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Node.js one of the most powerful JavaScript frameworks to have arrived on the scene. It's very lightweight frameworks and due to that, you can develop scalable & complex network apps very quickly by utilizing this wonderful framework. It is based on event-driven, non-blocking input/output model which makes it very efficient.

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Develop Powerful & Robust Apps With Node.js Development Services

The development of web apps forces businesses to make large-scale investment in server establishment. In addition to that, the vast user-base also requires an efficient infrastructure for complex apps. That’s where Node.js comes into the picture, as it allows you to end server’s back-end with utmost ease. In fact, It efficiently handles too many such connections with some data associated with most of them. Node.js has an edge over PHP, as it is simultaneous and efficient enough to handle thousands of connections.

eSparkBiz is one of the top-notch Node.js Development Company in India & USA that holds rich experience in Node.js development services. Over the years, our skilled & dedicated developers have delivered fully-functional applications to businesses as per their requirement. Client satisfaction is our ultimate motto and we do everything possible to achieve excellence and perfection in each of our Node.js solutions. In the last 8 years or so, we have served various clients around the globe and our services are robust as well as cost-effective.

Benefits Of Node.js

  • Works on non-blocking I/O model
  • Extremely fast as well as lightweight
  • Suitable for front-end as well as back-end
  • Excellent option for real-time applications
  • Ease to use, learn and understand for developers
  • Allows you to increase the productivity
  • Handles the synchronization issues with ease
  • Awesome online community & forums

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Why You Should Opt For Node.js?

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment that allows you to executes JavaScript code without a browser. In a normal scenario, JavaScript is used for client-side scripting, but Node.js can also be used for server-side scripting.

Sky High Performance

Node.js is one of the most powerful JavaScript frameworks which utilizes V8 JavaScript engine developed by Google and because of that, the applications which are developed with Node.js are extremely fast and high-performing.

Highly Scalable

The Node.js framework on event loop principle which is the not case with most of the web application frameworks and due to that, it extremely scalable for real-time apps. So with Node.js, you don’t have to worry about scaling.


One of the USPs of Node.js framework is that it excels in real-time applications. The reason behind that is, WebSockets which allows two-way communication between client and server. So, it’s very easy to build real-time apps.

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Our Node.js Web Development Verticals

As one of the most reputed & trusted Node.js Web App Development company, we provide a wide array of services to various business verticals which are as shown below.

Retail & eCommerce

Retail & eCommerce

We at eSparkBiz crafts high-quality, scalable, and powerful e-commerce solutions which help you to take your business to the newer heights including e-carts & marketplaces, auctions & reverse auctions, social commerce solutions, etc.

E-Learning Solutions

E-Learning Solutions

Our highly skilled and experienced Node.js developers assist us in developing world-class e-learning solutions include professional online training web apps, learning management systems, corporate learning portals, online courses, etc.

Social Networks Solutions

Social Networks Solutions

Nowadays when social media is on the rise, we provide you with the most enthralling Social Networking Solutions such as social networks & communities, collaboration solutions, blogs & Wikis, etc. that helps you to create engagements.

Travel & Tourism Solutions

Travel & Tourism Solutions

Our Node.js developers at eSparkBiz Technologies strictly follow the agile software development methodology which allows us to create travel and tourism solutions that helps you to improve the ROI and reduce the overall operational cost.

Logistics & Transport Solutions

Logistics & Transport Solutions

Our highly experienced Node.js development team provides you with world-class and result-driven logistics & transport solutions that allow you to maximize the ROI of your business and helps you to manage your daily work effectively.

Media & Entertainment

Media & Entertainment

We believe in nothing less than excellence & perfection and so, we utilize the latest tools and technologies to craft media & entertainment solutions such as online promotion, social networking tools, media content distribution, etc.

Healthcare App Solutions

Healthcare App Solutions

Our highly skilled and talented Node.js developers assist us in developing most modernized e-healthcare solutions with end-to-end web and mobile healthcare application development services that can help all in the healthcare industry.

Banking & Finance Solutions

Banking & Finance Solutions

We provide you with highly customized banking and financial software development services that help you not only to increase the operational efficiency & agility but also to maximize the revenue of your business in an effective manner.

Automotive Solutions

Automotive Solutions

We at eSparkBiz Technologies believe in providing solutions that can help businesses to be the leaders of their industry. For that purpose, we provide them with innovative web and mobile apps that are cost efficient as well as robust.

Why Opt For Node.js Framework For Your Next Project?

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment that executes JavaScript code outside of a browser. In the last few years or so, Node.js has emerged as the go-to choice of developers around the world.

Node.js For Real-Time Solutions

  • Easy to code and very simple to modify
  • JSON & AJAX communication is simple
  • Comes with open-source community-driven models
  • Allows you to reuse the code as per the need
  • Quick, speedy and scalable
  • Highly suitable for real-time applications
  • Supported by Google

Solution We Offer In Node.js

  • JS API development for UX/UI design
  • AJAZ, Plug-Ins & Portal Development
  • Marketplace, Backend Dashboard & e-Commerce/Shopping cart Development
  • CMS Tools & Web App Development

Why Choose eSparkBiz For Your Next Node.js Development Project?

eSparkBiz is one of the top-branded Node.js Development Company who has been providing top-class solutions that have helped organizations in a big way. Here's why you should partner with us for Node.js development.
  • Guaranteed on-time project delivery
  • Best-in class and result-driven solutions
  • Dedicated development team
  • No hidden charges once the project starts
  • Strict non disclosure agreement to maintain privacy
  • Flexible engagement on full-time or hourly basis
  • 6+ years of average experience in Node.js

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