Explore numerous DJ profiles in detail and then book the best fit for your event. With diverse event categories and services, you can now easily avail of happening DJ services to make your event a big hit. So sway your guests with an easy find hyped tunes.



IPDJ Mix is a DJ booking site and mobile application for Android and iOS as well. Here you can find the best region-wise DJs, with samples, prices, and reviews - all at the click of a button. With detailed DJ lists, comprehensive profiles, Media Gallery, Mixes, Reviews & topping leaderboards, you can even watch the DJ streaming live from anywhere.

You may have a wedding, party, corporate celebration, or live event. With IPDJ Mix, you will always find a DJ making your even alive that suits your purpose. Moreover, it also helps you solve your event planning woes through its unique service features that come along with the DJ. So you won’t need to spend hours planning events anymore.




Today, Music and entertainment have become an integral part of any happy occasion. With time, it has advanced and changed into a more professional industry rising in popularity. And the digital advent has made this 7 billion dollar industry go online with their music & related services. To make it more accessible with the club, electronic, trance, house music, & more, we intend to score your events with the right kind of memorable background sound.

  • Check out all the DJs in various Categories and Services without hassle.
  • IPDJ Mix simplifies every aspect of booking a DJ compared to the traditional booking process.
  • Unlike other platforms, we are not just a listing platform. But we have two-way interactive features, like Fan Only Section, Voting Arena, Live Video Streaming, and more to make interacting with the DJ a distinct experience.
Key Features



IPDJ Mix is an interactive DJ artists booking platform. It is a one-stop destination to provide comprehensive event solutions with services regarding music, DJ artists, lights, and creative fun ideas. To explore all these, we have incorporated a diverse array of innovative and creative features. It all combines to make the hiring DJ an experience easy & enjoyable, that cannot be missed. Some of the distinct features are:
  1. Book DJs for all types of events.
  2. Find the DJs that are nearby.
  3. Book Numerous Services with a single click.
  4. Easy navigation throughout the site with categorized sections.
  5. Browse through the artist portfolios & samples to choose your best-fit DJ.
  6. Watch your favorite DJ on Live-stream.
  7. Add DJs to your favorite list.
  8. Access the Fan Only section.
  9. Vote your favorite DJ through the Voting Arena.
  10. Comprehensive Leaderboard to rank your favorite DJ.
  11. Chat with DJs.
  12. Give reviews to DJs for Mixes and Events.
  13. DJs get to display their performance enabling an easy reach to their potential customers and audience.
Our solution



IPDJ mix is a two-way platform that connects dots and gets you to access to top unsigned DJ talents. Specifically, it is not just a listing website. But it offers lots more to the music fanatics who can explore various aspects of music to book a DJ for their event. Going beyond just browsing and hiring a DJ, the user gets to immerse in various activities on-site, making them an equally important contributor. Simplifying the hectic and confusing aspects of a DJ booking, this site becomes the binding link. And will lead you to the perfect DJ for seamless fun!


Technology stack











customer module


customer side

Visitors can effortlessly browse through DJ lists by categories and services. And book the DJ and services by interacting with them & finalize the deal. We make the customer's decision-making simpler by showing what matters to fulfill the needs for your special event.

Apart from this, you can watch your favorite DJ live. And there’s a Voting Arena where consumers can vote for their best-liked DJs, chat with them, and even help them top the leaderboard by voting for them. Besides, you can do so much more to feel part of the rising community.

  • Browse through the DJs list, explore, compare the price list, and Book DJ by Event Categories and Services.
  • Watch Live streaming of your favorite DJ.
  • Voting Arena where you can view all the top DJ Leaderboard and Vote for your favorite DJ.
  • Payment is made simple with integrated Stripe Payment Gateway.
DJ module


DJ side

DJs can list the categories and services they wish to provide and create a comprehensive profile for themselves. So the users can painlessly browse your profile, sample music pieces & book you for an event.

Get an exclusive page for your creative profile where you can upload your mixes, performances, and photos to showcase your talent. Also, DJs can participate in the Voting Arena where they have a chance to shine with even a live performance for their fans. Let your talent be revealed.

  • Get Leads, match the best Gigs and boost your career.
  • Create a profile on IPDJ Mix. And it will become your point of contact & easy access point for your gigs.
  • Fans-only section and Voting Arena to manage and expand your fandom.
  • Negotiate and decide your charges as per the seasons only after interacting with your potential customers.

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