Reasons To Use Cloud Mobile Applications

5 Reasons Why You Should Opt For Cloud Mobile Application

By Harikrishna Kundariya Mobile April 26, 2019 10 min read 677 Views

The basic requirement of Business is Cloud Mobile Application. It is becoming a vital source of transforming a business into a virtual platform.

Nowadays, businesses prefer Cloud Mobile Application as it has a robust cloud computing. Securing data, reducing cost, and automatic updates are the benefits of cloud computing.

There are large groups of online and offline businesses that are not using mobile cloud apps. The cloud mobile app development is a software wherein cloud-based and local components work together.

Switching to the cloud-based mobile application could attract other advantages as well:

  • Easy Management
  • Distribution
  • Integration

The future is unpredictable, but the future of Cloud Mobile Application is bright. You can always choose cloud apps for your business as it provides high security to the data & information. The ratio of risks in cloud mobile apps is lower as compared to other technologies.

Furthermore, when you plan to build a mobile app using cloud computing technology, you need to have a proper plan, an experienced team of developers and designers, and a QA specialist who can perform robust testing.

You can avail of these benefits by hiring an IT company that can have everything you required under one roof. Check out top leading Mobile and Web App Development Company USA for availing the maximum advantage out of it.

The Question remains the Why You Should Choose Mobile Cloud Applications?

The Answer to the above is as follows:

1. Cloud Services for Mobile Applications

There are different types of cloud services that are as follows:

1.1 Infrastructure As A Services (IaaS)

Infrastructure as a service provides APIs to integrate high-level third party application integration. Some hypervisors run the virtual machine as a guest.

The hypervisors are as follows:

  • Xen, Oracle, Virtual Box
  • Oracle VM, KVM, VMware ESX
  • Hyper-V, LXD

It supports enterprise operations by delivering computer infrastructure on an outsource basis. Also, it delivers cloud computing infrastructure, which includes OS, server, and network through technology.

Furthermore, the cloud servers are provided to the organization through API. There are many resources available as a service to the client. Also, a client can avail of the benefit of the costs as it varies depending upon the consumption.

There are special cases when the IaaS is put in use:

  • Startups and small companies can use this service to save a lot of time and money.
  • Companies experience heavy growth due to the scalability of Iaas.
  • Try it with new applications to avail of the benefits of IaaS.

1.2  Software As A Service (SaaS)

SaaS represents commonly utilized businesses in the cloud market. It uses the internet to deliver the application managed by third-party vendors to its users. The clients don’t need to install or download the app.

It saves a lot of time and money behind tedious tasks such as managing, installing, and upgrading the software. The technical staff gets enough time to look into the matters or issues in the organization.

Also, SaaS can be accessed on a remote server and managed from a central location.

Furthermore, you can use SaaS in the following ways:

  • Startup or SMEs who want to launch an eCommerce without wasting time.
  • Quick, easy and pocket-friendly short-time projects
  • Apps that require mobile and web access

1.3 Platform As A Service(PaaS)

It empowers the application with cloud components. It helps developers to craft tailor-made applications. Also, the developers maintain management of the apps while the storage, server, and networking are managed by third-party or enterprise.

The PaaS is built on virtualization technology which benefits the business changes. Also, it offers assistance in testing, development, and launching of the application. It integrates web services and databases.

The PaaS comes with benefits such as:

  • Simple to use, affordable development and launch of the apps
  • Easily customizable and maintenance
  • Reduction in coding cost
  • Migration in the Hybrid Model

2. Cloud Mobile App Benefits

Cloud computing is evolving a lot, and new firms have started adopting this technology. The cloud computing benefits the user by allowing them to access their system remotely over the internet. Also, it saves a lot of time and money.

In the coming years, there will be a massive transformation of mobile app technology to Cloud Mobile Application. Below are the advantages which will help a user and developers to choose the mobile cloud computing technology.

Embrace the benefit by availing mobile cloud computing:

Benefits of Cloud Mobile Apps

2.1 Flexibility

Flexibility is the biggest advantage of cloud computing. It saves a lot of time and also doesn’t hamper the work. Employees can work from home by having access to their system (Provided they should have an internet connection).

It permits the user to access their system and avail the following information:

  • Documents
  • Pictures
  • Files
  • Other types of data

Mobile cloud computing benefits big businesses as they have a clientele across the borders. It helps in matching time zones and providing the work on time to the clients. Surely, it will become the most preferred technology in the future to adopt and put into action.

There is a major leap in the IT industry due to the internet, as it has made lives easier and work simpler. The internet is the primary requirement of mobile cloud computing through which anyone can work from anywhere.

2.2 Cost-Effective

As discusses earlier, Cloud Mobile Application saves a lot of time and money. It is an affordable option to opt-in the IT industry. Cloud computing reduces the cost of purchasing a costly system and equipment.

It has its resources, which can help in reducing operational costs.

The following are how you can save a lot of costs:

  • System upgrade cost,
  • Saves wages by not availing expert’s service
  • Reduction in Energy consumption
  • Lesser time delays

Also, a programmer can reap the benefits of not paying hefty charges for upgrades or licensing.

Cost becomes an important factor while planning to build an application.

An app owner should know how much does it cost to make an application before planning an idea about it that will help them in preparing the budget.

2.3 Data Availability

Real-time access to data is the biggest advantage of cloud computing, which benefits big organizations. Accessing data externally will help in providing effective solutions to clients. It is time and cost-efficient.

Cloud computing secures data from loss, and also data recovery and data backup are possible through it. Also, it has cloud disaster recovery as a backup option that retrieves information.

Data availability minimizes the time in transferring the data. Therefore, it is one of the prime Questions That You Ask Before Hiring A Mobile App Developer.

A user can give access to the data to anyone from anywhere. The data availability benefits in loss of productivity and downtime.

Cloud backups the data which will be an option while there is power failure or disaster in the system.

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There are many applications of real-time data availability.

Below are the cloud-based android applications which are by default installed in the device:

  • DropBox
  • GoogleDrive
  • Amazon Drive
  • Microsoft Drive

The task becomes simple and effective when you can do it from anywhere. It doesn’t require to have office premises and also is the safest option. There are no vulnerabilities that can hamper the data.

After going through services and benefits, let’s have a look at reason to choose Cloud Mobile Application:

3. Reasons to Choose Cloud Mobile Apps

Why Yo Should Choose Cloud Mobile Apps?

3.1 Data Integration

Data Integration is a smooth functioning process which involves a seamless inclusion of data to the system. The process can be time-consuming and clumsy if not appropriately handled.

Data integration is a long process that requires a lot of time, and one should be ready to invest time in it. Investing time is worth as it provides effective results. Cloud-based mobile app development helps in implementing a database. You can sync all the databases with the cloud server.

Also, it minimizes the task of the developer as they don’t have to write complex codes for creating cloud applications.

3.2 Time-Saving

Time becomes a vital factor while planning to build an application because any application that would take more time than required is not feasible. It is important to know how long does it take to build an application?

First and foremost, the time depends on the complexity of the application. Native apps usually take a longer time as compared to hybrid apps.

Below is an image representation of the time invested in app development:

Average App Development Time Before Launch

The above information states that around 48% of the app development attracts 3-5 months. This is how app development takes place. Also, any subtraction or addition would acquire more time than normal.

As an app owner, you need to have patience while developing an application because there will many changes which will take place in the midst of development. You need to hire expert developers to craft cloud mobile applications who can perform the task efficiently.

3.3 Support Multiple Platform

Cloud Mobile Application is not only focused on a single platform. It works across the platforms and offers the same service. It makes the task easier and also exposes the app to a wider user base.

Percentage Share of Mobile App Platform

The above image states that there are maximum users of Android in the market. It doesn’t mean that investing in Android applications would generate more revenue share. You always should have a backup option. If not Android then iOS or Window would generate revenue.

Targetting a single platform? then it is a bad decision. It is irrelevant to decide on building an app for a specific platform.

3.4 Installation Free

The benefit of mobile cloud apps is that it doesn’t require installation. Cloud Mobile Application is already installed in the device and the user doesn’t need to download it from the app store or play store.

The mobile clouds are ready to use the application. The interface is visible to the user and they can directly use it from the browser. On the other hand, the native apps require downloading option as it comes with pre-installed feature.

Also, the users will have different versions of native apps which depends on the device and its size.

3.5 Data Recovery

Data recovery is a feature that no other technology provides because it is difficult to recover the data once damaged or lost. But, cloud hosting of the app is a one-stop solution for all the back-up options.

Data recovery is a vital requirement for any organization as no one wants to lose their important data and information.

Final Touch Up

It is advisable to shift on Cloud Mobile Application for better security and quick access. Security against data loss is the core benefit of the mobile cloud app.

Affordable app development is cherry on the cake. Also, it comes with the benefit of launching an application on both platforms simultaneously.

Launching app simultaneously would require additional efforts if there would be other technology but in the case of cloud computing, it doesn’t attract any additional efforts. The native app development would incur additional costs and time.

Reasons To Use Cloud Mobile Applications

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