On-Demand Logistics Mobile Application

We have already set a benchmark in building powerful, top-class mobile applications for the Logistics Business that escalates an unimaginable return on investment. Being one of the top-branded Custom App Development Company in India & USA, we focus on making the app noticeable. Here's a lit of noticeable features that you will get.

Tracking the Trip

Trip Scheduling for the drivers. Maintaining all the Trip records. Identifying Active drivers. The concept of on-duty and off-duty comes into the picture. Currently working drivers.

Tracking the Behavior of the Driver

Trip Scheduling for the drivers. Maintaining all the Trip records. Identifying Active drivers. The concept of on-duty and off-duty come into play. Tracking currently working drivers.

Scoring the Driver

You can score the drivers based on their performance in your logistic supply business. Consider factors like consumption of time for each activity, the tasks that were accomplished.


With respect to the performance of the driver, he is ranked on the leaderboard by the logistics management software. Your drivers can be rewarded as per the analysis and results.

The Routes for the Drivers are Pre-Planned

The routes for the drivers are pre-planned. Drivers might opt for a route that has high fuel consumption and the time consumption also increases. Moreover, the routes are pre-defined.

Help Nearby

You can include all the information regarding the nearby petrol pump, gas stations, mechanics, etc. on the track the vehicles are routed. This will avoid any sort of delivery delay.


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On-Demand Logistic Application Panels

Work out for the countless features that will elevate your journey with our adroit team that enhances your business growth exponentially. So, hire a mobile app creator from us that develops On-Demand Logistic App.

User Panel

Agency Panel

Admin Panel

User Panel

User Panel

  • Registration Can Be Easily Done
  • Vehicles Are Selected
  • Booking Management
  • Scheduling the Booking
  • The Users Are Notified and Alerts Are Sent
  • Receipts for Payments and Billings Are Sent and Also the Bills Can Be Paid
  • The Performance of the Driver Is Rated
  • Shipments Can Be Tracked
  • The Fares Are Estimated
  • The Users Can Request a Quote
  • Support
Agency Panel

Agency Panel

  • The Logistics Agency Can Be Registered
  • Receiving and Managing the Requests
  • The Details of the Shipper Are Analyzed
  • Details of the Freight
  • Navigate Through GPS
  • Predefined Route
  • Approving Bills
  • Payments
  • Emergency Calls
  • Other Drivers Are Requested to Complete the Task
  • The Drivers’ Requests Are Accepted
Admin Panel

Admin Panel

  • Logging in Safely
  • Dashboard
  • The Drivers Are Monitored
  • Dispatcher Management
  • Trucks, Shippers and Tariffs Management
  • Push Notifications Are Triggered
  • Billing and Invoice
  • Features of Cms
  • Reports Regarding Trip Logs
  • Settings for Panels

On-Demand Logistics AppNoticeable Features

We have the experience to create a top-notch on-demand logistics mobile application for Android and iPhone platforms. Enjoy the benefits of a robust, secure, scalable & feature-rich on-demand cab booking app today!


You are reported about the trips taken, the start and end-point, the total distance that was covered, the goods delivered, etc.


Just input the basic info and the registration is completed in a few steps with on-demand logistics mobile application.

Support Offline

The activities on the road can be tracked and monitored. Controlling logistics & operations are other factors to consider.

GPS Integration

Optimized route determination and calculating the distance covered in a day and the driving history including harsh driving.

Track The Shipment

With the original orders that were placed a verification is carried out for all the deliverables uploaded by the driver.

Track The Vehicle And The Driver

The tracking software enables us to monitor cargo that has to be delivered & optimizes it. This is done for an uncompleted trip.

Optimization Of The Driver Route

Alternative routes are available on the google map with the current status of traffic on the pre-defined routes as well.

Dispatch Facilities

For deliveries that are on an urgent basis, the app for transport and goods normally will assign the task to the nearby driver.

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