On-Demand Cab BookingMobile Application

We bear the capacity to build a top-class, robust on-demand instant messenger mobile app that gives a competitive edge over the others. eSparkBiz has a lot to offer in this mobile application fulfilling all your needs for an instant on-demand messenger app. We’re one of the top-rated Mobile App Development Company in India that offers instant messaging app services.

Notable Features

  • The taxi location is tracked. The location is synched with the server
  • Accurate measurement of distance traveled by the taxis
  • Push Notifications are managed by the server
  • An accurate digital meter will be displayed to the taxi driver
  • Google Map is used by the dispatchers track the taxi’s position
  • GPS is used by the passenger to locate the driver position
  • The route is calculated automatically with Google Maps and GPS.
  • Directions are piloted by voice whether pickup or destination

Taxi Booking Application Challenges & Opportunities

Take a look at some challenges & opportunities of owning an On-Demand Cab Booking App development that will pilot your thoughts for opting for the app. Hire Dedicated Developers from us who help you to craft these amazing features.


The biggest concern for the service providers is ensuring safety. With the increase in cases of harassment and issues related to privacy, the concern for safety is day by day increasing than ever before.


The initiator was Uber. But today, there are dozens of Taxi Aggregator Apps are flooding the market resulting in this cut-throat competition. So, you need to be ready for that aspect well-in-advance.


The matter of concern is the dedicated support service that has to be provided to the customers 24X7 especially during late-night hours. For that purpose, you need to be careful while developing apps.

Masking Numbers Seamlessly

This provides privacy to the customer's data. The service providers and customers can communicate with each other by masking the numbers. Our on-demand taxi booking mobile app inherits this feature.


Apps like Ola are more successful than Uber in their respective countries. This is the biggest advantage of being localized. Being circumscribed is the need of the art and our app focuses on that aspect.

Options for payments

The biggest matter of concern for the customers is paying the exact cash. The apps can include payment wallets which are added advantages. We keep multiple options for payment in the taxi booking app.


On Demand Cab BookingApplication Panels

Work out for the countless features that will elevate your journey with our adroit team that enhances your business growth exponentially. So, hire our experienced professionals for On-Demand Tatxing Booking App Development.

Passenger Panel

Driver Panel

Admin Panel

Passenger Panel

Passenger Panel

  • Vehicles Are Booked for Airport Arrivals and Departure
  • Wallet Management
  • Ride Scheduling for Future
  • You Can Book Rides for Someone Else
  • You Can Book Your Rides on an Hourly Basis
  • You Can Check Their Rides Completed Previously or Check Any Upcoming Rides
  • The Upcoming Rides Can Be Amended
  • The Rides Are Accorded with Attractive Membership Plans
  • No Registration Is Required to Book the Rides
  • Using the Promotions, Free Extra Rides Can Be Enjoyed
  • Demography Is Multiple
  • Verifying the Flights
  • Select the Pick-Up Airport
  • The Driver Location Can Be Tracked
Driver Panel

Driver Panel

  • The Driver Has to Complete the Task Assigned by the Admin
  • They Can Transfer Their Requests to Other Available Drivers
  • The Request Is Accepted for Nominated Drivers
  • The Drivers Can View the Route Map for the Job Assigned or Accepted
  • The User Interface Is Driver-Friendly
  • The Notifications for the Rides Are Received in Advance
  • The Drivers Can Communicate with Their Customers Through Live-Chats
  • Availability of Broadcast Paging
Admin Panel

Admin Panel

  • The Master Set of Services, Country, City, Vehicles, and So On, All Are Managed
  • The Admin Is Capable of Creating Their Drivers, Customer & Staff
  • The Reservations Can Be Created, Amended, and Canceled
  • The Job Assigning Management
  • Managing Cancellations
  • Creation of Business Partners
  • Role Assignment
  • Planning a Blueprint for the Business Partners
  • Chat to Drives Are Directed
  • Different Prices for Different Customers
  • Driver’s Account Management for Various Transactions
  • The Transaction for Drivers and Customers Are Added
  • Transaction Report Management
  • Managing Job Reports
  • Managing Payment History
  • App Booking Consumption Is Managed
Case Studies

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Every project is different, and every client has different needs. We start from what the client wants to achieve, and deliver precisely the set of services that will get them there.

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Few More Features OfOn-Demand Taxi Booking App

We at eSparkBiz believe in nothing less than excellence & agility and that reflects in each of the On-Demand Solutions provided by us. Here's a list of few more features that you will get with the On-Demand Cab Booking App.

Taxi button with a single click

With a single click, your passengers are allowed to book taxi irrespective of their location in the city through our app.

The interface is uncomplicated

We build apps that are easy for all users. With large fonts, buttons, multi-linguality features, the app has a smart interface.

The map is used to set the pickup

Whether you enable the GPS, your exact location is recognized through the application. The pickup location is set on the map.

Service Personalization

The more the details about you, your business, and the drivers the more the service are personalized to your customers.

On Arrival, follow the driver

By tracking the exact location of the driver, you can see a driver coming in real-time. There is a facility of in-app calling.

Options for Multiple Payment

Passengers have various payment options like cash, e-wallet, credit/debit cards. This makes payment easier than ever before.

Setting up the Pickup Location

Your pickup location can be set at a nearby public place for example airport, bar, store, etc. The app has a large database.

Safety and Trust

Advanced safety measures are incorporated into the app. There are quick-contact options that are being provided to customers.

Technology at a Glance

eSparkBiz has always used the best technological stack for building applications that are powerful as well as unbeatable.

Salient Features Of On-Demand Cab Booking App

Want to get more clear before investing in on-demand Taxi Booking application development? Here is a list of salient features that will give you a crystal clear picture of why a Cab Booking application is required in daily routine.

Next-Gen Dispatch Software

There is always a requirement of the right tools for running a business. We bear the capacity to build next-gen software.

Automation Tools

You can automate everything right from orders to customers with a centralized portal & on-demand taxi booking mobile app.

Rating And Reviews

Keeping in mind the satisfaction rate of your customers, ratings & reviews are important for providing a better service.

Pricing List

The fares can be configured and shared with the customers in spite of the calculation of the trip cost is off in the app.

Drivers With Multiple Channels

The fleet in drivers can be classified in different channels. This becomes easy for the customers as well as the drivers.

Configure Multiple Rates

With respect to the vehicles and destination, rates are configured. Fares & rate management is carried out from backend.

On-Demand Taxi BookingApp Noticeable Features

We have the experience to create a top-notch on-demand taxi booking mobile application for Android and iPhone platforms. Enjoy the benefits of a robust, secure, scalable & feature-rich on-demand cab booking app today!

Intelligent Queue Algorithm

Dispatch Panel with the order Management

Dispatch Automation With The Driver’s App

The Drivers’ Billing & Payouts Are Automated

Zones Related To Fixed Rate

Global Positioning System

Cloud Operations

Designing Database

Real-time Analytics

With our on-demand cab booking mobile application, there is an implementation of an intelligent queuing algorithm to provide world-class services to customers.

features :

  • Customer Loyalty Increases with Minimized Time for Waiting
  • With the Distribution of the Job Fairly, the Driver’s Engagement Is Increased
  • The Idleness of the Driver Is Eliminated
queue algo

In order to manage your fleet and drivers, your dispatch panel has to be built beautifully. Your dispatch panel can be groomed with all the world-class features.

  • Go for a Simple Yet Beautiful Design Which Is Functional
  • The Orders Are Listed and Sorted by Relevance
  • The Operators Provide with Services Efficiently
  • Integrating the Phone Line and Navigating the Keyboard
  • Tracking Location with Geo-Coding Is Used Worldwide
order management

With easy management, important data can be easily navigated by the driver with great perfection through our on-demand cab booking mobile application services.

  • The Order Instructions Are Clear on Drivers’ App
  • With the Important and Relevant Data on the Screen, Your Drivers Get a Clear Idea About the Orders
  • Whether to Accept or Reject, the Decision Making Capability Improves
  • Pickup and Drop-Off Navigation
  • The Exact Location of the Passenger Can Be Viewed on the Map
  • The Shortest and the Best Route Is Estimated to Reach the Passenger
dispatch automation with driver's app

We believe in automating processes that can reduce the workload. For payment acceptance from the drivers, automation is the best possible way, without a doubt.!

  • You Can Charge Your Drivers Per Month, Per Week, Per Day or Per Order Basis
  • Out of the Total Earning, a Fixed Amount Is Charged
  • Various Payment Subscriptions Are Combined
  • The Driver Is Charged with a Billing Period That Is Already Set. This Is Calculated Automatically
  • Top-Up Through Credit Card or Cash by the Driver
  • Money Transfer to the Drivers on a Daily or Weekly Basis

You can provide your passengers with a fixed-rate zone. The charges are fixed for popular locations and routes. We have set that in our taxi booking application.

features :

  • The Rates Can Be Fixed Either Between Two Places or for the Trips to the Airport
  • Priority Is Set for Overlapping Zones
  • Rides Can Be Promoted with Fixed-Rate Cards on Specific Days
  • More Customers Are Attracted Through Fixed Rates on Sharing Rides
zone realted to fixed rate

GPS is something that every taxi booking app will have. But what makes it different is utilizing its power to the fullest.

eSparkBiz has mastered the art of utilizing GPS technology to its best for the users of the app. The location of your cabs is accurate. The drivers can track the exact location of the customers. In real-time, you can see that your cab is coming on the map.


With the cloud, your app gets numerous requests per second. We enable this and also play the role in managing the technical operations. This is a crucial factor as you will be able to focus on business growth.

The operational costs are reduced with an increase in productivity and profitability as the cloud is highly economical.

Another advantage to using Cloud Technology is irrelevant to the business location s it manages from any corner.


Your database will be backed by Apache Cassandra as it is the most powerful and cost-effective solution. This helps your business to advance one-level up security and access.

As per your business essentials we use MongoDB and HBase as well.

The important features to be noted :

  • Top-class performance
  • Scalability is Elastic
  • Linear-scale performance is fast
  • Always-On Architecture
designing databse

DB infrastructure, data structures, and algorithms add power to your analytics panel which is fully customized.

You are controlled with your data which is operational and aids you in reaching time-sensitive events for building projections.

The advantage of having Analytics Panel :

  • Real-Time Revenue Reports
  • Revenue Projections
  • Business Is Driven by Numbers and Many More
real time analysis

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