On-DemandCoupon Finder Mobile Application

Coupons are basically a strategy used by various companies for attracting customers to their businesses, products, or services. Coupons can be considered as a money-saving strategy thus becoming a habitual behavior. As per a famous saying, “Couponers never lose”, the business is piloted by these couponers. Being one of the leaders in the Mobile App Development niche, eSparkBiz is offering On-Demand App Development services for daily deals or coupons.

The crucial part comes while discussing the strategy and putting it into practice. There are two possibilities when you go into this: 1. Long-term business 2. Increase sales per customer. We provide you the solutions as per your business methodology. So, partner with us for on-demand app development forget all your worries.

On-Demand Daily Deals App Benefits

  • Local advertisement is targeted.
  • Sent to Thousands of Subscribers
  • Recommendations Are Oral-Based
  • Brand Awareness Is Increased
  • Profit, Faster Sales, Cross-Sell and Up-Sell

On-Demand Coupon FinderMobile Application

Take a look at some more features of owning an On-Demand Coupon Finder Mobile App development that will pilot your thoughts for opting for the app. Hire App Developers from us who will help you to incorporate these features.

Today's Deals

The On-Demand Daily Deals app will show active deals, upcoming deals, and today's deals. It also shows recent deals & past deals.

SEO Agreeable

When comes about SEO related coupons, they are keyword rich and can easily be searched on the search engine with the utmost ease.

Multiple Locations

On-Demand Daily Deals app will display all the deals from multiple locations and thus aid the user for the top deals in their city.

Fascinating Discounts

Advanced Search

Your Coupon Finder Mobile Application can be a boon to users who are in search of deals through keywords, discounts, and price-based.

Google Map

Searching for a particular deal as per the preferred location or area can be done by users through the On-Demand Coupon Finder App.

Comparing Prices

Users will definitely compare the prices and features of products within the usage of coupons or daily deals and we provide that.

On-Demand Daily DealsApplication Panels

Our tailored On-Demand Coupon Finder App has robust functionalities with advanced features. There will be dashboards and managing tools for you and your application users. So, join hands with us and avail of a classy solution.

User Panel

Merchant Panel

Admin Panel

User Panel

User Panel

  • Register/Login
  • Listing of Deals
  • Invitation to friends
  • Favourites(Deals that are saved or in awaiting list or the most preferred one)
  • Complete Profile
  • Use Coupon Code
  • Browsing offers as per the preference
  • Use social media platforms for sharing deals. (Select the social media platform)
Merchant Panel

Merchant Panel

  • Adding and Managing Deals
  • Tracking Status
  • Managing Coupons
  • Managing orders
  • Subscription
  • Mail System
  • Favorites
  • Coupon Redemption
  • Deals that are already acquired
  • Graphs, Statistics & dashboard
  • Sharing deals on social media platform
Admin Panel

Admin Panel

  • Managing Deals Whether New, Existing, Active, Completed, Approved or Expired
  • Managing Coupons-Includes all coupons whether purchased, pending, used, and so on.
  • Categorization of deals
  • Managing every participant in the loop. They may be Merchants/Consumers/Subscribers/Partners
  • Website Tracking, IP Tracking, Login/Logout Time tracking, Visitors Tracking, IP blocking
  • For FAQs, About Us, Contact, Buying guide, etc. CMS pages are integrated.
  • Graphs, Statistics and Dashboard
  • Sharing all the deals on social media platforms
  • Feedback, comments, reviews

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On-Demand Daily Deals App What Will You Get?


Thousands of in-app listed categories, making it easier for the users to find the top deals on products they want to purchase.


The news section of the manufacturer On-Demand Coupon Finder App shows the latest updates about different brands/products.

Loyalty Program

Retain your customers by offering loyalty programs, special discounts, referral programs or other promotional activities.


The store On-Demand Coupon Finder App supports multiple languages. Changing the language takes no more than just a tap.

notification & emails

All the users will get notification messages, push notifications and emails about hot deals, products, brands, and offers.

Payment Gateway Integration

Secured payment gateway enables users to pay through different ways, using net banking, eWallet or credit/debit cards.

Browse Coupons/Offers

Users may browse and apply coupon codes & may avail special discount offers to save on their shopping with a daily deals app.

Reviews & Ratings

Users may review and rate the products, brands, deals and the apps for coupons and deals to improve browsing quality.

Gift Card

Offer your users special gift cards, to promote them to use your coupon saving apps and shop through your On-Demand Daily Deals App.

Multiple Currencies

The coupon scanner app supports multiple currencies, enabling users to compare the prices in the currency they follow on a daily basis.

Behavior Tracking

The On-Demand coupon app tracks the browsing/searching behavior of the users to show relevant deals on his/her future visit.

Social Media Integration

Users may log in using their social accounts and may share the application/deals with their friends on social media platforms.

Dedicated Teams

The resource solely works for your On-Demand Coupon Finder projects. This way, you get full control over his time & usability.

Flexible Environment

You are free to choose to employ the developer at our development center or may hire at your corporate office as per the need.

No Hidden Cost

We charge what we quote. We hate financial jargon and believe in complete transparency as it comes to costs for coupon finder apps.

NDA Security

If you want to sign an NDA, we will do it for you. We make all the necessary provisions for protecting your application idea.

Source Code Authorization

Upon completion, you receive the code that belongs to your project. It remains your property and will not disclose it anywhere.

24x7 Support

To avoid any kind of communication barrier, we adopt all the interactive modules for staying connected. We are ready to help you.

Comprehensive Reporting

We allow you to keep an eye on the development process. We provide Real-time reporting for On-Demand daily deals application.

Security And IP Protection

We keep our workstations secure with advanced security parameters and IP Protection. Thus, we ensure total security for you.

On Time Delivery

We work day and night when required to meet short deadlines and ensure your On-Demand daily deals app is delivered on time.

Qa Tested & Bug Free Solution

FREE Quality Analysis Support is offered with the developer. We always make it a point to double-check your coupon finder apps.

Quick Team Scaling

If you need to scale-up or scale-down your team as per your requirements, we assist you in quick team scaling. Just let us know..

Free Technical Support

You have our tech team, all along the development cycle and after that. In case any help is required, you can call us anytime.

Fixed Price

For Startups & Small Businesses - Suitable for projects when it’s possible to evaluate the time & cost of development. After analyzing your project idea we give you a quote. Once approved, you start working with your resources.

Dedicated Hiring

For Mid and Large-sized projects - Suitable for projects with very little scope of addition on-the-go. Hire your developer and he will be dedicatedly working for you. It best suits startups as well as mid-sized businesses.

Hourly Basis

For Sole Entrepreneurs & Ongoing Projects - Suitable for ongoing projects and projects with an extensive scope of additions. Hire your resource and pay-as-you-go. It best suits large projects as well as entrepreneurs.

Few More Features Of On-Demand Coupon Finder App

We at eSparkBiz believe in nothing less than excellence & agility and that reflects in each of the On-Demand Solutions provided by us. Here's a list of few more features that you will get with On-Demand Coupon Finder App Development.

Increase in Sales

Promotion increases sales. Whether big incentives or small, deals lure you to shop your favorite products with these deals.

Better Strategy

Targeting the holidays, a great number of deals can be exposed and compared with our On-Demand Daily Deals App Development.

Conversion Rates

If you provide a platform that will bring all the deals under a single roof, then your app is the reason for higher conversions.


With various coupons to offer, all the users get engaged with your On-Demand Coupon Finder Mobile Application more & more.

Sale of products

With discounted products, you get to sell your non-discounted products too in our On-Demand Coupon Finder App Development.


Customers are retained. Your business when offers coupons, the customers who were away will come and give a look at the offers.

Salient Features Of On-DemandCoupon Finder App

We at eSparkBiz provide you with the best-in-class services for On-Demand Daily Deals Mobile Application. Here's a list of salient features that we offer if you partner with us for an on-demand coupon finder application development.


Making groups is easier for users in daily deals apps to search for deals in a particular category that they are looking for.


There should be a notification panel about the top deals and the latest updates from various brands that helps the user.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs can be offered in order to retain customers. Referral programs, special discounts, and so on are also used.

Multiple Languages

This application has a provision to support multiple languages. Just tap and you are there with your preferred language.


You can add a subscription button for mailing the hot deals. That can be a notification or the push notification as well.

Integrate Payment Gateway

If the gateway integrated is secure, then users can pay via any medium whether net banking or credit/debit cards or wallet.

Browse Offers

If the codes are applied by the users which they will, they can avail of various discounts on products they are searching for.


Feedback can be given by the user. They can rate and review them too for improving browsing capabilities. Our app has that.

Gift Card

Gift cards are another way to promote the users your coupon finder app and thus shop through your daily deals application.

Integrate Social Media

Social media platforms can be used to share your application. This is done by logging in through your social media account.

Track Behavior

Tracking behavior is important as relevancy through these visits will help to display the deals for their next visit.


Your on-demand coupon finder application should enable the users to compare the prices as per their preferred currencies.

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There is an unwritten rule in the IT industry. If a client likes your work, he/she will come back to you. We at eSparkBiz are ready to make our first impression long-lasting in the minds of our customers. We aim to overachieve for clients.

The USP of our services is that we offer a NO-OBLIGATION FREE TRIAL for 7 days. If you’re still unsatisfied, we will fix those issues. The client only has to pay if he is happy with the output & wishes to continue.

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