Utilize Mobile Apps for Non-Profits- Why it is a Must?

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Human history is full of those stories which have helped us to realize that these values are still alive. Non-profit organizations throughout the world have worked and are working with the objective of making help available to those who are in its dire need.

If we go through the definition of non – profit organizations, Wikipedia (an information-sharing website) says “Nonprofits are not driven by generating profit, but they must produce enough income to pursue their social duties.”

Talking in terms of the USA, there are more than 1.5 million non -profit organizations registered in the country which included public charity, private foundations, and other non -profit organizations. Talking in terms of revenue generated by these organizations in the USA alone

  • In the year 2014, $358 billion was donated by people for supporting different causes
  • Religious organizations received 32%, educational institutions gained 15%, and human service organizations received 12%.
  • Between September 2010 and September 2014, approximately 25% of Americans over the age of 16 volunteered for a non-profit.

1. Why Mobile Apps is a must for Non-Profit Organizations

Because the World is on Mobile

As it is indeed said, ‘‘The busiest street gets the highest number of billboards’’, it clearly states that one should advertise his service where he could attract the highest number of attention.

The mobile devices which come with characteristics of being cheaper, easy to use, lightweight, is the new sensation or revolution through which the world is passing through. According to Statista, some statistics about mobile users worldwide

  • The number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to surpass the five billion mark by 2019.
  • The mobile phone penetration is forecast to continue to grow up to 67% by 2019.

So, in this era, where the world is driven by and getting crazy after mobiles, the obvious choice is the freeway. Mobile Development Company should make the most of this opportunity. The Mobile Apps Development for Non Profit organizations can give you instant access to those people which you find the target.

If you want to develop an iOS or Android app for your business, then you should hire eSparkBiz’s App Developers.

Real-time analytics: – Having a mobile app version is always beneficial as it provides real-time analytics. This analytics ultimately enables to focus on the area where most of the donations are coming.

Facility of having real-time analytics not only helps in channelizing the energy but also it helps in drawing the future line on which an organization will put its foot. According to Forbes, real-time analytics enable faster, more precise and more effective decision than conventional decision process made with soul fewer data.

This high-performance analytics not only helps companies make better real-time operational decisions but also they help in improving the quality of tactical and strategic decisions.

Transparency:- Wikipedia, outlines the value of public confidence in set up like nonprofit organizations. It states that “Public trust is a factor in the amount of money that a nonprofit organization can raise.

The more nonprofits focus on their mission, the more public confidence they will have and as a result, more money for the organization.”

For an organization, where public confidence and transparency is the base, getting on the mobile platform will help it in a significant way by introducing openness and honesty which ultimately will help bring more funds.

Getting Reviews: – The world is entirely different now. Gone are the days when a seller had to prove “why his products are useful.”Now, the seller has to prove “how his products can help.

“Non-profit organizations are not a typical type of ‘sellers’ who are here to sell anything. These organizations are meant to help those who are in need with the help of public funding. The purchasing behavior of people is also changing with the changing times.

Instead of getting word of mouth, nowadays, people tend to refer to Google for its reviews. The buyer (or donors in this case) will see as ‘red flag’ if the NPO is not having a proper discussion on Google.

Importance of Google Review – A Report

According to a Study, having a good Google Review can help in the following ways

  • 88% of customers consult Google Reviews before making a purchase.
  • 63% of customers are more inclined to purchase from the site having reviews
  • Google Reviews also play a significant role in Local SEOs.

So, if you are managing such an organization, a Mobile App for Non-Profit organization with great reviews will help tremendously. Reviews help in more donations with increased SEO. So, pick up your phone & start finding the right Mobile App Development Firm.

Easy Sharing

In the time of lightning-fast social media, having a platform like a mobile app is just a blessing. A mobile application helps in getting in-depth knowledge about the cause.

It also helps in easy sharing within the group of volunteers who believe in the same cause. With a mobile application like Whatsapp and Shareit, it is super easy to share any mobile-based application within a group or any other online platform.

Just imagine a situation when the group of like-minded volunteers in a distant country needs to spread the goodwill message through word of mouth.

It is much harder and time taking process. How easy and faster it would be spreading of the same messages to more significant masses if the organization is on mobile.

Help connect anyone in the world

Being on mobile enables to communicate with anyone in any part of the world. Not for profit organizations are based on the principles of mass funding. Mobile, nowadays provides an excellent platform to connect with anyone irrespective of nationality, language, and culture.

Did you know How ISIS successfully spread its message globally?

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is now well known globally for its terrorism-related activities in Syria and Iraq. According to a study, around 30,000 fighters from at least 85 countries have joined the Islamic State as of December 2015.

Majority of fighters come from the Middle East and Arabian countries, but the recruits also come from western nations like the European Union, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Another Study pointed out that Mobile sharing and social media platforms had a massive role in bringing together is fighters for ISIS.

  • YouTube with 6 billion hours of video having 1 billion users and the audience was a major player.
  • Twitter, on the other hand, has 3,50,000 tweets per minute and 500 million active users.
  • Facebook with 500 active users was the largest social media platform to spread the message.

So, this is the way; a local terrorist organization became Global.


Such was the impact of mobile-based social media application which made a local organization a Global. Positive or Negative, mobile phones have played an essential role in spreading the message throughout the world.

Chances of getting secure donations in the form of Paypal and online payments:-


Did you know?

A great salesman honestly said ‘Never give time to THINK to your customers.’
Having a mobile-based application make it super easy to collect the donations from any part of the world. The Payment Gateways like PayPal has made it easy to make a transaction from any part of the world.

Mobile app development services

The new and changing user mindset of the present world demands a faster and easier way of payments. No one nowadays is having so much free time to go to a bank and deposit the donations there. Not having a mobile app and PayPal account can adversely affect the number of revenues or contributions collected.

You can easily see the system of ‘easy payment checkout’ by major e-commerce websites like Amazon. These websites have made making payment so smooth that hardly it takes more than 6 seconds to complete a transaction.

These giants understand the value of natural and fast payment. They know that they are only a click away from a ‘prospect to customer’ to ‘customer to prospect.’


Having a mobile-based application with payment gateways helps in faster payment checkouts. Value is quicker and easier payment is what big corporations have already understood. It is the time when you can implement this philosophy for your non – profit organization.

Immediate Possible Help

Imagine a non- profit organization working for the cause of helping those patients who lack proper support and need blood donation immediately. The mobile-based platform helps in giving any immediate possible help. The

Blood Donor App is such kind of app which allows those patients who need specific blood group immediately. This mobile-based app is not only for patients but also for those willing people who want to donate their blood.

Recently the Blood Donor App celebrated its 1 million downloads. Just imagine the public faith in the organization, which can meet this number of downloads. It’ll be tough without having a Mobile app, to gain such a user and donor base.


So, the mobile platform not only is helpful in revenue collection point of view but also it plays a more significant role in philanthropic causes.

2. Revenue Stream of Non- Profit organizations

Fees:- Non – profit organizations generate revenues through the service fees they offer — for example, a University gest its fund from tax payer’s money. But to cover different costs, the University makes a provision of fees in various forms.

Corporate Funding:- Many NPOs get their funding through Business’s Corporate Funding. The funding is part of the business’s philosophy of giving back from society.

Federal or State Governments:- Different set up of governments also fund different NPOs to support their cause.

3. Some of the most successful Non-profit organizations using Mobile Apps

 WATERisLIFE:- The non-profit organization has very cleverly used ‘#firstworldproblems’ as a part of its social media advertising campaigns. The organization could never dream of reaching to masses without coming on or using mobile and social media platforms.

SafeNight:- The mobile based application which was created by Caravan Studios which offers a secure way for domestic violence shelters and anti-trafficking service organizations.

Those who have downloaded the app receive a notification that there is an individual in need and they can immediately donate to help cover the cost of the hotel room.

The donation is secure and tax-deductible. It is an excellent way of using an app to reach out to the community for instant donations toward a significant cause.

Human Rights Campaigns: – The non- profit organization which advocates environmental issues, GPS, and Mobile based technology to spread the message to masses and urges them to take preventive measures before it gets too late.


The complex world we live in today is changing, and everyone is running towards unseen goals. Non-profit organizations are nothing less than a blessing in this situation.

Technology is helping these organizations to an extent the possible help even to the last men. More and more business and philanthropic organizations are turning towards mobile.

If you want to develop an app, then Click Here For More Info. It is only a matter of time when the mobile devices will set new rules in the world of business and philanthropy. Let’s wait and watch.

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