On-Demand Handyman Service Mobile Application

The handyman hires a mobile service app not only fulfills the purpose of getting a handyman as soon as possible but also aims to provide revenue which is more than the expected for your business. With powerful functionalities and features, the on-demand mobile app is a complete package with unbeatable quality and perfection. We at eSparkBiz, A Top Mobile Application Development Companies in the World, focuses on delivering solutions that make a difference to others.

On-Demand Handyman App Benefits

  • A professional has knowledge about the tools and the materials used for a particular task. Thus hiring a professional will get the task done professionally and thus without spending an unnecessary penny.
  • If the task is completed by a professional then a lot of time is saved and moreover, the task will get completed in a more organized way
  • Accidents will get reduced if a professional is handling all the tasks. A professional has a clear idea of using the tools and pieces of equipment for an assigned task.
  • Handy to have a handyman as they are a person having more than 1 skill in them.
  • Hiring a handyman is cost-effective. Since a handyman himself is made up of 4-5 skills, you don’t need to hire separate contractors for separate work. Therefore the headache of handling multiple bills will get reduced.
  • The app houses all trained handyman and therefore they are reliable for all your odd types of requirements.

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Few More Features Of On-Demand Handyman App

We at eSparkBiz believe in nothing less than excellence & agility and that reflects in each of the On-Demand Solutions provided by us. Here's a list of few more features that you will get with the On-Demand Handyman Service Application.

The Profile Is Detailed

The details that the users & the handymen want to show is with this feature in our on-demand handyman service application.

Search With Advanced Options

You can filter your search by location, experience, fees, etc. with the help of our on-demand handyman service mobile app.

SEO Is Built-In

With built-in SEO, the on-demand handyman service mobile application can be easily searched with all the relevant keywords.

Installing With Cloud

The on-demand app is backed by clouds with the capacity to store crucial data. They are used as the app will run smoother.

Swift Booking

With real-time availability, hiring a handyman is easy & fast with the help of our on-demand handyman service mobile app.

Configuring Backend

With the on-demand handyman hire mobile application, you can configure the settings and also provide other details as well.

Billing Automatically

By creating digital invoices and bills, the on-demand hire handyman mobile apps have become a favorite of all the people.

Chat Instantly

The on-demand handyman hire mobile app has a chat feature that is in-built. Therefore all the users can easily communicate.


Through in-built GPSA, the user of the handyman app can search the location of each other and opt for the shortest route.

Notifications Via SMS/Emails

All the notifications are given via emails or SMS right from new inquiries to payments through the handyman service app.

Promos And Offers

Your on-demand handyman service mobile application can be easily well promoted with promotions, offers, discounts, etc.

On-Demand Handyman Service Application Panels

Work out for the countless features that will elevate your journey with our adroit team that enhances your business growth exponentially. So, App Developers in India from us that develop On-Demand Handyman Application.

User Panel

Handyman Panel

Admin Panel

User Panel

User Panel

  • Registration with Ease
  • Suggestions Are Automatic
  • Automatic Completion of Address
  • Listings of a Handyman Can Be Easily Obtained
  • The Stats of Handyman Can Be Easily Viewed
  • As Per the Reviews, the Taskers Are Selected
  • The Handyman Can Be Tracked
  • Bookings Can Be Scheduled
Handyman Panel

Handyman Panel

  • Feedback Is Obtained
  • Service Requests Can Be Accepted or Rejected
  • A Profile Can Be Edited or Updated
  • The User Details Can Be Easily Updated
  • The Status of the Task Can Be Easily Updated
  • The Service to the Users Is Provided
Admin Panel

Admin Panel

  • Analytics Is Integrated
  • The Reports Are Exported
  • History of Transacting the Data
  • The Entire Job History with Details
  • Managing the Earnings

Salient Features Of On-DemandHandyman Application

Want to get more clear before investing in on-demand Handyman Service app development? Here is a list of salient features that will give you a crystal clear picture of why a handyman app is needed in today’s day & age.

Profile Editing/Creation

With the help of an essential piece of information, the users and the handymen can create their profile in the application.

Live Tracking

Real-time tracking & bookings can be experienced through this feature. Detailed reports of the activities are also provided.

Online/Offline Switching

The availability of users can be toggled. The handymen’s availability can also be toggled through the handyman service app.

Identify The Callers

The handymen mobile app can easily identify the callers even before picking up the calls with the help of this feature.

Alerts Instantly

Whether it is booking or cancelation or scheduling, alerts are shot timely as an acknowledgment to the user & handyman.

Sharing Socially

Ease in login or signing up with social media accounts. The users can also share their mobile apps on social media as well.


The users can pay through e-wallets for your service. The e-wallet can be top-up with the help of the credit/debit card.

Credit/Debit Card Pay

Various payment options are given through the on-demand handymen mobile application with the help of different mediums.

New Bills Are Generated Easily

The bills generated are digital and thus can be sent to the handymen and your users easily through our handyman application.

Bookings Are Canceled

With on-demand handymen, mobile applications, users can cancel their bookings as well depending on their availability.

Loyalty Programs

By offering various loyalty programs, discounts, referrals, and so on, you can retain the customers with the utmost ease.

Handyman's Login

Either use social media account or phone number with OTP or email with a password, handyman’s login is highly flexible.

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