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eSparkBiz stands tall among all the mobile app development companies globally for successfully deploying more than 100 smartphone apps in mobile App Stores (iOS & Android) which are currently used by 5 million+ active users worldwide.
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iOS Application

iOS applications are quite popular and users use these applications for various purposes such as fun, entertainment, business purpose etc.
The Apple App store has long listings of apps which are managed categorically. It shows iPhone and iPad apps differently in sections. iPad apps are specifically designed to suit tablets as they have larger screens.
Apart from end users here are some Benefits of developing Mobile Applications for Business:

  • GPS Based iOS  Application Development
  • Enterprise iOS  Application Development
  • Online Booking iOS  App Development
  • Augmented Reality App Development
  • Pharma Industry App Development
  • Finance & Banking App Development
  • Video/Audio Streaming App Development
  • iOS Widget Development

Android Application

eSparkBiz is a leading Android App development company that renders qualitative android apps development solutions to enterprises across the globe.
Android is free and an open platform built on Linux. It is also an open source solution for mobile devices offering a complete software stack including operating system, middleware, and key mobile applications. User acceptance to Android was very low when it was launched in 2007, as it was still in its early development cycle. But after Google’s acquisition and development efforts, visibility for Android mobile technology grew.

  • Custom Android Application Development
  • Android App Testing
  • Android App Design
  • Android App Support
  • Enterprise Android Applications
  • Android Widget Development
  • Android mCommerce Apps

Hybrid Application

Hybrid application development employs native app features and capabilities and also serves to put companies and developers on the path towards the adoption of HTML5 mobile app development. Hybrid apps give a short cut to deploy web apps as native apps by wrapping the web app code using a native framework such as PhoneGap. The distinct advantage the hybrid option gives is the reduction of development cost and time for rolling out apps for various mobile platforms using the same skill sets required for web application development. Wrapper technology frameworks which are available for most popular mobile platforms also expose some platform specific features, thus making them richer than pure web apps.

  • Hybrid App Design
  • Sencha App Development
  • PhoneGap App Development
  • Titanium App Development
  • Jquery Mobile App Development
  • HTML5 App Development
  • Ionic App Development
  • Xamarin App Development

Game Development

We maintain conformity with the fact that Unity 3D is a cost effective game development framework. Our clients vouch for the performance rich Unity3D games that we easily develop and customize to their exact requirements. Unity 3D development at eSparkBiz reflects the conjugal of intuitive freedom and financial ease that it offers. Hire our unity 3d developers for your game project at low cost.

  • Game Concept Design
  • Game Design Services
  • UX Design Services
  • 2D Game Development
  • iPhone App Design
  • 3D & 2D Character Design
  • Hire Graphic Designer
  • Other Creative Services

A Quick View In Screen

eSparkBiz comes equipped with an industry leading mobile app intellect which not only provides an enriched suite of mobile app benefits but also a full-fledged line of services to customize the solution based mobile APP for its customers.
eSparkBiz has huge experience in creating versatile, innovative, engaging and user-focused apps for phone across myriad of categories at competitive prices. It has crafted captivating apps for enterprises, small businesses and eCommerce giants.
Beverly Jorgensen
UI/Ux Designer

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Mobile App Process

Our process is simple
  • Business Requirement Document
  • Project Plan
  • Official Project Kick-Off
  • Wireframe & Prototyping
  • UI Designing
  • UI Implementation
  • Third Party Integration
  • Application Development
  • Unit Testing
  • Application Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Change Requests
  • Publish Application to Marketplace
  • Project Closure
  • Feedback

Industries served


Technology Stack

An excellent digital product requires top quality tools for its development. We take special care of our development tools and frameworks by updating them with industry standards.
Frameworks &
  • Android SDK
  • Google Cast SDK
  • Titanium
  • Android ANT SDK
  • Play Games SDK
  • Brillo
  • Weave
  • Surface Manager
  • Media Framework
  • OpenGL
  • SGL
  • SSL
  • SQLite
  • WebKit
  • libc
  • Sherlock Action Bar
  • FreeType
  • Android Pay API
  • Remote Display API
  • Game Manager API
Frameworks &
  • Cocoa/Cocoa Touch
  • cocos2d
  • React Native
  • OpenGL ES
  • Unity3D
  • Objective-C/C++
  • C#
  • Swift
  • JavaScript
Tools &
  • ASIHTTPRequest
  • Universal Analytics
  • ShareKit
  • Testflight
  • Payment Systems
  • Twilio
  • Wikitude
  • Urban Airship
  • HockeyApp
  • RestKit
  • SQLite.NET
  • Realm
  • Core Data
  • fmdb

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