React Native For Hybrid App Development

10 Reasons To Choose React Native For Hybrid App Development

By Harikrishna Kundariya React Native April 6, 2020 6 min read 652 Views

Hybrid applications is nothing  but a web app that is covered in a native app shell which performs on both the platforms. There are numerous benefits that make the Hybrid app stand apart from others.

The advantages are as follows:

  • Native Feel
  • Single Codebase
  • Performance
  • Development Cost
  • Library Support

React Native uses Javascript for the introduction of web development into a mobile application platform. It can successfully develop the user interface and attractive front-end of the applications. React Native For Hybrid App Development turns out to be a blessing for the developers.

Many large organizations have started trusting and relying on React Native for building their applications like Airbnb, Instagram, Bloomberg, UberEATS and many more. These are either React Native or Hybrid apps.

Now, the question comes: what makes React Native unique for building hybrid applications? Well, the answer to the question is as follows:

React Native is a quite mature and senior framework that is built and backed by Facebook. Anyone with basic native app development knowledge can learn React Native. Still confused? You can go through the concepts of React to understand it clearly.

1. Compatible, less memory usage, and a better experience

React Native for Hybrid apps are compatible with third-party plugins. It means there is no need to depend on a Webview to enable particular functions. If you want to add Google Maps to your application, then React Native uses the third-party plugins.

This will enable the maps with the device’s features such as zooming, rotating, and using the compass without using much memory. Also, it ensures smooth and rapid performance even if it is running on an older operating system that supports the application.

2. Proficient & Competent

React Native enhances web apps by delivering native results to all the hybrid application users. It has an extensive ReactJS library that has different functionalities for different web applications.

React Native for hybrid application is very well-known for enhancing performance, DOM abstraction, and simple programming methods.

3. Precise & Spot on user interfaces

React Native focuses on building attractive user interfaces. Unlike Angular and React, it actively turns out to be the JS library rather than the actual framework. Also, it has responsive and asynchronous JS connections with the native environment.

It takes more time to load, which eventually delivers sluggish performance as compared to hybrid applications. The hybrid applications can work on both the platforms and offer rapid performance to the users.

4. React Native is continuously maturing

Yes, you read it right! React Native is maturing and slowly contributing to web application development. You don’t need to excel in creating enticing UI elements, integrating APIs, or any designing patterns.

You need to gain knowledge of how to build a hybrid application, and that’s it. Also, you can leverage CSS styling, inline styling, debugging, and bolster deploying that are compiled in React Native’s library.

Apart from this, there is a lot more to come in React Native advancement. Facebook has also announced the upcoming plans on investments in order to add more features in it.

5. Portable

React Native for hybrid applications is highly portable as it can port or migrate the code to another platform without any hassle. This will aid the app professionals in migrating the app’s logic, excluding view elements.

Initially, it was built for iOS platforms, but then it has opened gates for Android too.

6. Scalability

React Native delivers unmatched performance & swift animation, which can attract the users. It has native modules & APIs with third-party plugins that allow you to write code once and use it everywhere.

Moreover, with the help of React Native, you don’t need to face the problem of browser compatibility as it does not render Webview but renders native views.

7. Reduction Time & Cost

What would happen if you have to build the same application twice with the same features and functionalities for different platforms? You would surely get irritated and more than irritated it would incur hefty investment and drain a lot of time.

But, with the help of React Native for hybrid application development, you don’t need to worry about all those things. React Native artistically helps you build the hybrid application which requires you to write code once and use it onto the other platform.

This will result in saving time and cost. You don’t need to hire a separate developer for different platforms. With the help of reusable elements, you can build a mobile as well as web applications.

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8. Hot Reloading

Hot reloading is a smart and advanced feature. It will reload or refresh the application whenever you make the changes or modifications in the UI content. When the user saves the changes in the script or code, it automatically gets refreshed and saves your time.

This will directly reflect on the UI components in real-time. This is why this feature is called smart and innovative. And it will be very useful in hybrid application development as with the single change, you would be able to change the UI elements on both the platforms.

9. Ease Of Integration

React Native is an ideal option for building hybrid applications from scratch. It utilizes the device’s in-built programming features to synchronize with other compatible applications. It results in a reduction of integration issues. The developers need not worry about the integration problems.

Therefore, the hybrid application swiftly works well with in-built apps such as cameras, GPS, contacts and many more to mark smooth performance.

10. Community Support

React Native is backed by Facebook and has gained a lot of popularity since its inception as a mobile application framework. According to GitHub, it has received 86K stars and around 19.2K forks on Github.

Also, it has huge support on Stackoverflow and that is the reason it has multiple third-party plugins & libraries as compared to other frameworks.

At last, let’s have a glance over the pros and cons of React Native. It will help in understanding the strong and weak side of React Native. 


Wrap Up

React Native is known for its rapid development and less coding which ensures quality products. And React Native For Hybrid App Development would be a one-stop and effective solution for the companies with the minimum budget.

Fortune 500 companies trust React Native for its quick development and easy coding. If you are looking for a solution that can save your time and money, then this is the right time to develop an application.

Come share your ideas with the leading React Native Development Company and witness the quality application development.

React Native For Hybrid App Development

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