On-Demand E-Learning Mobile Application

We have been witnessing a vast turnaround in the education system from the past few years. The e-learning concept is the fad of this era. Therefore it will be no surprise to say that e-learning mobile application development is the key player for this revolutionary change and as well as for your business. eSparkBiz is one of the leading app development companies that focuses on crafting world-class on-demand solutions that can make a difference.

It is a blessing for not attending lectures and follows the conventional method of teaching and learning process. But you need to figure out which app has such a potential to grab the attention of the users and give an extra edge of competition over the others. We at eSparkBiz focuses on excellence and perfection in App Development.

On-Demand E-Learning App Benefits

  • Comprehensive learning material
  • Higher user retention
  • Live tutorials and interactive sessions
  • Offering various mock tests for practice irrespective of time and locations
  • Best Individual and personal space
  • A proper integration to reach the target audience

On-Demand E-Learning Solutions

Hire App Designers in the USA from us who have gained mastery in developing e-learning portals, school education apps, kids learning apps, virtual classrooms, managing institute, M-learning apps, and skill-learning apps. With our on-demand e-learning app development services, your business witness an escalated growth in the industry.

Virtual Classroom Apps

Flexibility in attending classes from their homes. It is accorded with advanced features like live video streaming, enabling the students to attend as per their preferred time, recording the classroom, video conferencing, assignments in a group, and so on.

Education Apps

With all the features in its pocket, the on-demand e-learning app comes with the concept of a virtual classroom app and some powerful functionalities. The management systems have features like tracking attendance, payment, and classroom tracking, etc.

M-Learning Apps

Mobile application for education is the recent market trend. The on-demand m-learning application has a large database of study materials, questionnaires, videos, etc. A subscription fee can be charged and thus you can convert that into a business model.


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On-Demand E-Learning Application Panels

Our tailored On-Demand E-Learning Application has robust functionalities with advanced features. There will be dashboards and managing tools for you and your application users. So, join hands with us and ensure a classy solution.

Student Panel

Tutor Panel

Admin Panel

Student Panel

Student Panel

  • SignIn and SignUp for the user is easier.
  • The courses can be viewed and chosen as per the requirements and subscription facility is provided.
  • Subscription plan is premium.
  • Filters to search tutors
  • Attend Webinar/Classroom/Online Courses
  • Take look on the available subjects and choose among them.
  • Tutors can be connected through Video & Text Chat or by posting a Question
  • Que ries can be posted by the students and be answered by Tutors
  • Tutors can be hired
  • History of asked questions can be viewed.
  • Referrals are entertained. Thus can earn credits if referred.
  • Management of Accounts and Settings.
  • After completion of courses, certificates are provided.
  • Knowledge is tested through questions and quizzes.
  • Provide a feedback.
Tutor Panel

Tutor Panel

  • Registers the Account
  • Admin can easily login
  • Enhancing the profile by the Tutor.
  • Credit awards are assigned to each query to the tutor. The tutor can view them.
  • Response to Queries & Earn Credits
  • Students get connected to the tutor on Video or Audio chat
  • Edit the account and settings
  • Notifications, Reviews and Ratings
Admin Panel

Admin Panel

  • Managing Users(add/delete/edit Students & Tutors)
  • Managing Subjects(Add/delete/edit Subjects)
  • Managing Subscription Packages
  • Managing Badges(Assigning/ Deletion)
  • Managing Locations (Country/State/City/Zip code)
  • Managing Content and filters
  • Managing Sessions (Booked/Availed – Per Tutor, Per Student, On Date)
  • Managing Course Catalog, Content & Enrollment
  • Earnings can be viewed and deleted
  • Track & Report
  • E-commerce and Subscriptions
  • Student Information system
  • Managing Questions
  • Managing Notifications
  • Managing Credits
  • Managing Chats

On-Demand E-Learning App What Will You Get?

voting system

With our On-Demand E-Learning Applications, Raise topics, create polls and allow your users to vote their favorite option.

Creating Surveys

By using On-Demand E-Learning Mobile Application, Create customized surveys to spread social awareness or trending topics.


Let your users schedule a classroom session for a day or time that suits them. It will create a sense of flexibility.

Online Forums

Create or connect with online forums to promote your online on-demand e-learning applications & share your knowledge.

Custom Reporting

Get fully-customized as well as the detailed reports for all activities on your on-demand e-learning mobile application.


Define grading and let your users improve their skills by uncovering higher grades with our e-learning management system.

Group Assignments

Create assignments & group projects for your learners, and make all your on-demand e-learning mobile app interactive.

Configurable Web Portal

Get a tailored and highly configurable e-learning portal to manage the back-end of your education learning Android/iOS app.

Enrollment Rules

Create enrollment rules and memberships for teachers and students through our on-demand e-learning mobile applications.

Community & Social Apps

Create a community or share your on-demand e-learning mobile application on social channels to spread brand awareness.


Turn your on-demand e-learning mobile apps into a flourishing business through the branding as well as white labeling.

Single Sign-On

Allow your users to sign-on using their email, phone number or social channels in your e-learning mobile application.

web conferencing

We enable your e-learning system with web conferencing and video conferencing. The students and teachers may interact in a one-to-one or group conference.

Cloud Powered Lms

We make use of highly protected, reliable and fast cloud computing technologies to give your learning management system the power and flexibility you need.


Your on-demand e-learning application remains enabled with interactive videos, graphics, puzzle games and more to keep the students engaged and entertained.

Multiple Language Support

You may put your content or videos in different languages and let your users choose the language. Everything can be easily managed from your admin panel.

Payment Integration

We make use of finest technologies to make payment accepting easy for you. Your users may pay with a Credit/Debit Card, Netbanking, eWallet, PayPal, etc.

Back-End App

We use C++ for Mac/Windows client, Java for on-demand e-learning application for Android and Objective-C for educational apps for iPhone to ensure quality.

Message Boards

With the inbuilt social learning & message boards, your e-learning app users won’t need to visit other social accounts to communicate with their audience.

Skills/Certification Tracking

Generate certificates and grading to your students based on performance. You have a handful of predefined templates and you can also create a custom template.

Dedicated Teams

The resource solely works for your On-Demand E-Learning App projects. In this way, you get full control over his time & usability.

flexible environment

You have the full right to choose to employ the developer at our development center or may hire at your corporate office as per the need.

No Hidden Cost

We charge what we quote. We hate financial jargon and believe in complete transparency as it comes to costs for e-learning applications.

NDA Security

If you want to sign an NDA, we will do it for you. We make all the necessary provisions for protecting your e-learning app idea.

Source Code Authorization

Upon completion of on-demand e-learning app development, you receive the code that belongs to the project. It remains your property.

24x7 Support

To avoid any kind of communication barrier, we adopt all the interactive modules for staying connected. We are there to help you out.

Comprehensive Reporting

We allow you to keep an eye on the development process. We provide Real-time reporting for On-Demand E-learning Mobile Application.

Security And IP Protection

We keep our workstations secure with advanced security parameters and IP Protection. So, we ensure total security for your e-learning app.

on time delivery

We work day and night when required to meet short deadlines and ensure your On-Demand e-learning application gets delivered on time.

Qa Tested & Bug Free Solution

FREE Quality Analysis Support is offered with the developer. We always make it a point to double-check your e-learning applications.

Quick Team Scaling

If you need to scale-up or scale-down your team as per your requirements, we help you in quick team scaling. Just let us know.

Free Technical Support

You have our tech team, all along the development cycle and after that. In case any help is required, you can call us anytime.

fixed price

For Startups & Small Businesses - Suitable for projects when it’s possible to evaluate the time & cost of development. After analyzing your project idea we give you a quote. Once approved, you start working with your resources.

Dedicated Hiring

For Mid and Large-sized projects - Suitable for projects with very little scope of addition on-the-go. Hire your developer and he will be dedicatedly working for you. It best suits startups as well as mid-sized businesses.

Hourly Basis

For Sole Entrepreneurs & Ongoing Projects - Suitable for ongoing projects and projects with an extensive scope of additions. Hire your resource and pay-as-you-go. It best suits large projects as well as entrepreneurs.

On-Demand E-Learning AppNoticeable Features

Take a look at some noticeable features of owning an On-Demand E-Learning App that will pilot your thoughts for opting for the app. Hire Dedicated Developers for on-demand solutions from us who can develop these functionalities.

Web Conferencing

Cloud Powered LMS


Multi-lingual Support

Integrated Payment System

Apps in the Back-end

Learn Socially

Track Skills & Certifications

Being Communicative

An eye-catching feature that allows the interaction between the participants, web conferencing is a substitute that is considered to replace the traditional method of teaching. With solving the queries through live video sessions, web conferencing has a wide scope.

Another advantage to own On-Demand E-Learning Application is to aid in creating groups and learning through group studies. This aspect can be better implemented for projects, studies, and assignments all in a group.

With a competitive edge over the others, your e-learning app is accorded with web conferencing and video conferencing. With powerful interactiveness, the participants may interact through a secure, powerful interface.


The e-learning mobile application is backed by A cloud-based learning management system. This provides swiftness, reliability, and security to the application.

All your subject videos, lessons, data, are stored in the clouds. Due to this the e-learning app becomes easy and fast to use. Storage in a cloud is secure and thus you can bank upon it.

The cloud computing technologies that are used by us are safe, reliable, and fast thus providing extra flexibility and support you desire.


If your focus is on the kids learning apps then interactiveness is the key factor in it.

Gamification aids in interactive visuals, videos, and quizzes. Thus we provide an ‘Enjoy while learning App’ for your kids.

This not only increases the engagement factor but also aids you in adding quizzes, graphics, etc. to make it more interactive. This is easily manageable from the admin panel.


Our educational apps are made to support multiple languages. Our aim is to provide the information to our users in a language that they speak and understand.

The change in language is as simple as that of a tap. We make use of translators which are high-quality translators for content.

Let your users choose their preferred language once you put the videos or content in different languages. Management is easy from the admin panel.


Our integrated payment systems are highly secure and easy for using. With a blend of trending technologies and security, we made payments easy to use and support cashless transactions in e-learning apps.

features :

  • Availability of Multiple payment gateways
  • Support for Multi-Currencies
  • In-app Purchase Model
  • Freemium Membership

If the back-end is powerful, the on-demand education app becomes flexible and is powered with multiple features and functionalities. We use Java and Python and others with the language HTML 5 as well as PHP.

Some highlights of the technologies we use :

  • C++ is used for MAC/Windows client.
  • Android Applications are written in Java
  • iOS Applications with Objective-C
app- backend

To increase the reach and popularity of your e-learning app we use social learning and advanced techniques for increasing the effectiveness of your app.

Your users are allowed to share their queries and knowledge with each other on the social platform and also may invite others in the discussion.

The need for other social accounts is reduced with an in-app social group that can be easily managed.


Your users can communicate with each other within the on-demand e-learning mobile application. To make your communication more appealing, facilities like chats, messaging, and video calls can be included.

With e-learning management system you can do the following :

  • Tracking enrollments
  • The progress of the course
  • Assessments
  • Feedback

Flexibility is given to both the participants to communicate by joining the chat.

Pre-installed communication channels are already provided to bridge the gap between the participants whether trainers or learners.

We have a record of using the best available technologies in the market for our application to make it interactive as much as possible.


Salient Features Of On-DemandE-Learning App

Want to get more clear before investing in on-demand e-learning application development? Here is a list of salient features that will give you a crystal clear picture of why an e-learning application is required in daily routine.


This feature of the On-Demand E-Learning App allows the users to vote on the raised topics.


Tailored surveys in e-learning mobile app for creating social awareness on trending topics.

Session Scheduling

Sessions are scheduled irrespective of time constraints in the e-learning application.


Online forums are created for promoting online e-learning applications and sharing knowledge.


Tailored reports with complete brief reports on your entire e-learning application activities.


To improve skills grading is required. our on-demand e-learning app has this feature.

Social And Community Apps

Brand awareness can be created through various social channels as well as communities.

Brand Awareness

White-labelling & branding are ways to flourish your business with e-learning mobile apps.


Simple sign-on in e-learning application with emails, social accounts or phone numbers.


Assignments and projects are assigned to your users. The best way to make it interactive.

Configured Web Portal

The back-end can be managed with a fully-customized and highly configurable e-learning portal.

Rules For Enrollment

Enrollment rules and regulations are created for the participants through the e-learning app.

Few More Features Of On-Demand E-Learning App

We at eSparkBiz believe in nothing less than excellence & agility and that reflects in each of the On-Demand Solutions provided by us. Here's a list of few more features that you will get with the On-Demand E-Learning App.

Audio & Video Streaming

With on-demand video and audio streaming, e-learning app users will be able to stream all the live classrooms or learning classes.

Learning Asynchronously

Irrespective of time & location you get to experience an interactive environment of learning asynchronously in the e-learning app.

Exams & Questionnaires

Learning is fun with online assignments and exams. You can create your own set of questions through e-learning mobile application.

Video Conferencing

Users can be communicated with video conferencing. Learning can be interactive with live group conferencing via our on-demand apps.


Training can be provided to your users through e-learning mobile apps. Lectures that are recorded, lessons, and live classroom sessions.


There is an inbuilt e-commerce platform that aids in selling or buying videos, lessons or books for learning. It is completely secure.

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There is an unwritten rule in the IT industry. If a client likes your work, he/she will come back to you. We at eSparkBiz are ready to make our first impression long-lasting in the minds of our customers. We aim to overachieve for clients.

The USP of our services is that we offer a NO-OBLIGATION FREE TRIAL for 7 days. If you’re still unsatisfied, we will fix those issues. The client only has to pay if he is happy with the output & wishes to continue.

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