Exploring The Top 10 Python Development Trends For 2020

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Python is a senior, versatile, and multipurpose programming language used for building mobile apps, web apps, and data science. It is worth pondering upon because of its multiparadigm, easy to learn, and free to use.

Python development trends have always been in the limelight and accepted by the users and community.

Unlike others, these trends have managed to grab attention. Many big sharks like Netflix, Uber, Facebook, Instagram utilize Python to build their apps distinctive.

It proves the consistency of Python as a programming language. The benefits and pitfalls are necessary as it allows you to know what should be leveraged and what should be averted. Talking about the trends, then Python has always been a debatable topic.

The constant increase and evolution have notified that the programming language is never going to face downfall. Since 1991, Python has been evolved and brought in various trends that have a perception towards it.

1. Automation Flexibility & Data Analytics

Python has a simpler learning curve which makes it preferred programming language for the developers who wish to easily build software projects. Also, its quick development is cherry on the cake.

Data Analytics is a development trend that has shown a significant steep increase in the market. Sectors across the globe have adopted data analytics as their core task. Python becomes a blessing for app professionals.

There are many libraries that aid in bolstering data analytics and making it possible for the development using Python. Libraries like NumPy, Pandas, SciPy have been proven to execute data analytics.

Moreover, automation flexibility is another big reason why Python is witnessing development trends. It streamlines the repetitive tasks which allow the app professionals to focus on other vital tasks.

2. Cloud Computing

Data safety and data security are of the utmost importance. And Python is proven to be an excellent programming language for executing Cloud computing projects.

Cloud computing is a transfer or delivery of services through the Internet. It allows you to store your data online on a remote database. The Internet plays a crucial role in making cloud computing effective and executable. Without the Internet, you won’t be able to access the data and software to run.

Google is a big fish that uses Python for cloud computing. This makes it important and significant. There are many packages and frameworks such as Django, Pika, Serverless framework.

Also, if you can get familiar with AWS Lambda, Cloud functions, Azure functions, then it would be good as these are some of the Google, Amazon, and Microsoft services that will help you in deploying the code.

3. Easy Integration With Other Programming Languages

Python makes it possible to integrate other programming languages into it. The developers enjoy flexibility and compatibility, which makes it unique and preferential.

App professionals are free to build web development projects. They will not face any challenges as the large chunks of code will be written in Python as well as other programming languages.

Python can easily integrate to execute the tasks which are incomplete without it. The novice can reap the benefits of partial integration by learning and working on it.

4. Multipurpose Programming Language

Python is a one-stop solution for many functionalities. Technology is evolving and coding is advancing day-by-day. Computer science is also opting for Python because of its rich features like multipurpose paradigm.

The versatility makes it a multi purpose programming language and another Python developing trend. Python is potential in executing numerous tasks such as:

  • Data Science & Analytics
  • Mobile & Web App Development
  • Front-end & Backend Development
  • AI & Machine Learning

5. Open-Source: Worth A Try

Python is worth giving a try, especially by novice developers who wish to build projects using the programming language. There is constant cross-platform and compatibility support which outshines it from others.

6. Adaption

Technology is evolving, which is a universal truth, and it depends on you to stay intact with the new updates and modifications. Many Python development trends can help you figure out the possibilities of development.

Python is undoubtedly going to hold its position in being the developer’s preferred programming language. It has fewer coding lines, which are easy to understand and simpler to acknowledge.

More and more big fishes are attracting towards the use of Python regardless of its size. For instance, Facebook is a giant social media company that has a dedicated team working towards the empowerment of the same.

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7. Continuous Framework Upgrades

The continuous upgradation of frameworks has delivered an impeccable performance. It will bring a better upgrade, plug-ins, and libraries, which will enhance the project development. The trio – Django, TurboGears, Pyramid are the three pillars of the Python development trends.

Django: it contributes in reducing the overall development time, increase in productivity, and helps developers in meeting the deadlines. Also, it is open-source, just like its programming language, Python.

It eases the project development and implementation process, which makes the task of app professionals hassle-free. Moreover, third-party libraries are acknowledged by the well-known enterprises like Spotify and Youtube.

TurboGears: It comes with ample stability and capability, which itself is a Python development trend. The inception of this framework is to deliver smooth and fast development of web applications.

It is built as per MVC pattern and depends on Ruby on Rails by reducing the coding lines. Also, there is an expectation of micro-framework coming up that will boost development speed that results in time and effort saving.

Pyramid: The framework can be considered an ideal option for building web applications. It has simple coding lines which are easy to write and simple to understand. The novice developers may find it difficult, but once they have hands-on experience, it would be easier for them too.

8. Wide Community

Python is the senior-most programming language that ensures a huge community base as it delivers constant support to whomsoever required. The developers and community also take care of the security of vital information.

Moreover, it provides support to the developer across the globe, regardless of the base of the segments. The community is thriving, which ensures an immediate and quick response with effective results.

9. Positive Trend in Python Developers

There are ample benefits in opting for Python as it does not build Mobile and Web apps but also finely crafts software, games, and many more things. There are many more things in the bucket; it is adaptable because of its in-depth documentation and simple and easily understandable coding.

10. Academic World

Python can be learned easily and is also simple to understand. Universities and colleges across the globe have been including Python in their syllabus, which gives the programming language a boost in evolving it.

The programming language is quite updated and synced, which makes it cool and preferable. It doesn’t require any external support to master the programming language.


Python is free to use and easy to understand, which makes it preferred for the programmer across the globe. The other programming languages like C, C++, or JAVA are a bit difficult as compared to Python. The complex project is easily executable with the help of Python.

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