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Top 60 Companies That Use Ruby On Rails Regularly

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Ruby on Rails belongs to the family of a web development framework that brings forth some of the dynamic web applications. Ruby in its independent form is the programming language. Today, we will discuss Companies That Use Ruby On Rails.

Rails operate on three core principles: MVC (Model View Architecture), convention over configuration, and DRY (Do not Repeat Yourself). You should always know Technology Stack For Web Applications.

Models handle the business logic, while the views take care of the presentation, which an end-user is exposed to. The controllers lie right between the models and views, handling the flow of the application.

What Is Ruby on Rails Used For?

If you want to develop a web application in real quick time, it is the Ruby on Rails framework that you need to opt for. You also want to know What Big Companies Use Ruby on Rails.

It is not just quick, it also simplifies the development process. To put it simply, Ruby companies are more conducive to scale, along with integrating new features.

Now, let’s have a look at Ruby on Rails Companies.

1. Airbnb


Airbnb, one of the most successful companies Ruby on Rails Companies, and has covered a long journey since its launch in 2008.

According to data released in 2019, it has almost 41.1 million Americans on their user list. On the host side, it has 7 million Airbnb accommodation listings.

The company has done a commendable job in managing such a vast user base and host listings. So much so, that other startups in the rental space domain have been trying to emulate the Airbnb model of growth.

In fact, most such companies are navigating towards being a full-fledged Ruby on Rails company.

The secret sauce of Airbnb’s success is the presence of a safe, reliable, and user-friendly online marketplace. Solving accommodation hassles in a new place with just a few clicks is magical, to say the least.

Much of ease in operations stems from the use of the RoR framework which provides speedy integration of new features.

2. Crunchbase


Have you stumbled upon a startup company, and scanned through its official website. But you are not done with your research, especially if you want to know the investment forces that form the spine of the project or any other such information, you can head to Crunchbase.

Among netizens, it is commonly dubbed as the Wikipedia for startups. The backend of the Crunchbases is one of the Companies That Use Ruby on Rails. Varnish Cache adds a push with the fast loading of dynamic content pages.

For some good eight years, TechCrunch held the reigns of Crunchbase, but in 2015, the company/platform branched out to form its entity.

3. is a social media platform where you can post questions anonymously. The best part is that you can even post answers anonymously.

Yes, there is a sense of insecurity while using this platform. It has received flak for cyberbullying. This is an answer to Who Uses Ruby on Rails.

As the community members grow in, a secure framework becomes a necessity. Interestingly, after the cyberbullying episode, the creators have gone with the profile registration model.

It has amassed nearly215 million users in its ten years of operation.

4. Bloomberg


Bloomberg L.P. is a multi-dimensional company based in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. On the service front, it provides companies with financial software tools covering financial data services, equity trading platforms, and data analytics.

It also has a media front that showcases the stock share indexes alongside some of the riveting news stories ranging from international politics to technological movements.

The organization has nearly 20,000 employees and is located in 167 different locations.

5. Dribble


“Dribbble” is a fully remote company with no headquarters at all and is one of the largest platforms for designers and aesthetic enthusiasts. The company serves as a design platform for designers to share their work online.

Dribble is one of the fastest-growing MNC in the United States of America. The company has been able to attain a global reach with more than a million people posting their design on the platform.

6. GitHub


GitHub Inc. is a subsidiary of Microsoft and is a U.S. based company, it is known for its software hosting services armed with a vast open-source library.

It has offered source code management & distributed version control with the functionality alongside its features. It’s one the Companies That Use Ruby on Rails.

GitHub promotes collaborations through open source libraries, and it also provides access controls.

It has a myriad of features to help budding developers such as task management, feature requests, and bug tracking for every project. In 2018, Microsoft acquired GitHub.

7. Fiverr


Basically, Fiverr is an organization that connects freelancers to prospective clients across the world. It gives a workplace to all the interested freelancers where they can get the work done for big firms in an affordable and cost-efficient way.

It has more than a million active users and has its reach in above 200 countries. The company was established in Israel and was run by Micha Kaufman & Shai Wininger.

The platform showcases the importance of outsourcing projects to freelancers as it gets the work done in real quick time. It’s one of the fine Companies That Use Ruby on Rails.

8. Yellow Pages

Yellow-Pages is a website that has a huge repository of assorted information on local businesses. You get the contact details and addresses of local businesses through this platform.

Interestingly, the site today gets more than 40 million queries in just the US, and when we take the global queries into account, we get a sense of how big Yellow Pages really is.

Initially, Y.P. was not a part of Ruby sites, perse, as it was written in Java, and then the RoR framework was adopted with a vision to expand.

9. Cookpad


Cookpad Inc. is a Japan-based food tech platform that provides users with the option to share recipes.

The company recently reported having more than 60 million active users in Japan, and on a global scale, there are 100 million monthly users.

Cookpad has its headquarters in Minato, Japan, and has more than five million registered recipes. However, they also have a global headquarters in the UK, along with multiple offices in countries like Indonesia, and Russia

10. Helpling


Helpling is an online service platform with its headquarters in Vauxhall, London. It was founded in 2012, with a clear aim to connect customers with local cleaners.

Helping in 2015 acquired and in 2014 was listed as one of the ten most disruptive start-ups by The Times. It’s one of the finest Ruby on Rails Companies.

The cleaners charge a nominal fee of 10 Euros per hour on the platform. The company has helped more than 100,000 customers and has an amazing customer rating of 4.7/5 stars.

11. Apps For Good


Apps For Good is an online learning platform that was founded in 2010. The company aims to reach every school and community center, which explains the constant increase in its reach.

Currently, it is present in more than 1300 schools and has helped more than 130,000 students worldwide. In fact, they are present in over 50 countries around the globe.

The London based education platform offers different courses, which are designed as per the need of the modern curriculum.

The demand for this application has constantly surged during the COVID 19 pandemic, and it has helped students for a better understanding of different concepts.

12. Artemest


Artemest is one of the most successful sites in the area of Handmade Décor. It works on the concept of heritage-based luxury items. It showcases some of the real virtue of Italian craftsmanship through its products.

The primary aim of this company is to preserve the Italian heritage by making the world stand up and take notice of their exquisite line of products that are deep-rooted to Italian culture. This is an answer to What Companies Use Ruby on Rails.

This American start-up was launched in June 2015 by Ippolita Rostagno and Marco Credendino. This app has been named as one of the top trending apps in increasing the lifestyle and slandered of people by CB insights.

13. Intellection


Well, have you ever thought about how the top corporate giants like Kantar, Ipsos, TNS, and Pondering Panda make the best business decision? Well, these companies and many more such corporations use Intellection.

It offers a vast spectrum of products and tools to the clients that help to analyze the potency of their marketing strategies, conduct surveys, checkout its output, and validate the robustness of the brand value.

The entire process gets completed in hours, and not after weeks of manual processes.

14. SlideShare


Tired of creating presentations and sharing it manually to each of the team members, you should check out It is a slide hosting service platform using which you can easily share presentation slides with your team members.

Here, you can also upload pdf files or OpenOffice presentations besides the usual PowerPoint stuff. It has nearly 80 million users that translate to a 130 million page view.

15. 500px


500px is the perfect platform for budding and experienced photographers. For a rookie, it is the perfect platform to find mentors and showcase their skills.

On the other hand, a pro can share their work with the community and at the same time make some money out of it, so they can be financially strong enough to continue pursuing photography as a full-time career.

The site has a community of more than 15 million photographers who regularly showcase their work. One of the Companies That Use Ruby on Rails.

16. Zendesk


Zendesk is a SaaS company that provides solutions for customer relationship management. It aims at fostering the bonds between the customer and the company using insight & feedback gathered through various channels.

It was founded in the year 2007, and over the years it has rendered services to more than a lakh clients with a workforce exceeding 2000 employees.

17. Soundcloud


SoundCloud is an online audio and music sharing platform that allows users to upload, promote, and share audio.

Since its launch in 2007, it has developed into a full-fledged publishing platform. This is a safe haven for young and emerging artists to showcase their work. It is an ideal platform for indie artists.

SoundCloud is yet another product of Ruby on Rails. The use of the RoR framework allowed the platform to scale. It was the growth of the platform as an audio giant that led it to be re-written using JVM.

18. Clarity


If you’re new to the world of startups, it can be quite unnerving to deal with varied fields like marketing and employee management. Clarity helps to connect the entrepreneurs to experts so that they (entrepreneurs) can get necessary inputs.

The entrepreneurs can search through the community of experts and directly connect to them through call requests. They have experts from fields ranging from business development to digital marketing.

The company claims that every 90 seconds, an entrepreneur is on the call seeking expert advice.

19. Couchsurfing


Couchsurfing is one of the finest platforms made for travelers and explorers. It aims at creating a global community of travelers and providing safe accommodation as well as a unique experience to them.

Currently, it has more than 15 million users who actively take part in their activities from across thousands of cities. Apart from accommodation, it helps provide knowledge during travel.

The backend of Couchsurfing is structured using the Ruby on Rails framework.

Tired of staying in hotels, try out Couchsurfing – Companies That Use Ruby on Rails.

20. Crazy Egg


If you are into digital marketing the chances are that you might have heard of Neil Patel. You might even read some of his blogs. Crazy Egg was founded by the marketing guru Neil Patel and Hiten Shah.

To put it simply, Crazy Egg helps to monitor the movement of the user across a web page. This helps the design and the content development team to curate pages according to user reaction.

More conventionally Crazy Egg is the website heatmap service provider and is quite a popular tool to track the activity of the page visitor and gauge their intention.

21. Groupon


While there are platforms that cater to mid-sized and larger companies in a bid to propel growth, incomes Groupon which aims to help small businesses. It’s one of the prime Ruby on Rails Companies.

It connects the local businesses with a subscribed user base. These users come to the page looking for fun activities to do like travel and shopping.

Now, Groupon uses marketing tools like discounts and best offers to grab the attention of the users. Most of the users regularly visit Groupon to find exciting offers.

So, as they find offers, the users keep coming back. Thus, a loyal-user/customer- base is maintained benefiting both the platform and the merchant.

It is spread over 28 countries, and has 53 million active users, browsing through 4,25,000 active deals.

22. Indiegogo


The journey of an entrepreneur is filled with various challenges, and money is one of the formidable hurdles.

Many startups die young due to lack of funds, while some swim through with funding. Indiegogo is one such platform that helps young entrepreneurs to raise money.

Here, there is no limit to the money that can be raised, and there is no set deadline for funding campaigns.

Moreso, there may be some of the personal contributors among the usual folks who might like your idea and chip-in their share.

Indiegogo operates over 190 countries and has nearly 11 million contributors, who have shaped some 650 projects with a contribution of $1 billion.

23. Kickstarter


Kickstarter is a replica of Indiegogo in terms of core functionality, as both the platform deals with raising funds for creative folks. Here, creative minds pitch their project to attract prospective contributors.

Here, you can also explore tons of other projects, this might get your creative juices flowing. Who knows from where the next game-changing idea can come from?

In roughly 11 years of its launch, this platform has fit nearly 155 projects rolling with a backing of 15 million people and a pledge of $4 billion dollars.

24. Pixlr


Amidst a sea of photo editing tools, comes to a cloud-based image modifier platform called Pixlr. It is available over the web, and it is also available in the app form for mobile devices. Interestingly, it has been installed for more than 100 million times.

This platform was developed in 2008 by Ola Sevandersson. It was conceptualized to be a companion for the non-professional photographers who are not apt with imaging technicalities.

It is a perfect example of Ruby on Rails applications, as RoR is an important cog in providing useful inbuilt editing features that can be used with a few clicks or taps.

25. Scribd


Love Reading? You can check out Scribd, a digital library that has tons of ebooks and audiobooks. One of the awesome Companies That Use Ruby on Rails.

It works on a subscription-based model, however, you can use the basic version which provides 3 ebooks and 1 audiobook.

Further, you can access the magazine and relevant published materials in a short document form completely free of cost.

Since the launch in 2007, the platform has expanded its presence to 194 countries, amassing a user base of 80 million active users.

26. MyFitnessPal


Shedding off extra pounds requires consistent efforts. Even a slight lack of consistency will affect the fitness schedule.

Today, you have a fitness app like MyFitnessPal which keeps track of weight loss activity. It keeps you on course with your weight loss plan.

Further, it also provides necessary information about nutrition and calorie present in different types of foods. To be precise, it provides complete nutritional data on nearly 5000 foods.

27. Shopify


If you want to reach out to more customers online and expand your business, Shopify is the right platform for you. With Shopify, you can create an online store, and get your business rolling.

However, just having an online store does not guarantee success- driving in traffic is 99% of the game which retailers are drawn to play: E-commerce.

According to the latest update, Shopify is spread over 175 countries and has nearly 1,000,000 businesses registered. It ranked the third e-commerce platform after eBay and Amazon.

28. Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary, true to its name, has a repository of slang words used by millennials of sprawling cities.

What started as the light-hearted spoof of platforms like and has become a real thing now.

It is a crowdsourced platform and the hip generation fanatics evolve the repository of the Urban dictionary by adding in new slang words which trends at a certain point of time.

It has stayed on for more than two decades and has nearly 75 million new visits every month.

29. Whitepages


Being constantly involved with your hobby can give you a platform like Whitepages. Hard to believe right? It was the constant attachment with the hobby for Alex Algard that led to the creation of Whitepages.

Think of Whitepages as this online directory where you have information about more than 90% of American adults. Further, you also have access to important contact details, which comes in really in daily life.

30. Yammer


Yammer is one of the highly recommended Ruby on Rails Companies that is used for internal communications in organizations and enterprises.

The process of creating and joining groups and answering queries lead to a better flow of communication, which in turn increases the working efficiency of the respective team. Further, with Yammer, increased transparency in the work process is established.

This platform also helps to remain connected with customers, contractors, and subsidiaries. It keeps everyone updated in the team about recent events. This saves a lot of time and texting.

31. is one of the global and leading platforms for live streams of music events, sports. It mainly deals with gaming live streams. connects gamers throughout the globe for the stream, chats, and developing their gaming skills. It also promotes charity streams for human welfare.

Launched in 2011, it is a substitute to The site receives nearly 38 million new visitors per month. Justin Kan and Emmett Shear are the founders of, and in 2014, Amazon took over the charge.

32. We Heart It

We Heart It

It is a social network that is a photo-based platform that describes themselves as ‘home of inspiration’ and the place to ‘organize and share the photos you love.’

We heart it was started with the idea of hearting pictures and sharing with friends. It also includes animated GIFs and videos.

We heart it was founded in 2008 by Fabio Giolito, but later with some seed funding, the site became an incorporated business in California in 2011.

Currently, it is owned by Super Basic, LLC. It is a community of over 20 million unique visitors per month.

It was chosen as one of Google Play’s Best Apps of 2013, and Best Apps of 2015.

33. GoodReads


GoodReads, one of the leading names when it comes to books. A large section of voracious readers has a GoodReads account. It was founded in 2006 by Otis Chandler and Elizabeth Khuri Chandler.

GoodReads aims to connect the books with people and inculcate a reading habit amongst the masses. They work hard to bring books to avid readers and keep their love affairs with books a constant reality.

In March 2013, Amazon agreed to acquire Goodreads in the second quarter of 2013 for an undisclosed sum. It offers free registration and to create your personalized virtual bookshelf and also to see what your friends are up to.

GoodReads has a good family of over 90 million members and it offers 1.5 billion good books with 50 million reviews so far.

34. ThemeForest


As the name suggests, ThemeForest is the platform that allows users to choose from 10,000 themes. It mainly includes usual website templates and WordPress themes.

The platform is an offering of the Evanto startup, which is a self-funded startup that deals with the creative side of web platforms like themes, audio, 3D models, photography, and much more.

The headquarters of ThemeForest is in Australia and registers more than a million unique visitors per month.

35. Twitter


You might be living under a rock, if you haven’t heard of Twitter, and are not active on social media platforms. It’s a classic example of Ruby on Rails Companies.

If you really search the phrase- What big company uses ruby on Rails- on Google, the first name that might pop up in the search results is Twitter.

Twitter was created by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams in March 2006 and launched in July of that year.

Today, it is one of the leading social media platforms, where people share their thoughts in the form of tweets.

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Twitter saw increased use of the platform for the distribution of accurate information related to the pandemic.

It is the best example of ROR and was initially created with RoR and jQuery, as it increased the pace of development. Though a few years later, with increased user base Twitter was re-written using Scala.

36. Etsy


Etsy is said to be the pioneer of the modern e-commerce business startup with its root in America. The platform focuses on handmade or vintage items and craft supplies.

They aim to connect retailers of handmade and vintage products with potential suppliers and customers.

The platform has around 2.5 million sellers. It is created on Ruby on Rails framework,  as it allows the team to maintain a strong database, along with ease in the implementation of additional features and conduct a series of systems integrations.

In April 2020, Etsy issued a call to all sellers on the site to start operating facemasks in light of COVID 19.

37. Fab


It is one of the highly recommended e-commerce platforms for sports and fitness lovers. Fab offers various fitness and wellness products at the best price. It provides a wide range of sporting equipment, clothing, footwear, etc.

Fab was started with the motive of providing all fitness goods in one place with the best quality and affordable pricing. The exquisitely tailored sports products with unique design cue make Fab a perfect place for athletes who are fond of detailing.

It was created by using ROR as the main language and Backbone.js and New Relic also.

38. Harvest


Harvest is an ideal app for time tracking and reporting. It is widely used by freelancers or small teams, with four-to-five members working for more than two-three clients at a time. Usually, freelancers have more than two clients to deal with.

In such cases, keeping the track of time, assessing the extent of project completion in context to time spent, and finally, preparing invoices can be quite challenging.

It is where the role of Harvest comes into play, as it helps freelancers to be agile with time tracking, and simplifies the process of preparing invoices.

39. Hulu


Hulu is one of the popular video content applications working based in the United States. In its 13 years of journey, the platform has amassed nearly 30 million active users.

In light of the pandemic situation, the number of users in video content platforms like Hulu is growing rapidly.

It was created using the RoR and with time as the user base grew they opted for other tech solutions. However, RoR is still used in their back-end with Backbone.JS used in the front-end.

40. Basecamp


Basecamp can be perceived as the elder sibling of Ruby on Rails. The founder of both these web- software is the same. It is one of the famous Ruby on Rails Companies.

According to the mind behind the basecamp and the Ruby on Rails, David Heinemeier Hansson: ‘There would not be any Basecamp without Ruby on Rails and probably no Ruby without Basecamp’.

Both frameworks are quite popular in the programming community as ideal project management online tools.

41. Diaspora


Diaspora is a social media platform much like Facebook and Twitter but has different appeal among the users.

The company claims to store no user data or sell it to a third party. It also refrains from any form of ads.

It delivers greater freedom of speech adhering to these three key principles: Decentralisation, Privacy, and Freedom.

Though not well known as Facebook or other social media platforms, it still has a strong community of 1 million users.

You might be intrigued to know it has an open-source model, so you can use codes and contribute to the development of the platform. It is yet another Ruby on Rails product and uses JS for front end support.

42. Jobster


Jobster is not just another platform that allows employers to put out a job post but also let the applicants apply for them. It actively takes part in the recruiting process and provides the right talent to the company.

It skims through various social media channels and navigates through job boards to find the right fit for a position. Jobster, at its core, is the product of the RoR framework, as the backend is entirely carved out using Ruby.

43. AngelList


Looking to fund your next projects searching for potential investors head to Angel list it does more than just connecting you to potential investors.

It brings you closer to budding entrepreneurs who look for co-founders and business partners. They (entrepreneurs) also look for employees who have prior experience of working in a startup ecosystem.

The company claims to have more than 50,000 active investors, who provide a monthly investment of $200 million in new startups. This platform is built on the popular RoR framework and draws in support from JQuery libraries.

44. Heroku


Heroku is a quite popular app hosting platform that has been used by developers across the board. It helps to create the test functionality, and assess how a particular app feature would behave when deployed.

Nearly 9 million apps have developed using the Heroku platform. Heroku has brought a paradigm shift with context to Ruby applications on a PaaS platform.

The parent organization of Heroku is Salesforce, and it (Heroku) came into existence in 2007.

45. Square


Square, provides end to end payment solutions at the point of sale. It is one of the leading figures which rolls out payment card readers that solve payments hassles for many merchants. The device is used with mobiles and tablets.

The PoS app further helps the merchant to process the transaction using a the-payment card reader- device. Interestingly, it was the brainchild of Jack Dorsey, who is also the CEO of Twitter.

Post-2015, the development team switched to Java Virtual Machine for back end operation, but that does not diminish the role of the RoR framework in providing the initial push.

46. Xing


XIng is the German counterpart of Linkedin where people create their professional profile and establish a network. Similarly, in the case of Xing, you can create your professional profile and look for an exciting opportunity.

On the other hand, it is also an important platform for employers to look for candidates who can suit their requirements.

Now, when we say it is a German counterpart of Linkedin this in no way discounts the fact that it can be operated in 14 different languages and has a global user base.

But at the same time, it is hard to overlook the fact that 50% of its user base is from Germany, which roughly translates to 19 million users.

47. Causes


Causes, as the name suggests is a platform that helps to support charity and other forms of social cause-based campaigns through fundraising,

It also supports the movement of petitions regarding pressing issues in a community to bring in a collective voice for change.

The company states that they have many users, and more than a billion support actions have been initiated through this platform.

While some platforms use multiple tech stack tools, it is completely a product of Ruby on Rails.

48. Snowshow


Love the snow-clad mountains and landscapes, Snowshow is the ideal tour provider for snowfest trips. It is a perfect escape from the summer heat. They organize snow-based activities like Skiing and Snowboarding.

This polish tour provider needed a robust tech solution to create a platform that could appeal to younger audiences. Several other challenges needed to be tackled to scale.

The development team opted for the latest version of Ruby on Rails with Machine Learning led solutions to reduce the booking complexities and scale the business.

49. Codeacademy


New to the world of coding, but you are too intrigued to let it go. Codeacademy is the right platform to start the coding journey.

It is not just a platform for beginners, even some of the professional programmers choose the Codeacademy courses to up their programming skills.

The online coding education provider covers training courses for all forms of programming language Python, Ruby, Java, and many others.

The tech stack of this platform includes the RoR framework along with React JS libraries and Javascript.

50. GoGetty


GoGetty is an ambitious Danish startup that aims at establishing gender equality in the workplace. It tries to glue the workplace together in terms of gender presentation, thus making offices more inclusive.

This startup measures the percentage of women holding top positions in the management of the company.

It also helps to present the true state of diversity and inclusiveness of the company to both the employers and employees. It’s one of the finest Ruby on Rails Companies.

Bringing the idea of a platform like GoGetty was a tough ask filled with challenges. The combined use of Ruby on Rails and React helped the creators to get over the challenge.

51. Genius


Want to know the meaning of every word in the lyrics, then Genius is the platform that you should checkout.

It is a platform which annotates the lyrics of songs. Here, you will understand the lyrics of the song to the last emotion.

Initially, it was released as Rap Genius, but over the years, it has opened its arms for other forms for music.

Thus, the word Rap is removed and is named just Genius. RoR has been an important tech element that has kept the platform up and running.

Some of the notable singers have contributed to the platforms with important inputs and suggestions as verified users.

Even writers annotate the chapters of their book for promotion, as it was seen when Lena Dunham promoted her new book.

52. JRPass


Heading to Japan for a vacation or business purpose, and planning to move beyond Tokyo? Well, if that’s the scenario, then it would be beneficial for you to look into JRPass.

This platform provides railway passes, which can make your journey less hectic and more joyous. Also, the affordability factor pushes its importance a notch up.

To tackle various technical and business challenges, the Ruby on Rails framework was adopted. The idea was to leverage the power of tech and bring about business solutions using the RoR framework.

53. Funny or Die

Funny or Die

Funny or Die is an online entertainment platform that showcases comedy videos and shows. Some of the renowned names from Hollywood like Ryan Gosling and music sensation Selena Gomez have also worked for this company.

This is an out and out entertainment platform that was launched in 2007, and since then they are rolling out comedy videos. They have also been credited to produce movies like ‘The impractical Joker: The Movie.’

54. Mediatask


Mediatask is a platform that connects the skilled drafting team to the companies, and other real estate bodies.

The draftsmen maps out 2D and 3D images of the floor plans. These help to bring a visual presentation of what the floor structure would look like when completed.

They offer documentation and reporting services to companies across the globe. To set the context, it serves Dubai as well as the Netherlands, which speaks a lot about the reach.

55. MedHelp


MedHelp can be perceived as a replica of Quora where users ask questions and get answers. There is a slight change in this case, as people share the queries with the MedHelp community regarding medical issues.

Men and women visit the site and seek answers to certain medical questions. It is also a community where you would find people with various medical ailments like diabetes discuss their lifestyles through health-related queries.

56. GivenGain


GivenGain is a not for profit fundraising platform where you can fund your favorite charity groups, and make a change.

This platform is not just limited to charitable institutions seeking funds. Practically, any individual can raise funds to support their cause. Such is the flexibility of the platform when it comes to raising funds.

For promoting a charity initiative for their cause, a user can add a widget or write a blog to communicate the story across the room.

Some of the renowned charity institutes WWF and Habitat for Humanity lay their faith on GivenGain. It’s one of the finest Ruby on Rails Companies.

57. Instacart


Instacart is a platform that allows users to order groceries from their nearby stores and get them delivered at the doorstep. Considering the time we are in right now, apps like Instacart have assumed immense importance.

In the initial phase of its launch, it operated only in the USA, but today it also operates in Canada. It has nearly 2 to 3.5 lakh active customers.

Instacart is another success story that employs Ruby on Rails. However, it also has other tools like React, Firebase, and Python.

58. Coinbase


Bitcoins sparked interest in every nook and cranny of the investment world. Cryptocurrency became a real thing. With people increasingly inclined towards cryptocurrency trading.

Two entrepreneurs Brain Armstrong, and Fred Ehrsam (also an actor) came with Coinbase, an online platform to buy, sell and store cryptocurrency.

Coinbase first came into the scene in 2012, and over 8 years, it has served more than 8 million customers. It has clocked over 50 billion dollars of exchange.

Coinbase is our way of saying Ruby on Rails can help you scale big time.

59. Strava


Strava is a fitness tracker mobile and web app, where you can share your fitness activity, and let fitness freaks like you share their thoughts about your fitness session. It can be anything cycling or running.

The app automatically syncs with your GPS devices, and keeps track of your cycling or running path. Interestingly, it also acts as the fitness trackers and provides necessary information data on the fitness cycle. Probably, letting you know how you can get more laps done.

Strava was launched in 2009, and it is a relatively expanding company who is in search of RoR developers.

60. Intercom


Remember how you used to strike a conversation with a customer and build a personal relationship. We all agree on the fact that having a personal bond can improve your sales number, courtesy of trust.

With businesses moving online, the act of building personal relationships has also shifted online. This is where the role of Intercom kicks in, it allows your team members to strike a conversation with potential leads through chat messages.

Ruby on Rails Companies plays a key in keeping this conversational tool effective throughout the 24X7.


With Intercom, we come to an end of our list of top 60 Ruby on Rail companies. But there are not just 60 such companies that use the RoR framework.

With time, as the updated version of RoR comes along, there will be many more platforms that will employ Ruby.

We suggest you go beyond the listed 60 companies and find some of the other Ruby on Rails projects to fully satiate the thirst for knowledge regarding impactful Ruby implementation.

We hope you had a great experience reading this article and it will help any Ruby on Rails Development Company in the long run. Thank You.!


The simple answer to this question would be NO. Ruby On Rails is more than 15+ years old and that’s why it has stabilized in the IT market.

The Ruby On Rails framework helps the developers to build websites and applications. The reason for that is it simplifies the repetitive tasks.

Ruby On Rails is used widely for websites such as Airbnb, Hulu, Kickstarter, and Github.

The simple answer to this question would be Back-End. In modern web development, there is only one front-end language – JavaScript.

The simple answer to this question would be NO. Ruby is very easy to learn as it is object-oriented and modular.

According to the industry experts, it takes around two weeks to learn the basics of Ruby programming language.

1-In Search Of An IT Firm That Can Provide Ruby on Rails Development Services
Ruby On Rails Companies

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