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Project Overview

An idea needs money as one of its many ingredients to grow. But not all the idea owners are also money owners. So they seek funds. While investors are seeking to put their greens into money-making ideas. As simple as the concept sounds, the process is equally difficult. Hence, we simplified this with our Elevator Equity.


Elevator Equity is an investment platform for potent business ideas bringing investors and ideators to one place. As a paid hybrid platform, it allows a founder to present their ideas out there for investment. Whereas, the investors can trustfully scan through various categorized ideas & smoothly invest in new diversified opportunities. One step ahead, one can even donate their money to non-profit ideas to boost entrepreneurial ventures.



Bringing two different business groups to invest in each other is a challenging task. Moreover, it involved heavy financial transactions at its base. Hence, security and privacy are of utmost importance.

  • Understanding different business needs
  • Bifurcating abstract ideas
  • Presentation of complex ideas
  • Investment convenience
  • Conditions of the platform and its Compliance
  • Copyright concerns
  • Functional features enabling raising funds
  • Safe transactions
  • Creating opportunities for effective outside platform collaboration

Besides these, we had to come up with an idea-friendly platform that provides the best presentation of it for major traction. Also, where the investor can put trust in the idea and the founder. Along with that, the investors too must have the power to explore trusted projects, investment options, & easy interactions.

Key Features

Elevator Equity is a platform available as a website as well as an app for easy reach. Its sophisticated manageability opens up a smooth interaction & transaction between the investors and the startups. Strategically designed profile pages with swift navigation allow informative transitions.

  • 1 Easy compilation of business ideas
  • 2 Various idea presentation formats at a single click
  • 3 Categories markets for ideas & investments
  • 4 Options to choose the investment amounts
  • 5 The choice to present & raise funds for non-profit ideas
  • 6 Enabled Direct Chat
  • 7 Setting & scheduling a meeting between the two stakeholders for further discussions
  • 8 A comprehensive profile of the founder, idea, and already investors
  • 9 Stripe Payment Integration
  • 10 The investors can present their unique ideas to raise funds


All the efforts in enabling a growing collaboration resulted in an ultimate destination called Elevator Equity. A medium to pitch your ideas and successfully, instantly attract partners.

It successfully allows small business starters to solicit funds from across the globe. Along with kickstarting a business, these investments also aid in managing its operations & expansion. Harnessing the power of techs like Laravel, Kotlin, Swift, etc., the Elevator bids as a powerful mediator with rich features, high-performance, real-time responsive UI/UX. Highly secured with clean codes and a sturdy back-end, Elevator Equity enlists as a one-kind digital solution for financial investments.

Investor Module

Broadly the ideas are divided into 5 categories: Real Estate, Technology, Consumer Goods, Healthcare, and Entertainment. Within an investor profile, you get to explore brilliant business ideas from your interested categories mentioned in preferences. Besides the project details, you can see other investors who have already partake in the project for the idea's potential. And can even choose to donate to non-profit businesses too.

Plus, you can even pitch your own idea for fund-raising which is an added benefit to the investor profile.

  • Find the best investment opportunities globally
  • Easy investment options
  • Multiple investments
  • Direct chat with the founder for further discussion
  • Facilitates to put their ideas for as a founder
  • Can invest as a donation in non-profits to boost noble causes

Founder Module

The founder profile is dynamic to enable effective idea presentation that achieves target investment in a short time. It is enriched with myriad features. They can add idea descriptions, add photos, videos, audio, images, graphs, charts, etc. to substantiate it. Based on this detailed idea, the investors will show interest in form of meetings and direct chatting. At last, see & receive the amounts while also opening off-platform partnering opportunities & business relationships.

  • Put ideas in the umbrella categories
  • Idea presentation in various formats
  • Communicate with investors
  • Accept or reject meetings
  • View investments in their particular project

System Architecture


Market volatility demands digital solutions to be scalable & versatile. Moreover, the investment needs to be taken care of in terms of speed, size, location, & industries. Hence, Elevator Equity is made with the ability to scale as needed. And thus, gives a seamless experience to the investors and entrepreneurs with varying needs.


App security has been our priority and we made sure that this project gets the best of our expertise for it. The intricate, unique data of the entrepreneurs, raises a concern for copyrights, IPR, and Privacy.

Besides, financial transactions of varying amounts are carried out on the platform. Hence, these details also need to be protected. it is integrated with secured Payment Gateway Stripes for trusted transactions.


This project's reach goes beyond borders, industries, and tech platforms. Made to function on all devices, it is accessible as a website as well as on iOS and Android. Thus, insured its availability & accessibility for all its users.


The flexibility of the project reflects in its performance, features, extendability, & customization. In addition to that, it becomes a low-risk platform for business idea investments with assured rewards and returns.

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