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What is The Root?

The Root is a new-age NFT Marketplace that brings all the NFT enthusiasts from worldwide to one place. It connects artists, creators, & crypto investors to buy, sell or trade innovative NFTs, Event Tickets, and cryptocurrencies exclusively from a single dedicated platform. Being more than just a marketplace, it will become a go-to hub for NFT lovers across the globe.

Marketplace for NFC tradding
Overview  of root work



The Roots is the one-of-its-kind platform for Non-fungible Tokens, Cryptos, Tickets, and exclusive art on sturdy Blockchain. It makes the trading of all this a seamless experience with e-wallets like CoinBase and Metamask based on bespoke smart contracts.

NFTs - Effortlessly create, buy, sell, and collect distinct NFTs in all categories ranging from sound-based audio NFTs to 3D models, GIFs, Avatars, and GitHub commits.

Cryptocurrency - The one ultimate platform for your secured trading of all types of cryptocurrencies. Enabling it with the integration of popular e-wallets to make the most of your transactions.

Event Tickets - Connect the physical/virtual event with the digital tickets to transform these event tickets into extraordinary NFTs. So you can monetize your tickets into collectibles for dual benefits. Moreover, we made it easy for you to resale them with ETH.

Community - What could be better than to be able to connect with like-minded NFT enthusiasts across the borders? Exchange ideas, NFTs, and much more with our easy chat features on the site.

Product Vision of root work

Product Vision


The main idea was to create an NFT marketplace to mint, buy, and bid premium NFTs. It must also facilitate the creation of NFTs with an in-built editor, a game-ifying music compiler for evoking creators with innovation.

Also, why leave out the trending event tickets? They make such a huge part of our memories and now our collection. Digitizing them simply expanded the possibilities of getting more of your favorites.

Also, we wanted to incorporate the smooth trading of cryptocurrencies along with NFTs. And all transactions must be secured with high-end smart contracts and tech stacks.

Further, the vision expanded into making The Root bring all the NFT-related activities under one roof and create the largest NFT community in the process. Establishing it as a rich source of digital NFT content that is smoothly accessible.

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We brought all our stranded ideas into one site - The Roots, harnessing all the benefits of niche digital transactions to one place.

We took care of all the user’s needs to create and exchange with Web 3.0 features that help them customize, compile, curate, & reliably transact with each other.

We laid its sturdy groundwork with a carefully picked tech stack to make it performant on all the platforms of web, iOS, and Andriod.

Lastly, we empowered the project with highly intuitive UI for a phenomenal user experience.


The major challenge of the project was to structure an NFT marketplace that enables all the envisioned ideas. And ensure a cohesive experience for the users catering to their various needs. And make all this possible without compromising on the reliability & security of the same.

NFT Marketplace

To be able to efficiently design, display, own & transact cutting-edge artistic items. And so encourage art royalties after every purchase.

Crypto Trading

Safe, tamper-proof trading of a variety of cryptos made possible with clean coding and study cryptographic techs.

Event Tickets

To make the rare event tickets more memorable yet functional with user-friendly protocols while eliminating black marketing.


Go beyond just liking your favorite artist and personally connect with them or interact freely with your potential buyers. The in-app chat box makes it all easy.

Digital Crypto Wallet

Any trade is unfathomable without currencies and a wallet for it. With CoinBase and Matamask for e-wallets, the users can securely transact the items with ETH.

Mobile Application

Mobile App view introduces the users to a large collection of vibrant NFTs based on top charts & categories to hook them to explore deeper into the amazing marketplace platform.

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UX Persona: Crypto Investor

People think I cannot see. But I can envision beyond time. And in the place past the horizon of today, I see a high rise of NFT. A Legion that will grow with more followers into a brighter tomorrow.

UX Persona: Graphics Designer

I am fascinated by the artists and their art born of technology. You recreate the future with objects that you have imagined. The NFTs blur the lines between the Olds and the New, the Creators and the Technology.

Browse by category

Distributing the magnanimous collection of NFT art & best creators into categories helps easy browsing. With this feature, we make it painless for you to find what you seek.











A unique feature we developed to create audio NFTs. By using innumerable music templates and song samples, you can synthesize your own piece of art to be put up as an exclusive NFT.

Mobile interface of Root app NFT trading

Home Page

Main Page

Our artistically designed home page is the showcase of all the trending NFTs, top collections, Cryptos, event tickets, and rare items. It is immersive and engrossing along with being extremely user-friendly with easy navigation by categories. So as a user, you are never lost in the hive of the NFTs.

Web overview of NFC Root Trading NFC marketplace

What is The Root NFT Marketplace?

Ideation in Root NFC trading


It fuses many niche activities syncing easy transactions globally. Bringing all the artists, curators, buyers, and crypto traders to one place and cater them with a wonderful experience.
Innovation in Root NFC trading


The Root is a hub for all the crypto and non-fungible tokens & collectibles available on the web. It consolidates all your owned items, currencies, & transactions in one place, so you do not have to hop from different accounts to sites to satisfy your desire to explore all.
Economic Benefits in Root NFC trading

Economic Benefits

With all the activities rooted in one platform, you get to enjoy maximum benefits from various transactions. The buyers can mingle their NFT and crypto trades with easy ETH. While artists too earn royalties forever, for the purchase of their sold NFTs.


Leslie Alexander

CEO at Intraday Offers
Thanks to eSparkBiz, we are able to gain the visibility and achieved the great milestones. We appreciate their attention to details, creative and user centric approach.


This complex & demanding project was simplified by dividing it into chunks. And bringing them together after successful completion of each element. Resultant is the incredible project Root. Focusing on the user's needs and addressing their pain points with our critically designed features gave us a deeper insight into the user behavior. And that enabled us to produce a more holistic product that is guaranteed to grow in popularity and success.

Technology Stack

To make the app functional across the platform to have a wider customer reach, we used the following tech stack to fuel our project.

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