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Mobile phones not limited to playing the communication role. In fact, in the modern era mobile has emerged as one of the leading platforms as far as the internet browsing is concerned. With a variety of apps being introduced in the market every now & then, having a user-interface extremely critical to entice the customers.

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Craft An Aesthetic & Engaging UI/UX Design For Mobile

eSparkBiz is one of the most reputed Mobile UI/UX Designing Company in India & the USA who provide with you world-class designing solutions that can help businesses to convert their daily visitors into loyal customers. In the arena of mobile and web app development, mobile web has led the way and most of the people nowadays are accessing the internet via their smartphone like iPhone, Android, and other handheld devices. Therefore, in order to surge ahead of your competitors, focus on UI/UX design for mobile devices.

Our highly skilled, experienced & experienced UI/UX designers assist us in creating world-class UI/UX design that only helps you to attract the visitors but also helps you to stand out from the rest of the websites. We always believe in nothing less than excellence & perfection and therefore, our dedicated Mobile App Development Company is capable enough to deliver customized solutions as per the need of the organization. We offer intuitive and user-friendly UI as well as the UX for your mobile apps so that it helps you to stay ahead of everyone else in the market.

UI/UX Design Features

  • Allows you to create the right product
  • Helps you to reduce the support cost
  • Increase the overall productivity
  • Drastically reduces development team
  • Helps you to drive loyal customers
  • Allows you to understand the user’s problem
  • Helps you to increase the conversions
  • One of the important factors for SEO

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Our Mobile UI/UX Design Services

By focusing on user-centered approach, our UI/UX designers, usability specialists, and analysts are capable to deliver world-class design solutions. They not only aim to improve the usability but also put efforts to make your app delicate and elegant. Here’s what we offer in UI/UX.

Planning of Information

Able to involve modelling of information for complex systems. Capable to organize and label websites for supporting usability and easy navigation. It also provides structural designs.

Designing UI

Simplifying the experience of the users by focusing on maximizing the usability of the site. The layout is structured in the first phase and after that, the user interface is designed.

Design User-Experience

We at eSparkBiz aim to provide satisfaction to the user, usability, accessibility and flexible interaction with all the product thus addressing all the aspects related to the product.

Gamification In UX

With our user-centered approach, tailored fit responsive products and services are provided. ‘Fun’ elements are also involved in making the interaction more blissful and effective.

Wireframing and Prototyping

The provision for basic layout and structural guidelines are there for your web products. The basic wireframe is modelled for providing micro visual detail and user interaction.

Logo Design & Branding

Looking for an amazing logo for your brand? Then, feel free to connect with us. We help clients in gaining the attention for public recognition using figurative designs or texts.

UI Testing & Validation

To ensure whether the user specifications are met or not, the graphical user-interface (UI) is tested with the help of test cases and various functionalities defined in the beginning.

Infographics & Typography

Typography has become such a critical element of UI/UX design. With the combo of text and images, unique infographics and typography for the products are arranged.

How Our Organization Work ?

Each and every organization have fix stored procedure for designing & development that has given them a tremendous amount of success over the years. The same is the case with eSparkBiz where we follow a fixed methodology for providing quality solutions. Here’s how we work.

User Research & Analysis

User Research & Analysis

First and foremost, we conduct an in-depth analysis of our users & other associated factors such as requirements gathering, audience analysis, online surveys, etc.

Wireframing & Prototyping

Wireframing & Prototyping

Wireframes strengthen the UX & UI development process and so, we create a wireframe based on the user-research. After that, we craft prototypes that offer great UX.

Mobile User-Experience Design

Mobile User-Experience Design

UX design is vital for crafting a mobile app or site. So, our designers consider factors such as information architecture, user journey mapping, concept mapping etc.

Intuitive Mobile User Interface

Intuitive Mobile User Interface

We at eSparkBiz Technologies create aesthetic UI design solutions for web, mobile, big screen etc. that are not only responsive in nature but also OS-friendly.

Responsive Mobile Development

Responsive Mobile Development

It allows the audience to access the web pages on different screen sizes right from small (128 x 160 pixels) to medium (176 x 220 pixels) to large (240 x 320 pixels).

Multi-Platform Compatibility

Multi-Platform Compatibility

The mobile UI/UX design services provided by us are compatible with various mobile platforms such as iOS, Android & Windows and across various mobile web browsers.

Recent Work

First of all, eSparkBiz is a firm which is driven by the passion for work & creativity. Over the last 8 years, we have delivered high-quality solutions which can rather ensure digital growth for the businesses.

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Benefits Of Mobile UI/UX Design

Nowadays when most of the people are accessing the internet via smartphones & tablets, it becomes extremely important for all the business owners to have a mobile-friendly website and an aesthetic UI/UX design. Here are the benefits you get with UI/UX design.

Boosts The Interest

Boosts The Interest

When you develop a mobile application for your business, it gives you an easy way to showcase your products or services to your valuable customers. They can get all the information they want in one place without any hassle.

Build A Strong Brand

Build A Strong Brand

One of the USPs of mobile apps is that it helps you create awareness about your product/services among the audience and also gives them the way to communicate with your brand. This way, you can establish a brand in the market.

Increases Profit Margin

Increases Profit Margin

As you know that, whenever the customer satisfaction increases, the sales will surely increase. The mobile app is a great way to grab the attention of the user and get them habituated with your brand which increases the profit.

Tools & Technology we used for UX/UI

Tools & Technology we used for UX/UI

Latest Trends In Mobile UI/UX Design

We at eSparkBiz understand the changing demand of today’s highly competitive market and therefore, we always follow the latest trends of the market while providing mobile UI/UX designing services to our beloved customers.

A Full-screen Video

The main purpose of the UI/UX design is to grab the attention of the users. That’s where a full-screen video works the best, as it allows you to tell the story of your products/services.

Long Form Content

The implementation of long-form content never goes out of fashion. It allows you to keep the user’s attention on the screen for a longer period which creates a better chance for conversion.

Vivid Colors

Visually appealing colors & gradients are a great way to incorporate energy and dynamism into your brand which makes it stand out. So, always choose vivid colors as per your content’s tone.

Bespoke Illustrations

Bespoke Illustrations are one of the best ways to represent your brand’s identity among the audience. It can also help you to establish trust among the users with a sense of authenticity.


What You Will Get By Partnering With Us?

eSparkBiz is one of the most reputed and versatile Mobile UI/UX Designing Company in India that provides you with world-class designing solutions that helps you to grow your business.

Some Of The USPs Of Our Mobile UI/UX Design Services

  • Creating personas for a better understanding of users
  • Planning structure & placement of design elements
  • Standardized layout across the application
  • Proper Call-To-Action (CTA) architecture
  • Crafting result-driven UI/UX design
  • Highly intuitive user-interface
  • Easily accessible and recognizable designs
  • Compatibility with various devices

Why Choose eSparkBiz For Your Mobile UI/UX Designing?

  • Highly skilled & experienced design professionals
  • Innovative design and robust solutions
  • Illustrations for each screen
  • Appropriate theme & icon design
  • Solutions that are compatible with Smartphones & tablets
  • Budget-friendly and high-quality work
  • On-time project delivery
  • Two-way communication system
  • 24*7 support and assistance throughout the project

Leverage Our Efficiency

We at eSparkBiz Technologies puts clients at the forefront of each and every decision and that’s why we always focus on excellence & perfection in each of our solutions. Our decade-long experience allows us to create a design procedure that gives great results in a short time span.
  • 2x less time spending on development ready design
  • 30% reduction in time on new design delivery
  • 70% reduction in time for design support & maintenance
  • 30% decrease in time spent for the UI design
  • 50% reduction in the time-to-market

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