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From Consumer to Startup to EnterpriseWe Develop Android Apps For Your All Business Need

At eSparkBiz, we have made hundreds of Android apps that are easy to operate, highly engaging, and enhances the user experience. We focus on crafting a highly intuitive and scalable application that not only satisfies user requirements but also empowers business growth & ROI.

Our Android application development Company is experienced in using Android Studio, which is the latest app development platform that is feature-packed by Google. We have built apps across many different niches, i.e., healthcare & fitness, retail & e-commerce, education & e-learning, social networking, real estate, etc.

Hire Android App Developer who take up the challenges as an opportunity to showcase our expertise considering Quality as a priority, and delivering excellent service to our potential clients.

Android App Benefits

  • Feature-packed
  • Increase in ROI with a decrease in cost
  • Customizable User interface
  • Open-source and easy to develop
  • Supports tons of hardware
  • Built-in with the largest ecosystem and backed up by Google
  • Easy adoption for developers
  • Free to choose a distribution channel
  • Rapid Approval from Google

We offer Better ServicesWhat We Do

Are you looking for a platform that develops your application? Here’s a solution to your problem. eSparkBiz, a leading Web & Mobile App design and development company, develops an app in iOS & Android that integrates provides a platform to your idea, manages the user interface and boosts your business. By availing eSparkBiz service, you can reap major benefits such as Responsive Design, SEO benefits, Personalize Content.

IoT-Based Applications
Material UI Design
Working With Firebase Database
Video Editing Using FFMPEG
Chat Option With Media Using Socket
Real-Time Location Sharing Using Socket
Attractive Image Color Filter
Live Video Streaming

Android AppDevelopment Services

We, an Android App Development Company, offer an end-to-end mobility solution with robust and user-centric applications with innovative and custom intuitive interfaces. Get your application under the Google Play store and start exploring the new dimensions of opportunities.

Custom Android App Development

Crafting next generation android applications by customizing clients’ ideas and shaping them with modernized technology.

Android Game Development

Build high-graphics games across all categories such as racing, action, adventure, investigation, puzzle, crime, etc

Travel & Utility App Development

Guide a user of an application with complete details about a specific destination which he/she wishes to travel and explore.

Android Multimedia & Enterprise Solution

Enhances the user experience by crafting entertainment and enterprise related application that empowers your business growth.

Upgrade & Maintenance Of Android Application

Regular upgradation & maintenance of apps to deliver the latest features to the end-users so that there can be an increase in user engagement ratio.

News & Education Apps

Update your target audience by developing an app with the latest news, and also an app that delivers education-related information.

Online Booking & E-Commerce Applications

Provide booking assistance to all the users by creating a mobile app that allows users to book a ticket through an application.

Financial & Navigation Related App

Track, Transfer, and Monitor finance by creating a world-class and accurate application that builds a bank into an app.

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There is an unwritten rule in the IT industry. If a client likes your work, he/she will come back to you. We at eSparkBiz are ready to make our first impression long-lasting in the minds of our customers. We aim to overachieve for clients.

The USP of our services is that we offer a NO-OBLIGATION FREE TRIAL for 15 days. If you’re still unsatisfied, we will fix those issues. The client only has to pay if he is happy with the output & wishes to continue.

Technology Stack

Outsource your Android App Development Services and avail solutions which incorporate the latest technologies for Android.

Frameworks and Components

  • Android SDK
  • Android Annotations
  • OpenGL
  • Sherlock Action Bar
  • Titanium


  • Surface Manager
  • Media Framework
  • OpenGL
  • SGL
  • SSL
  • SQLite
  • WebKit
  • libc
  • Sherlock Action Bar
  • FreeType


  • Android Pay API
  • Remote Display API
  • Game Manager API

Development Languages

  • C/C++
  • Java
  • Kotlin


  • OrmLite


  • Brillo
  • Weave

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You are the center of our universeWhat Our Clients Say!


Christine Betschel

Inbound Marketing Consultant, Take Off PR

I valued how quickly they developed our pages and implemented changes. eSparkBiz Technologies’ new site garnered praise for its updated design and functionalities. Though there were some challenges with incorporating feedback, the team worked quickly to create the site pages and incorporate time-sensitive changes.

John Brandt

Marketing Coordinator, Design Pickle

eSparkBiz’s work surpassed expectations, including features that weren’t even though of, which has boosted leads, new clients, potential employees, and more. Their speed of delivery was remarkable and they promptly implemented feedback. Overall, their professionalism and reliability set them apart.

Kenn Palm

CEO, StillWaters Technologies, Inc

eSparkBiz goes beyond what’s reasonably asked of from a vendor. eSparkBiz communicates efficiently and leads a flexible work schedule, creating a product that end clients love, thus expanding business opportunities. Their ability to overcome challenging timelines and requirements speaks to their commitment to the project.

Sergio Pinto

Owner, Geofelix

They were good at understanding our needs and fixing issues that arose during development. Although the site has yet to launch, the end client is thrilled with the new platform. Thanks to their professional project management and a strong grasp of site requirements, eSparkBiz was well-equipped to handle any challenge.

Andreas Stetter

CTO, Influetec UG

The advertiser platform is nearly perfect. The platforms were finished smoothly, with generally good quality code, and some areas requiring review and revision. The team is very responsive, tracks their tasks and work efficiently and smoothly using GitHub, and overcomes any potential issues with remote communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can browse the topics below to find what you are looking for.

We, an Android Application Development Company, sketch the requirements and craft a highly intuitive design that not grasps the attention of the user but glues them to approach us with their idea of converting into a virtual app.

The blend of tools, research, graphic design, and designing an app into either platform is the primary task of our designer. The task of our designers is not only to sketch down the idea but also has to think like a user who will have to access the app. How feasible it would be for the user is the most important question for any designer?

UI/UX is the pillar of any application, and our designer focuses on designing eye-catching and swift application that gives a wonderful experience to any user.

Mobile app architecture is a set of software and hardware process. As an Android App development company, we take the responsibility of android application development services that supports the in-built software.

There are three layers of mobile app architecture which includes:

Presentation layer: UI components and process components are the that consists in the presentation layer.

Business layer: Business entities and workflows layer are formed.

Data layer: The layer consists of data access components, data utilities, and service agents.

Our developers decide mobile app architecture after understanding the requirements from clients as requirements vary from ideas to ideas.

UI and UX depend upon attractive design and our designer craft design that holds the customer’s attention to it. We, an android app development company USA, integrates and coordinates accordingly to craft an attractive interface that helps a user to enjoy a swift and responsive interface.

Any app that is built by our developer’s team has to pass through the testing step, and that helps in checking the compatibility of application design structure.

Any glitch or non-performing functions are debugged and thus tested until it runs error-free.

Like all other best android app development companies, we also follow similar steps like gathering information, analysis, planning, analysis, implementation, and testing, but what stands us apart from the crowd is our service and way of crafting the application.

We offer 3-months post-app launched to support and maintenance to our client so that they won’t face any issue after handing over the app.

The Android App development process steps include:

1) Analysis: As the collection of information is our ideal procedure, we first understand the idea of building an app from our clients. After gathering information, we analyze the data and prepare mockups accordingly, which we share with our client, and after getting approval from, we start giving a virtual shape to our client’s idea.

2) Planning: After analyzing, the planning step comes into the picture wherein our designer and developers plan on how to execute the structure. Our team with their experience put their heads together and prepares a blueprint of the idea

3) Design: After analyzing the requirements, our designer craft a design that presents clients’ ideas and provides them a representation of how it will look after structuring it according to the plan.

4) Implementation: This is the stage where the ideas are converted into the virtual platform, where the virtual platform is built with a vision to serve the community and earn good revenue.

5) Testing: Before the showdown, there is always testing of any app or web-app. There is a separate QA team who troubleshoots the project and makes it bug-free so that the client has not to face any system-glitch and non-performance of the app.

Multiple marketplaces run IT business, but beating all those we are the leading android app development services who not only develop the app and earns revenue but also make a reputation and build strong relationships with the clients. Our numbers speak on behalf of us as we have a 90+ repeat client ratio who trusted us and kept in their vendor list on preference. We are proud of our team who has very well executed 1000+ projects successfully, which achievement in itself. Our team always has, and many new brains have participated in shaping the eSparkBiz.

The idea is enough for us! We are here to execute the idea and give them virtual shape. Our analyst will arrange a call, and our consultant will understand your requirements in detail so that a proper idea thought can be passed on to the consultant. The consultant will focus on minor requirements and will follow up within a time frame with time & cost estimate.

Our team at the Android app development company India, will properly understand the requirements and then will craft the app. We have a proper set of manpower assigned to every project.

Our project consultants ask for details like which niche and idea have to be implemented, what categories a client would like to include, how many stakeholders would be part of the project, and what other fields a client would like to include? Also, clients preferred technology will be used, and if the resources are already assigned to the tasks, then the most superior and advanced technology will be used.

After understanding the requirements, we provide quotations that will include how much time & cost will be charged — also, the manpower assigned to the tasks and their roles and responsibilities.

As said earlier, we are proud of our team as the team has never been subtracted, but more and a number of employees are added to the team. Our numbers define us and sticking only numbers; we have a staff of more than 100+ employees who have experience of more than 6 years, their skill and knowledge have bonded them with the company.

We have a smooth sorting process of employees wherein at the initial stage; we provide them with a task that they have to perform to qualify for an interview and if an employee passes the
qualification test, then our senior developer will take technical round to understand their academics and knowledge.

There is a list of advantages for hiring remote employees.
1.No fixed place to be assigned in the premise
2.Affordable than permanent hiring
3.No bars in time and can get detail updates
4.Exposure of employees across the globe

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