with devices using Apple Home-Kit. It will bring a massive change in the home automation procedure for sure.

And guess what, this will strengthen the IoT networks and it is expected to reach up to 50 billion by 2020.

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Why iOS App Development?

Apple devices are ruling the world continuously from the earlier days of app development. With low or high ups and downs, the iOS devices have maintained to reserve their space in a market. Many people using other devices also dream of having iOS devices. Hence, the iPhone dominates the market of smartphones.

  • The strong factor of iOS is that it is providing a fabulous opportunity to develop and market your application to millions of users worldwide.
  • Apple pushes the developers to match the high standards and create the best quality applications. Hence, it is highly significant for any business to have the app for iOS devices. This point differentiates iOS from other competitors.
  • Every business requires the right information on the move. Businesses find iOS as the best platform to develop customized applications and provide the right services to the clients. The statistics reveal that the number of downloads is more with Android applications. But the in-app sales and revenue amount are far better with iOS applications as compared to the Android apps.

The security concern folks and developers always prefer iOS mobile application development company due to some solid reasons. With the introduction of iOS 12 Features, people will get great value.

  • These reasons include integrated data handling systems, measures implemented against duplication of data, measures implemented against loss of data security and encryption, etc. Safety is a significant concern in iOS applications.

According to the ever changing era, companies choose scalable mobile apps. iOS applications developed smartly can make the clients grow and interactively engage their users. Hence, the professionals look for the premier iOS mobile application development services.

Advantages of having iOS app for your business

  • The analysis portrays that iOS users are more willing to invest in iOS applications. Hence, if the fundamental purpose behind making an app is doing business, then iOS is worth.
  • You can take advantage of Apple’s all-in-one IDE to access the functions such as Graphical Interface Contractor, Syntax Aware and the Compiler Aware.
  • Use Xcode, and for the developers, it is quite easy to move an app from phone to tablet as compared to the other platforms.
  • Custom iOS app development leads the businesses to reach the clients directly. Properly conceptualized iOS apps boost up the brand value among the targeted audience.
  • The e-commerce market is growing as the days are passing. Everybody is taking the concern of data security. iOS is the preferred platform for protected transactions over mobile applications. With the increase of in-app purchases, iOS applications may let you feel secure.


So far we have seen the top advantages of Top Mobile App Development Companies In India with iOS for businesses in 2018. These features are bound to make you lean towards iOS app development platform for making further business apps. Security is one of the best features of iOS Mobile App Development which will make the iOS platform a preferred choice of many businesses in 2020.

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