ReactJs For Web App Development

7 Reasons Why ReactJS Is The Best Choice For Web Application Development?

By Mohit Surati React February 14, 2020 6 min read 400 Views

It was 2011 when Jordan Walke coined the term “React.” It is an open-source JavaScript library for building the user interface of Single-Page Web or mobile apps. It focuses on simplifying the process of the development of an intuitive user interface.

Since the introduction of the potent library, React has gained a lot of popularity in a very short time. It has grabbed the developer’s attention with its quick, reliable, and budget-friendly features. Also, it helps in saving a lot of time and money.

Facebook is a company that is managing and using this library. The first time the giant Social Media company used this library was in its News Feed. After that, many big companies like Instagram, Medium, Slack, Walmart and many more have started opting for the library for its development.

What makes ReactJS stand out different from others?

ReactJS is a unique concept that helps in quickly developing Web applications. Also, it is built on the concept of component and is compatible with different frameworks and libraries. 

Virtual DOM is one of the outstanding features in reactJS that makes the library unique and preferable. It allows developers to build scalable apps swiftly. Thus, it has proven to be a blessing for the developers. They can relax and build a highly-intuitive application with the use of DOM.

Key Features of ReactJS:

1) Updated

ReactJS has a huge community around the world. Also, it is built and supported by the giant Social Media organization, Facebook. The company works round the clock to update the framework. And, the developers of Facebook and Instagram constantly brainstorm to keep the framework updated. 

Moreover, the community is always on their toes to resolve queries, concerns, and doubts. There are regular updates that need to be reached to the users and that’s why the developers strive to pass on the maximum information.

2) Mobile Apps

ReactJS stands out in case of application development. This library is a one-stop solution for all app development. It is not only capable in building web apps but also it can quickly develop mobile applications. If an app owner is planning to implement a mobile application idea for the well-known platforms, i.e., Android or iOS, then ReactJS would be the best library for building it.

3) Reusability

The reusability is the advantageous factor of ReactJS. It simplifies the development process by reusing the components. By integrating more than 2 components to make a complex project more simple, ReactJS is the developer’s favorite library for building apps or web apps.

7 Undeniable Reasons To Choose ReactJS For Web App Development

1. Simple To Understand

Developers prefer ReactJS because it is easy to use and simple in understanding. Also, the compatibility of this library with other frameworks make it unique and preferable. And this can be proven with the statistical data.

Additionally, there is a chart representation that will give you an idea of what percentage of developers mark ReactJS as their favorite tool:

Percentage of developers mark ReactJS

2. Responsive

ReactJS is a potent library that executes all types of web app development. The responsiveness makes it possible to execute the web app development at supersonic loading speed along with the highly-intuitive user interface design.

There are many advantages of responsiveness:

  • You can optimize functionalities
  • It only loads relevant data
  • Quickly speeds up and designs

3. Virtual DOM

ReactJS helps developers to quickly create single-page applications. And with the help of virtual DOM, a developer can go and beyond. Virtual DOM ensures the conversion of data structures. These data structures are then transformed into components. And then, it is used in updating the browser.

With the help of DOM, a developer can build a smooth user interface that can enhance the user experience. Till now, the users were using Javascript but now they can explore JSx as well.

4. Single Way Data Flow

Data flow includes values that are considered as components when passed but are interpreted as properties in HTML tags. Also, you cannot modify or alter the component, instead, a call needs to be actioned for passing it. The process is called “action flowing upwards and properties flowing downwards.”

5. SEO-Friendly

SEO-friendly app development is one of the advantages of ReactJS. It builds apps in such a way that they are visible to a large number of internet users. It properly takes care of the SEO part which becomes an added advantage in opting React as a core technology while building a Web-app.

Also, if you wish to build SEO friendly web-apps, then you can go through the Web Application Development Company and share your ideas with them. One of the IT industry experts and professionals you would get to construct your idea.

6. Testing

Testing is an integral part of app development. It troubleshoots bugs and fixes errors. Also, it assures smooth and rapid performance. In fact, the testing facility is one of the key reasons for ReactJS Popularity among developers.

Without testing, you cannot launch the application or website as it cannot guarantee glitch-free performance.

ReactJS ensures that every application built using this technology would have to pass robust testing. And that is the reason it supports Babel and reacts-di as its core testing tool. 

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7. Scripting

JSX is an additional syntax extension that helps you in scripting your web app. It is believed that HTML quoting is a difficult task, but with the help of syntax, you can make it easier for the development. Also, the syntax makes it easier for rendering subcomponents. 

Moreover, you can leverage JSX  to build top-tier apps and tailor-made applications. And, the JSX helps transform HTML mockups into ReactElement trees. Additionally, the developers will receive error notifications that include vital information, and JSX prevents from injecting code.

Final Thoughts

ReactJS is the technology that you should ponder upon as it is a senior and mature library. When you plan to build an application, the above-mentioned points should be considered. Also, if you are in search of a team that can understand your requirements and builds an app for you, then a prominent ReactJS Development Company would be the right choice for you.


The main purpose of ReactJS is to build attractive and intuitive user-interface that can keep the customer hooked to the application. Also, the library is capable enough to build single-page applications. Moreover, it can reuse the component which will save a lot of time and money.

ReactJS is worth learning as it is the most senior and advanced approach towards app development. It has a very bright future as it is a one-stop solution for all web-app and single-page app development.

ReactJS is quite easy and simple to understand. Any beginner who has a basic knowledge of Javascript can excel in ReactJS. There is no big deal in learning ReactJS.

As per the reports, there is a huge demand fpr the reactJS developers and so it is worth becoming ReactJS Developer.

The demand for ReactJS is slowly and gradually increasing. It’s been used in more than 90,000 websites. And so you can build your website or single-page applications without any doubt.

ReactJS has a very vast community, and all the developers are very keen to understand new updates and also share their insight on new development. The community is active and growing.

ReactJs For Web App Development

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