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Yoga App Development

About Yoga

Yoga is a discipline to balance mind and body posture. Part of traditional Indian culture, today it is a widely practiced alternative to gymming globally.

We bring the profound world of Yoga to your screen through The Yoga App. Easily accessible app on your phone & computer, you can explore a large display of Yoga Asanas in form of videos, images, & audio.

Within our Yoga App, you witness the largest collection of yoga asana, yoga sequences, & yoga flows that you can learn & maintain a calm body, mind, and soul. And can easily enjoy its functions, view the trainer’s posts, create customized yoga sequences, or follow the recommended ones.

The app will become your go-to destination every time you need to become the master of your mind and body. By combining different postures, calm stretching, meditation, & breathing techniques you can relax your body.

As you become the client on the app, you can easily access a variety of yoga content from the trainers to inculcate them as part of your yoga routine.


The Challenge

Yoga is a subtle combination of art, science, and philosophy. It intends to bring harmony within the body relieving stress & pain. To bring such art on a digital platform that it becomes a part of our daily life is a challenge in itself.

Another major challenge was to make the app minimalistic without compromising the focus on Yoga. The purpose was the need to care for the health. And effectively leverage technology to do so in the simplest manner.

Yoga Application and web development


We made Yoga App an ultimate example of simplicity. Its simple & direct homepage was designed to instantly introduce the clients to their desired yoga sequences. And as a Trainer, you can reach out to a wide audience with your skillful Yoga display in form of videos & images.

Without any complicated app browsing, the Yoga App focuses on fitness as well as relaxation and mindfulness. Making it client-centric with simple navigation, you can customize your yoga flow to match your level with the YOGA app. For access membership, the popular payment gateway Stripes is integrated into the app.

Yoga website Interface

Customer App Wireframe

Yoga App Interface
Yoga App Client and Instructor Log in
Yoga App Log in
Yoga App Sign Up
Yoga App Verification for app
Yoga App membership plan
Yoga App Menu
Yoga App Interface
Yoga App News Feed
Yoga App Exercies
Yoga App Notification
Yoga App Account settings

Instructor App Wireframe

Web Wireframe

Yoga website Log in
Yoga Excersie web interface
Yoga positions on web page

Consumer App UI

Minimalism is more. With selective features, the Yoga app is extremely easy to use by all. Also, it has easy navigation with an engaging UI that makes the app immensely user-friendly.

Moreover, it allows the customers with direct access to the collection of yoga sequences, to compile their personalized sequences, set suitable interval timers, & follow their favorite trainers & their content.

Besides, there are features where the client and the trainer can interact with each other, react to the live streams, & even follow the trainer. The customers can even become a Fan, a client, or both of the trainers while using the prepared yoga flows by them.

Yoga Application
Yoga Application client and instructor page
Yoga Application Log in page
Yoga Application Sign up page
Yoga Application News updates
Yoga App Excersie feature
Yoga App Side bar Menu
Yoga App Notification Updates
Yoga App instructors review
Yoga App Main Interface
Yoga Application Account settings
Yoga App Instructor Update

Instructor App UI

While as a Trainer on the platform, you can post a wide range of your yoga flow content in an organized way. These all are accessible & followed by the customers to help them attain their goals.

They can create various yoga sequences, workflows, and intervals for their clients to follow. Also, it is equipped with time intervals and limited distraction of messages & notifications.

As a customer becomes your client, you get a view of their customer profile & information. So that you can know the types of your followers and their needs. Thus, produce more relevant content to gather more clients and followers.

Plus, you can even go live or take sessions for your clients. And have easy communication via chat.

Yoga UI Splash Screen
Yoga UI Welcome Screen
Yoga UI Login Screen
Yoga UI Sign Up Screen
Yoga UI Dashboard Screen
Yoga Flow Screen
Yoga UI Mneu Screen
Yoga UI Notification Screen
Yoga UI Login Dektop Screen
Yoga UI Dashboard Dektop Screen
Yoga UI Astanga Yoga  Dektop Screen
Yoga UI Splash Screen
Yoga UI Splash Screen
Yoga UI Splash Screen

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