Collaborative Office On-Demand Mobile Application

The on-demand collaborative office mobile app is not only powerful but also has rich features thus having a competitive edge over the other share office app in the market. This on-demand app will escalate the revenue more than your expectations in the right way. We, a top-rated Mobile App Development Company keep complete focus on quality and UI/UX thus making it a complete package for outshining other collaborative office apps available in the market.

On-Demand Shared Office App Features

  • It offers flexibility with cutting costs, flexibility in space, and flexible in selecting plans.
  • Interested to build a startup but feeling lonely and directionless? The best part of the collaborative office is it accords you with networking that helps you in getting connected with cohorts thus will help your startup grow.
  • With a share office app, you will have access to numerous key players who can aid in growing your business to newer heights.
  • Business giants keep on looking for innovative ideas with relevance to their business so that they could partner them and succeed and share the office app is such a platform.
  • The office share app provides a lot of opportunities like hands-on programming, webinars, Group Discussions, and more helping to tackle the problems faced by the employees and the startups in general.

On-Demand Shared Office App Noticeable Features

Shared offices are the future of commercial residence, but it's still not a matured industry. With immense potential in the future, we encourage you to build shared office apps to provide your users with an application that lets them find an economical workplace in their desired location.

Tracking Time

The arrival and the departure time of the user are tracked for easy calculation of the rent through our shared office app.

Rate Card

The collaborative office app helps users to compare the prices for hiring an office on a daily/weekly/yearly/monthly basis.

Suggesting The Nearby Locations

The application aids in searching for an office to nearby location as well if there is unavailability to a preferred location.

Compare The Prices

The facilities and the prices can be compared with a single tap through our on-demand shared office mobile application.


With filters like facilities, images, distance, rate cards, and much more, the user can easily come up with advanced filters.


Matching the requirements as per their needs or people having similar thoughts had booked or are looking to book for a day.

On-Demand Collaborative Office Application Panels

Work out for the countless features that will elevate your journey with our adroit team that enhances your business growth exponentially. So, Finding App Developers from us for the On-Demand Shared Office App.

User Panel

Admin Panel

User Panel

User Panel

  • Sign in with the Registered Credentials/sign Up If a New User
  • Verifying the Account
  • Location-Based Browsing
  • with the Parameters, You Can Filter the Offices
  • Property Type Is Selected
  • Entire List of Office Places Is Received
  • Entire Map View of Property
  • Entire Details of the Property
  • Amenities with the Property
  • Monitor the Amenities Irrespective of Paid/unpaid
  • Places Which Are Similar Get Recommendations for Them
Admin Panel

Admin Panel

  • Login
  • Add New Property
  • Enter complete property details
  • Earning Manager
  • Property Manager
  • Select Property Category
  • Report Generation

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Few More Features Of On-Demand Shared Office App

We at eSparkBiz believe in nothing less than excellence & agility and that reflects in each of the On-Demand Solutions provided by us. Here's a list of few more features that you will get with the On-Demand Collaborative Office App.

Credit System

Allow your users to buy the credit points. Let them spend on in-app activities like premium memberships, facilities, & so on.

Programs Regarding Customer Loyalty

Your on-demand shared office mobile application customers can be retained by offering various types of discounts & offers.

Upload The Documents

For save and secure use, your office owners can upload the required documents as well as manage them with the utmost ease.

Turnkey Solutions

Sell your on-demand shared/collaborative office mobile application to various businesses and thus you can be an aggregator.

A Receipt That Is Electronic

Wanna keep track of spending and earnings? Digital receipts will do all the work in our on-demand shared office application.

Scheduling During Emergency

Due to other reasons or any sort of unavailability case, the on-demand shared/collaborative office can be booked in advance.


Top up your e-wallet in the on-demand share/collaborative office application with credit/debit card & pay for the services.


The app can be shared and also the users can provide their feedback which will surely help you all to improve the service.


The inbuilt Google map allows the users to find the location of the application with the shortest route and easiest path.

Heat Map View

With the heat map view feature, the popular areas/offices will be shown therefore making it easier for taking decisions.

Integrating The Wearables

The on-demand shared office application can be easily integrated with the wearables and get access on-the-go on your wrist.

Multiple Languages

With the support of multiple languages, the user of the app with a single tap can communicate with a comfortable language.

Multiple Cities & Locations

This shared/collaborative office application not only shows local offices but also shows offices available in other towns.

Request With One-Tap

With a single tap in a shared office app, rebook your previously booked office, therefore, saving your time as well as money.

Setting Up The Operational Zone

You can set an operational area to show the users/clients your area of operation through the on-demand shared office app.

Calculating The Costs

Compare the prices from various business owners for their offices before selecting which will help you all in the long run.

Managing The Reservations

The reservation management is a feature which enables a future booking without worrying about the unavailability of the office.


The on-demand shared/collaborative office mobile application allows the user to rent an office for a future date as well.

Split Payment

The users of the app can pay the bills either individually or in a split method. The app supports a split payment methodology.

Escalated Pricing

During peak hours you can offer surge pricing for the services. The admin panel manages this entirely in a shared office app.

Salient Features Of On-Demand Collaborative Office Application

Want to get more clear before investing in on-demand shared office app development? Here is a list of salient features that will give you a crystal clear picture of why a collaborative office app is needed in today’s day & age.

Searching The Map

The app comes with an in-built Google Map that enables the user to reach to the office space with the easiest & shortest path.

Login Through Social Media

The login in a shared office app can be through social media account or email/password, phone numbers, one-time password, etc.


With in-app advertisements relevant to your business, revenue can be generated through our on-demand shared office app.

Availability Of Locations

The app allows gift card earnings and sending of the gift cards. The purchase of a gift card is through spending gift points.

Support Through In-App

To search for an office and its availability, various colors can be used to distinguish the ones which are already occupied.

Details With The Office

To give your users a clear idea about office space, entire details with photos should be uploaded so it gets easier for users

Communicating In-App

Through in-app communication, the users can communicate with the owners of the office, admin via messaging or voice calls.

View With Photo And Upload

The uploaded photos can be edited with advanced features through the photo manager in our on-demand shared office app.

Search With Advance Keywords

Using advanced keywords like facilities, location, rates, etc., a shared office can be searched with the utmost ease.

Alerts And Reminders

The users of the app may be the owners, admin or all the customers are notified with timely alerts as well as reminders.

Payments With Audio

The recent technology that has been trending for online payments in Audio QR Scanning is used for the payment transfer.

Protection From Spam Automatically

This feature of spam protection is present in the on-demand share office map. It automatically filters out all the spam profiles.

Managing The Commissions Via A Manager

Your earnings are monitored by the commission manager. The reports are presented in a detailed as well as descriptive way.

Billing In Bulk

To increase your customer base, a desk application for the on-demand share office application offers various discounts.


The on-demand share office mobile app is backed by cloud thus making it secure, fast & easy. The data is stored in clouds.

Tracking The Behavior

The actions of the shared office application users are monitored to give a customized experience for a visit in the future.

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