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Exploring The Best Node.js Application Examples For Big Enterprise

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Node.js has become the most preferable software technology for various IT companies all across the world. This is because it offers lots of solutions to its users. Today, we will talk about Node.js Application Examples.

So if you have some innovative ideas in your mind and you are in search of a set of technologies where you can let your dreams become a reality, then Node.js can be a great option.

Node.js is used by all the leading tech companies such as IBM, Microsoft, PayPal for emphasizing speed, intensive reports, and concurrency.

It also helped many Professional Node.js Web Development Company in developing video apps, social media apps, real-time data tracking, etc.

Javascript deals only with the front end side, but Node.js is associated with the back end side as well, hence the productivity and the development of both the sides boost remarkably. Now, before discussing the Node.js Application Example, let’s first understand about it.

Why Do Organizations Use Node.js?

Before the advent of Node.js, developers used to face lots of problems for using various technologies for the client and server-side scripting. Traditionally, Javascript is a language used for front end designing with HTML along with effective features.

After the invention of Node.js, server-side scripting was introduced, which can communicate easily with a distributed server. These are some Facts About The Node JS Development that one should be aware of.

One of the biggest milestones of discovery is that it can initiate entire dynamic web solutions before returning to the browser.

Node.js was developed by Ryan Dahl in the year 2009 and it is basically an open-source and server-side platform that is designed on the JavaScript V8 engine of Chrome.

Benefits of Node.js

There are so many benefits of Node.js. However, the following points will justify how Node.js can be beneficial to your company:

  • All the web developers find it easy to scale the apps both in vertical and horizontal directions. It also provides the choice to add extra resources to the single nodes at the time of the vertical scaling of the app.
  • Node JS allows the developers to use the scripts and codes which are written in other languages.
  • It is known to be the full-stack JavaScript for serving both the server-side applications and the client.

1. PayPal


PayPal is one of the famous online payment platforms in the world which is successfully built on Node.js. The platform has more than 200 million active users now.

The company has drastically transformed the traditional methods of making payments through cheques or demand draft to online money transfer service in no time.

  • Ranked 73rdglobally in terms of web traffic
  • It operates in 203 markets with 26 different currencies
  • Increased usage of digital wallets

PayPal always makes sure to maintain its users safety while making the transaction not only within the country but also abroad.

Additionally, it also offers other exciting features such as free shopping services as well as buyer protection.

Problems faced by PayPal:

  • Problem while executing a task
  • All the tasks were done separately for server application as well as the browser

Benefits after using Node.js:

2. Netflix


Netflix is one of the popular video streaming services widely known all across the world. It is one of the best Node.js Application Examples.

There are more than 182 million active subscribers in 190 countries who spend 100 million hours a day by watching 5500 titles.

Netflix is one of the best Node JS examples as it has done tremendous improvements after initiating Node js.

Problems faced by Netflix:

  • Poor performance
  • Cumbersome process after getting multiple requests

Benefits after using Node.js:

  • Total loading speed reduced to 70%
  • Helped in getting the flexibility to render the exact output notwithstanding the rendering location
  • Improved performance

3. Uber


Uber is a popular platform which offers taxi cab, bike rides, bicycle sharing, food delivery and other transportation services to its customers. This Node.js Application Example has been built through various Node.js tools as well as programming languages.

Uber has continuously worked on its mobile app by introducing new technologies for enhancing overall business efficiency. Not only this, but it has increased its size after every 6 months since 2 years because of which data processing capacity of Node.js has become the best solution.

Node.js is the primary feature of their operations because it helps to scale up the resources as per the rising demand of the cab services in a simplistic manner. Uber mentioned three prime reasons for using Node.js:

Problems faced by Uber:

  • Poor performance
  • Unable to scale up features

Benefits after using Node.js:

  • js helps to process huge amount of data instantly
  • Regular improvement in technology because of the open-source community
  • Appropriate error analysis and quick code disposal

Uber is successfully processing more than 2 million remote procedure calls per second even in high traffic which is very impressive.

4. LinkedIn


It is a platform where you can showcase your expertise and further interact with the community members through groups or brand pages. LinkedIn helps to expand your business connections.

The platform allows the recruiters to post a job vacancy where job seekers can upload their resumes. Moreover, the people who are planning to hire you on LinkedIn can look at your profile.

In the year 2016, Microsoft purchased the service for a whopping $26 billion. The back end of LinkedIn is developed on Node.js. The main reason behind switching on to the Node.js is performance and efficiency.

Problems faced by LinkedIn:

  • Single-threaded approach blocked the overall process
  • Inefficient performance
  • Users had to wait until a process completes

Benefits after using Node.js:

  • The total capacity of traffic has been doubled
  • The app started working 2x to 10x faster on the client-side
  • Servers decreased from 15 to 4

5. eBay


Needless to say, eBay is one of the biggest multinational e-commerce platforms which has always adopted new technologies for better user experience.

The platform has huge traffic because of which the eBay developers were in search of high intensity and real-time apps which  can handle a large number of traffic.

Problems faced by eBay:

  • Unable to handle huge data due to lack of intensity
  • The system couldn’t display the sufficient information on the page

The developers were also in search of a service that could help organize a large number of eBay services to show all the information on the page.

After a lot of meetings and discussions, the eBay engineers decided to choose Node.js as it can fulfil all their requirements.

You can build a high-end eCommerce Web Application with Node.js. It will be a perfect combination.

Benefits after using Node.js:

  • User-friendly usage
  • Able to handle huge data as well as live connections
  • Offers various services which can display all the information in a single page

6. Walmart


Being the largest retail chain in the world, Walmart is sincerely diving into the e-commerce space. The main aim of the company is to go online and it is supported by Node.js.

Walmart decided to go with this new trend and has taken up the risk of engaging itself with a newer technology instead of just trying and testing frameworks.

Problems faced by Walmart:

  • Developers faced the problem of memory leak for 6 months
  • Weak performance
  • Unscalable approach
  • Unable to update various tasks at the same time

Benefits after using Node.js:

  • Walmart is now successfully getting accurate results on the clients’ side.
  • The asynchronous I/O mechanism of Node.js with the single-threaded event loop models help the company in handling concurrent requests.
  • The developers can create fresh APIs for Walmart and then deploy it within a few hours.

The releasing time has been decreased and the response time has become much faster.

Following are the new technologies which the company started using after adopting Node.js:

  • HAPI
  • SmartOS
  • Environment specific plugins
  • Private NPM package

7. Medium


A well known online content publishing service, Medium uses web solutions for the web servers. It is one of the best Node.js Application Examples.

  • Has 100 million monthly visitors
  • The platform received 68% of the audience from mobile devices
  • Nearly half of the total audience comes from organic search results
  • Average time spent by users: 4.5 million hours

As said above, Medium is one of the popular content-sharing platforms where one can read lots of articles. The data-driven platform helps in expanding togetherness of the users as per their behaviour.

Problems faced by Medium:

  • Needed lots of deploying server side applications

Benefits after using Node.js:

  • The web servers of Medium are developed with Node.js along with Nginx.
  • js initially supported most of the tasks of the Medium which then divided into  various sections for other tools.
  • Medium considers Node.js to be the core of the system.



NASA uses Node.js for its software which is of utmost importance. The main motive of NASA is to keep its astronauts safe and Node.js is solely based on that.

It is quite unexpected to see NASA in the list of Node.js Application Example. Isn’t it?

 Problems faced by NASA:

  • NASA realized that their secret data was scattered in multiple locations and even their astronauts were in danger.

Finally, NASA engineers planned to develop an end-to-end data system and adopted Node.js. NASA decided to move all its data that are related to the EVA spacesuits to a cloud-based database to decrease the access timelines.

Benefits after using Node js:

  • Using Node.js was an important decision of NASA as it reduced the procedural steps from 28 to 7.
  • This helped astronauts to continue their work in space safely.

9. Mozilla


Mozilla is the most widely used web browser available for OS X, Windows, Firefox OS and Android in 80 different languages. And it is also one of the best Node JS Application Examples.

 Problems faced by Mozilla:

  • Consumed more time while loading
  • Unable to handle multiple users
  • Poor productivity in terms of development

The web browser uses Node JS in various web projects such as Mozilla Persona and BrowserID.

Benefits after using Node.js:

  • Speed increased which resulted in improved productivity
  • Now it can handle multiple users simultaneously

10. Trello


A popular project management application, Trello was developed in the year 2011 that has got many users all around the world.

The web server of Trello was developed by Node JS and the main reason behind this is the huge demand for open connection support.

Chat Applications are one of the most popular Node JS Use Cases of all time.

Problems faced by Trello:

  • Earlier, developers were in search of connection support
  • It was not easy to go for modification with proven technology

Benefits after using Node.js:

  • The developers were able to orchestrate things quickly and finally adjust the design.
  • The server side of Trello was arranged with Redis for data sharing as well as MongoDB and HAProxy for load balance.
  • It facilitates the process and allows the app to move in the right direction.

11. Groupon


Established in the year 2008, Groupon is an e-commerce giant which helps in connecting its subscribers with the local business by providing various services across 15 different countries. The company has made successful presence worldwide now.

Groupon developers always make sure to work on the application development more swiftly. However, they faced some issues regarding the management of various stacks for each set up when the company has made its presence worldwide.

Due to this, Groupon finally decided to shift to Node js.

  • Groupon has around 3 million active users.
  • The application has been downloaded 183 million times.
  • It has 37,000 active deals.

Groupon is one of the popular virtual marketplaces especially for online deals as well as coupons. It is one of the widely utilized Node JS Application Example.

Problems faced by Groupon:

  • The app had to face speed issues when it was gaining expansion over the web and phones.
  • Let us put it this way, if the engineers wanted to change the colour of the site, it would take maximum 3 to 4 months which was really a time-consuming procedure.
  • The website faced issues because it was not capable enough to handle huge traffic.

Benefits after using Node.js:

  • The speed and performance have been great.
  • The website became capable enough to handle huge traffic.
  • It enhanced page loading speed.
  • The developers were able to make changes very easily.

12. Twitter


Being one of the popular social media networks, Twitter can be another Node JS Application Example. The platform lets you share your thoughts and communicate with others through posts and messages which are also known as Tweets.

Twitter is one of the best platforms to increase your brand value based on the targeted audience. All you need to do is plan a strong social media marketing strategy and you are good to go.

Problems faced by Twitter:

  • Slow loading speed
  • Poor maintenance of cache
  • Website faced poor performance overall
  • The database was unoptimized

Benefits after using Node.js:

  • User-friendly website
  • Well optimized database
  • The total page loading time has been reduced
  • Increased reliability

13. Yahoo


The next brand in Node.JS projects is Yahoo. As we all know, Yahoo is one of the famous web service providers. The platform also uses Node.js in front end development.

Yahoo Search, as well as Yahoo web portal, are its own search engines which provide many services such as Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News and Yahoo Mail.

Problems faced by Yahoo:

  • Issues in page loading time
  • Poor responsive website and performance

Benefits after using Node.js:

  • Enhanced performance
  • One page app along with multiple actions
  • Capable of managing over 25,000 requests in one second via Node.js servers

14. GoDaddy


GoDaddy is one of the largest domain registrar and web hosting companies which has expanded its business worldwide.

Problems faced by GoDaddy:

  • It used to take time to load a page.
  • Users had  to face problems in terms of usage.

Benefits after using Node.js:

  • Helps in designing quality applications
  • Features such as unit as well as integration testing offer user-friendly usage
  • Installation of Node Package Manager (NPM)
  • Immediate deployment of new features

15. Airbnb


Next Node.js App in our list is Airbnb which is a hospitality service provider. You can access its service through its apps or website.

Airbnb offers travel services to its customers all across the world.

Problems faced by Airbnb:

  • It used to take time while loading a single page.

Benefits after using Node.js:

  • Enhanced page loading speed with huge traffic base
  • Uses the same code on client and server

16. American Express

American Express

The start-up companies usually prefer to adopt the latest technologies like Node. js. American Express did the same. The well-known financial service organization focuses on adopting the best technological practice on its official website.

Problems faced by American Express:

  • Fragile user experience
  • Lack of efficient performance

Benefits after using Node.js:

  • Uses Node.js on its backend
  • Maintains quality performance with hassle-free user experience

It’s great to see such a well-established organization giving priority to customer security and user experience.

17. Right Arm


Being a fintech start-up, RightArm operates for the people of India as well as Singapore. On this web application, people can send and receive various resources such as goods and services, skills, goodwill, money, etc.

It offers client services like managing projects and tasks. Parties can collaborate through both free and paid ways.

The company uses Node.js Packages for its software bundle which also includes Angular, MongoDB as well as Express.js.

Problems faced by RightArm:

  • Non responsive website
  • Poor performance

Benefits after using Node js:

  • Able to perform multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Transformed RightArm into a user friendly website

18. Admission Desk

Admission Desk

Next Node JS Application Example is the Admission Desk. It is basically an app developed for the learners who are in search of studies online. People can find various courses, educational institutions as well as other additional information.

With The help of this platform, one can apply for the courses and take admissions in institutions. This is the reason that the developers of the company preferred to use Node.js along with other technologies like Express.js, Angular, PhoneGap, etc.

Problems faced by Admission Desk:

  • Inconsistent usability
  • Poor maintenance of cache

Benefits after using Node js:

  • Students are now able to make the search faster
  • Improved reliability

19. CuePath Innovation

CuePath Innovation

CuePath Innovation is one of the Node.js Example Applications related to healthcare. The platform basically provides loT project tools for tracking the use of medicines.

In Fact, Node JS For IoT is a dream combination, without a pinch of a doubt.!

There are three elements for different parties:

  • The relatives of the patient get a web application to control the intake of medication.
  • The pharmacists can properly schedule the usage of medicines through the web page.
  • The developer controls the entire system through another web app.

Problems faced by CuePath Innovation:

  • Users used to see an error while loading the website
  • Lack of efficiency

Benefits after using Node js:

  • It offers a user-friendly solution depending on the Express.js + Node.js along with MongoDB for the backend.
  • It is now able to monitor and track its visitors in real-time.

20. KGK


KGK is a well-known international jewellery retailer. The developers of KGK have adopted Node.js, MongoDB as well as AngularJS.

Problems faced by KGK:

  • Increased loading time
  • Unable to manage stocks in real time

Benefits after using Node.js:

  • Transformed itself into a user-friendly website
  • Allows to process orders, manage stocks and inventory on various devices in real time on numerous platforms
  • As the mobile app is developed through Ionic, it helps them to bid and do the transactions online

21. JustPay


JustPay is an online or digital payment platform like Google Pay. This is another reputed fintech startup Node.js Example Application. Their well-known product named Express Checkout is basically a payment gateway which ensures secured payment to its customers.

The dashboard of JustPay uses Node.js to implement an analytics engine for showing user metrics.

Problems faced by JustPay:

  • Issues in terms of safety
  • Improper execution of the task

 Benefits after using Node.js:

  • Displays detailed user metrics
  • Shows user experience in real-time

22. SkyCatch


SkyCatch is one of the best Node.js examples for loT development. The system helps to capture high-quality pictures through drones in the construction sites and further examines and exports various data. It designs and operates with the customized maps and 3D models as well.

  • 71 employees per location.
  • It also generated $46.57 million in total funding.

Problems faced by Skycatch:

  • The app used to lose connection due to software issues and faulty USB cord.

Benefits after using Node.js:

  • Capable of handling multiple concurrent requests that comes from various loT devices
  • Efficiency in terms of performance

23. Connected Boat

Connected Boat

Connected Boat is another example of Node.js Sample Apps which is solely developed for fleet owners, ensuring the protection of boats.

Problems faced by Connected Boat:

  • One of the most common issues faced by the company are the safety of boats
  • Unable to monitor important parameters

 Benefits after using Node.js:

  • The system operates for examining the key parameters of the vessels with the help of smart loT sensors and then offers simple access to all the information and lets its users use each and every boat.

24. Storify


Storify is a platform which allows its users to create timelines as well as stories through posts from various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

  • Users posted 5,54,000 stories
  • All posts on this platform were viewed more than 367 million times

Problems faced by Storify:

  • Increased loading speed
  • Unable to get any photos or social media posts in preview

Benefits after using Node.js:

  • It uses Node.js because of its user-friendly community and the Javascript for front-end as well as back-end.
  • Through the help of Node.js, the load speed has been decreased and developers don’t have to work hard on user optimization.

25. Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal used Node.js at the time of designing theFacebook reader application. But the result they got was outstanding as it met all their expectations.

  • It has around 250 million active monthly users.
  • Its net worth has increased to $2.1 billion.

Problems faced by Wall Street Journal:

  • Overloaded server
  • Unreachable or down due to network problems

Finally, the developers decided to leverage Node.js and switch to new technology. They worked on ‘Wall Street Journal Real Time’ which then gave amazing results as per their expectations.

Benefits after using Node.js:

  • Faster web performance
  • Increased page speed

26. Capital One

Capital One

Established in 1988, Capital One is a bank holding company situated in Virginia that provides auto loans, credit cards, saving accounts and other banking services. The company has decided to shift on advanced technology and that’s how Node.js was implemented.

Problems faced by Capital One:

  • It was experiencing technical issues which impacted customers’ money movement.
  • Security issues like data breach were also common.

Initially, the company was covered by Java but after Node.js came to rescue, Capital One invested its time on prototyping and tried to implement various other modern technological approaches which have resulted in tremendous improvement in their website.

Benefits after using Node.js:

  • Improvement in website performance
  • Ensured safety to its users through strong security

27. CitiBank


Another Node.js example in our article is CitiBank which is one of the biggest financial institutions in the world. The company has over 2.5 thousand branches in 19 countries.

Earlier, they used Javascript to continue their website operations but then they decided to shift to Node.js along with Hapi.js. Hapi.js is a framework of Node.js.

Problems faced by CitiBank:

  • Users used to face inconvenience because of the poor performance of the site.
  • Earlier hackers have stolen huge data of customers.

Benefits after using Node.js:

  • Smooth operation of website
  • Enhanced security
  • Smooth performance

Read also: Diving Deep Into Top 10 Node.js Performance Tips

28. Yandex


Yandex is basically the Russian Google which used to operate on Javascript. Let us put it this way, Yandex Money is an electronic payment mode based on Russia which uses React.js on its front-end and Node.js on its backend.

Problems faced by Yandex:

  • Some locations suffered slow internet speed
  • Lack of conversion rates

Benefits after using Node.js:

  • js is easy to communicate with the main Java oriented backend via Node’s broad community as well as APIs.
  • Increased user base

29. Shutterstock


Shutterstock provides paid photographs, vectors, illustrations as well as music to its customers. The company was established in the year 2012 and now it has the total capital value of $2bn.

They also use Node.js for simple and user-friendly website operations.

  • It has more than 9 million active users.
  • Shutterstock has 225 million images.
  • More than 13 million video clips.

Problems faced by Shutterstock:

  • The problem in opening the website
  • Decreased page speed

Benefits after using Node.js:

  • User-friendly website operations
  • Quick and easy access


Node.js is one of the finest run-time environment for building web applications. As we have seen through many real-time examples that Node.js helps you to get rid of Poor Performance, manage the Response Time accurately, allows you to handle large data, and make optimize the utilization of memory.

In addition to that, Node.js is also beneficial when you’re looking to increase productivity and speed. Also, the user experience is taken care of when you’re dealing with Node.js.

That’s why we strongly feel that you should know How To Hire A Node JS Developer for building your next web applications. If you’re in a search of a good one, then feel free to Connect With Us.


There are a variety of applications of the Node.js framework. However, some of the most popular ones are as listed below:

Data Streaming
Server-Side Proxy
Big Data Analytics
Wireless Connectivity
System Monitoring
Real-Time Data
Single Page Application

The simple answer to this question would be YES. Node.js is a powerful run-time environment for building enterprise applications. The non-blocking (asynchronous) model of Node.js makes it a great choice for enterprise apps.

There are many well-known companies and applications around the globe that are making use of node.js. Some of the most popular ones are:


Oh.! YES. Node.js is still very much relevant in today’s market for building enterprise-level web applications. With time, Node.js has improved productivity and agility. So, it has been able to retain its popularity.

The main reason behind the popularity of Node.js is that it makes use of JavaScript as a programming language. Now, you all know that nowadays all web browsers use JavaScript. Therefore, Node.js fist perfectly in this case.

Node.js is not a Front-End or Back-End technology. It is basically a runtime environment. So, you can use it for both frontend and backend.

Node.js Application Example

Disclaimer: We at eSparkBiz Technologies have created this blog with all the consideration and utmost care. We always strive for excellence in each of our blog posts and for that purpose, we ensure that all the information written in the blog is complete, correct, comprehensible, accurate and up-to-date. However, we can’t always guarantee that the information written in the blog correct, accurate or up-to-date. Therefore, we always advise our valuable readers not to take any kind of decisions based on the information as well as the views shared by our authors. The readers should always conduct an in-depth research before making the final decision. In addition to these, all the logos, 3rd part trademarks and screenshots of websites & mobile apps are the property of the individual owners. We’re not associated with any of them.

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