Pros and Cons of Node.js

Pros & Cons of Node.js for Web App Development

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Javascript is a core programming language that helps users build interactive web pages. Also, it is known as an integral element of web apps. Node.js is one of the popular JS. In this blog, we will explore the Pros of Node.js & Cons Of Node.js. The JS is commonly known for its curly-bracket syntax, first-class function, prototype-based object orientation, and dynamic typing.

On the other hand, Node, a server-side environment that is not a framework bolster Javascript. You can use Node.js Web App Development for creating applications and web-apps. Also, it can be used for developing cognitive apps that require IoT, AI, or ML.

Node.js can unlock multiple new possibilities with its single-threaded nature. The major idea behind building node.js was to construct non-blocking, event-driven servers. This makes the app lightweight and effective.

Many big names like Paypal, Amazon, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and many others are using Node.js. Also as per the statistics, it has built 28000 websites in the USA. Along with that, eBay uses Node.js as its core backend language.

Word of Mouth” Review from user- Node.js is Fast, easy, powerful, awesome, flexible and even fun.

Feature of Node.js


Event looping and single-threaded model are two components that node.js uses for scalability. The traditional approach i.e., Apache server isn’t able to process ample requests as compared to the node.js. While on the other hand, node.js, a modern approach processes multiple requests in a non-blocking way that stands it apart from others. It has become the developer’s preferred server-side environment.


A server-side environment is very quick in writing and executing code. This is one of the major Pros of Node.js for the programmer who wants to execute the project faster.


APIs of Node.js is asynchronous. That means it doesn’t become an obstruction or hurdle. Event looping has a notification feature that notifies the user about the API call. This is mandatory because node.js server never waits for the API call, it moves onto the next API.


There is no room for buffering. The apps built using Node.js don’t load or buffer. It produces output in large amounts and that too without loading or buffering.

So, these were the significant features. Now, let’s dive deep into the pros and cons.

Pros of Node.js

Advantages of Node.js

Tech Compiler

Node.js Web App Development became a cherry on the cake in the case of Javascript app development. JS is a potent and all-round solution as it can do testing, building, and maintenance. Well, with the help of node.js, Javascript became much more powerful.

It can develop both the client and server-side applications. The full-stack and a one-stop solution for software development turn out to be a budget-friendly method. With the help of node.js, you can develop an entire application with a single programming language. Hence, it turns out to be an affordable option.

Ubiquitous Community

Node.js has a large & active community that is continuously brainstorming and finding effective solutions for the problem related to node.js development. It has an international community that shares ideas provides suggestions, and is keen in learning new things.

Also, if you want to find and join the community or would want suggestions regarding app development, then, you can follow them on Reddit and StackOverflow. It has a very bright future, and that’s the reason the Java & Javascript programmers are learning this technology, and soon, we can expect the community to grow bigger.

Handles Multiple Requests

Node.js is a single-threaded language that can process numerous requests at a single time. The future Trends Of Node.js Development suggest that there will be a major focus on real-time apps. That’s where this concept is vital.

It is powerful in handling requests simultaneously. There are minimal threads, and that’s why it is lightweight and executes the flow in a very swift way.

There is the proper execution of each request and are lined up one by one. If the flow is in another language, then also there is no major difference.


Node.js has its package manager, i.e., npm (node package manager). It has numerous coded functionalities that enable coding quick and accessible. With the help of more than 800K libraries, it is one of the rich ecosystems in the app development industry.

Also, almost all the apps have npm, which ensures the popularity of the developer’s favorite framework. Along with this rich ecosystem, it is also open-source, which means you can save on the overall cost of app development.


Node.js Web Application does not convert the binary model and uses JS for communication. Also, you can leverage them to transfer the data between client and server-side. JSON supports an in-built API that builds DNS, HTTP, and TCP servers.

Cons of Node.js

Disadvantages of Node.js

Library Support

Javascript has a weak library system that doesn’t ensure the programmers utilize it. And that is the reason they tend to depend on external libraries for executing tasks such as image processing, ORM (Object-Relation Manager), handling database operation, XML parsing, and many more things.

Programming Model

The programming model should be asynchronous because that helps in the scalability of the applications.

If you have come across linear I/O programming, then you might feel that this programming model is difficult and hard to understand.

Also, if you compare Node.js vs Golang which is the new framework on the horizon, you will find this drawback.

Unstable API

One of the pitfalls of Node.js is API instability. It doesn’t remain stable and changes frequently. The API constantly changes and when there is a new API, it is required to check the compatibility. The developers are bound to change the codebases to make it compatible with Node.js API.


Along with the stable and mature tools, there is a repository that contains many unstable tools that are either not properly tested or contain bugs. You cannot rely on the repository because there is no proper maintenance of it.

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Heavy load on Processing system

The non-blocking can sometimes become a hurdle in performance. A heavy load can become a hindrance to incoming requests.

Whenever there is a task-based on processing unit performance, it becomes challenging, and that’s why the full-stack development environment, i.e., Node.js, sets all the CPUs to process a particular request first which results in slowing down the performance.

This was a major drawback, but when there was a release of the new version of node.js with a multi-threading feature, it was a masterstroke. So, you should follow this new Practice For Node.js App Development

This unloads the burden from processing units. It came up with a separate thread for a separate core. And that result of that experiment was positive.


Node.js is one of its kind as it is a one-stop solution for the overall development of applications. It takes responsibility for both the front-end and back-end development. Talking about the Pros of Node.js and Cons of Node.js, there are only limited cons as compared to pros.

If this article finds you well and would want an application, then you can always contact one of the prominent node js development companies that will help you in implementing your project.

You can leverage the node.js’s distinctive features and advantages from the popular Web App Development Company. As said earlier, it is a quick, reliable, and potent environment that developers prefer while building Web-app or applications. You can Hire NodeJS Developers who will understand your requirements and prepare accordingly.

FAQ for Node.js Web App Development

Node.js is an open-source environment that ensures quick development of complex web applications as well as desktop applications. Also, it supports cognitive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Machine Learning, and many more.

The reason behind its popularity is its single-threaded nature. It is a solution stack that compiles the technologies that are required for the development of both the front-end and back-end of the applications.

Moreover, it is also known for its quick development of the project, which is executed with the help of the V8 engine in JS.

If you are planning to build an app that either focuses on futuristic technology or on-time applications, then, node.js should be your preferred development environment.

Below is the list of apps that can be built using Node.js:

  • Futuristic Apps
  • Chatting Apps
  • Single-Page Apps (SPAs)
  • Live Streaming Apps

The full form of npm is the Node Package Manager that compiles of the command-line client that helps programmers to build web app development. The major use of npm is to discover, publish, install, and create a node program.

Node.js has a wide community that put their heads together to find an effective solution for app development. They are active and continually deliver effective solutions. Also, they learn, share, and grow all together.


Pros and Cons of Node.js

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