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School Bus Tracking Solution: A technical combo of IoT and Mobility

School Bus Tracking Solution: A technical combo of IoT and Mobility

One of the largest services ever is the School Bus service. There are lots of small students who use this service regularly to reach their academic institutions. Many parents cannot accompany their students to the school and have to commute to their places of work. Though the school might be a safe haven, the transport systems might not be so.

The unavailability of proper means of transport would become a constant reason for worrying for parents. The school bus is a much safer mode of transportation than most other means of public transport.

Technology has progressed at a very rapid pace today and Mobility & Iot are changing the lives of human in recent times. One of the best ways to handle the situation could be the usage of a School Bus Tracking Solution that could help the parents know where their wards are at present.

Mobile app development has really made it quite easy for people to create apps that can be used in regular activities. The deployment of such apps in this field has made the tracking of school buses much safer and methodical.

So in this write-up we have :

  • The necessity of the School Bus tracking solution.
  • The modern school bus tracking system
  • What can the apps do about the on-road safety of the commuters inside?
  • What has been the major problems with the old tracking systems?
  • How can the tracking or mobility solutions be accessed?
  • What are the major features of the school bus tracking application?
  • What are the advantages of the school bus tracking system?
  • What would ensure the right school bus tracking solution?

Let us dive deeply.

What is the necessity of the School Bus Tracking Solution?

With the help of IOT App Development Platforms, it is possible to create efficient tracking applications that can be used as a school bus tracking solution. Road accidents are very frequent and unlike most other transport networks, the road transports are not very well-coordinated. It is quite easy for vehicles to engage in accidents. This is not at all true for rail, air and water transports.

The GPS Bus tracking app can, therefore, be helpful in cases of emergencies and to help parents to know where their kids are and if they are safe.

Parents live in constant fear

Most doting parents are always worrying about their children. They would be worried about their wards until they return home safely. Though the students are in safe hands in schools, the daily means of commute to the school and back might make most parents become anxious.

The truth is that roads are generally not safe and accidents have been quite frequent. It has been found that drivers have been responsible for 77% of the accidents. Driving distractions, an influence of intoxicating substances and overtaking or speeding have remained the top reasons for which the drivers can be deemed responsible. Using mobiles can be said to be among the major problems that cause the most problems.

IoT app development services can minimize most of the mishaps and prevent the rowdy drivers from doing something messy. But most school administrations do not bring the latest technology into the school bus fleet. Proper and dedicated mobile app development can save the lives of hundreds of innocent school children.

What do the modern school bus tracking systems generally consist of?

The IoT app development companies generally combine the GSM, GPS and the RFID technologies in these school bus apps. Thus, these apps can track the drop and pick up times of the students and even the locations.

The attendance of the pupils on the bus can also be marked through the app. The absence of the students can also be accounted for. It would help the driver to remain alert at all times and the parents can feel safe, thanks to the IoT and mobility solutions.

Not only that, the people who operate the school bus services can use these apps to optimize the bus routes as per the necessity and adjust the route utilization. The running costs can be largely reduced and they would be able to comply with the latest regulations that exist in the school transport sectors.

What can the apps do about the on-road safety of the commuters inside?

The IoT app development company would generally configure the on-board diagnostics tools on the vehicle. These OBD devices can generally be found on or under the dashboard of the vehicle and offer vital information about the performance of the school bus. In addition to the location of the bus, important information about the status of the bus can be offered.

The apps would be sophisticated enough to detect those rowdy drivers who overspeeds, cut the corners harshly, overtakes other vehicles and take sudden turns. If the school administration or the bus service operators feel that the driver has gone overboard, the engine can be immobilized remotely and necessary action can be taken to save the innocent children.

To help the driver stay undistracted during driving, the mobile phone of the driver would enter lockdown as soon as the on-board diagnostics would detect motion.

What has been the major problems with the old tracking systems?

Mobile app development has never been this systematic and spill proof as it is now. The old tracking systems might have been around for quite some time. These systems can only report the real-time location of the school buses through the GSM and the GPS tracking solution.

These systems are not sophisticated enough to check the condition of the vehicle or control the drivers who drive unsafely. These systems cannot alert the distracted drivers and lockdown the vehicles which are engaging high speeds. It cannot report a drunken driver as well.

How can the tracking or mobility solutions be accessed ?

The school bus tracking solutions are made such that they can be accessed easily with a mobile device. They should also be easily accessed from the dashboard software or the desktop browsers. There would be a GPS chip inside the on-board diagnostics tool which would feed information about the host bus. All the information would be served to the public cloud through 4G.

The devices which can access the cloud would be able to track the location of the school bus in real-time. The school authorities can access it through desktops and the parents can get quick notifications over the phone. It could even be present at the tablets of gatekeepers at the school or the desktop or the smartphones of the school principal.

What are the major features of the school bus tracking application ?

The developers use the IoT app development platforms to create tracking systems that can be used to manage the fleet of buses effortlessly and transform the school buses into Smart Buses. These services should be enough to facilitate the administration and ensure the safety of the children. These bus services would not only help in the transportation of school children but even the corporate employees who use these services to reach their places of work.

Real-time tracking is perhaps the most important feature in the whole thing, which can be found even in the old bus services. The route replay feature would show the route the bus has taken in the journey. There could even be a geo-fence feature which would trigger alerts as soon as the bus leaves a certain area. The geo-tagging features would mark the bus stops and mark those areas on the map.

The parent alerts would involve sending alerts to the parents as to the time when the bus would be reaching the respective stop. The speed estimates would offer the average and instantaneous speed of the bus. The over-speeding alerts would over SMS alerts as soon as the buses exceed a certain set limit. These tracking features are very useful no matter irrespective of the school and the people involved. The tools are simple yet effective.

What are the advantages of the school bus tracking system ?

One of the important things that come to view whenever such apps are mentioned is the level of automation that can be found in them. Proper mobile app development techniques would make the systems far beyond the procedural or human errors. This can be maintained by controlling the bus transportation and proper facilitation and tracking methods. This is what best fits most IoT services.

But how do they effectively help the school bus services? The following are the reasons:

Simplifying the entire management

The school bus tracking solution provides lots of benefits to the school authorities. Most of the operation including scheduling and routing would become completely automated. The school authorities just need to check from time to time if everything is working properly and take action only if something goes wrong. With so many security features like sending regular alerts, checking the overspeeding of the vehicles, taking vehicular information from OBD tools, there is nothing much left to go wrong.

Time and energy used in re-scheduling and re-routing can be avoided entirely.

Increasing efficiency and saving costs

Manual re-scheduling and routing could be erroneous and could even invite fines from the regulatory authorities. These problems can be completely avoided with the help of the management systems involving RFID. These systems would even permit the authorities to be conscious about the number of miles travelled by the bus and check the mileage of each vehicle properly. This would even reorganize the payroll of the driver.

The school authorities would be able to oversee the entire procedure. They would get to know how resourcefully the school buses are running and if there is any idling of the bus. The instances of overtaking and overspeeding by the drivers can also be noticed. This way it would be easier to keep a check on the rowdy drivers and ensure the safety of the students.

Easier to maintain essential logs

The activity and movements of the school buses through the GPS bus tracking app can be checked. It would be a great instrument to track children with the RFID tags on the occasion that they disappear. The database can even be used to find those circumstances that lead to a crash or the mishap.

A way to check attendance

The IoT App Development companies can create applications that can record the attendance in the school bus effortlessly and rapidly. These attendance details would be sent to the database of the school through a data connection. Without this solution, it could become very tough to ensure the presence of the child discreetly. Not only that, marking attendance is quite susceptible to errors.

Less worrying on behalf of the parents

Parents who receive notifications about the whereabouts of their children are less likely to worry and call the school authorities. This would save time for both the parties.

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What would ensure the right school bus tracking solution?

IoT has helped modern technologies to reach a height that has never been suscepted before. The following are some of the points that would ensure a proper tracking solution.

A comprehensive solution

One of the most important things to consider is whether the consumers would like an app that is focused on just one feature or provide solutions that offer superior safety. The advances solutions would be rich in high-class technology. Fleet optimization, operational efficiency, resource management and information repository are some of the features that would make the applications interesting.

Investment costs

One of the things to consider is to look at the investment cost. If you would like to add more features to the development of the app, you would also require better acceptance from the customers, e.g. the school authorities. Also, you might need to pay for the cloud services and you should take these into consideration.

Terms of deployment

Deploying the solution is another fact to be considered. Would the facilities be a cloud-based technology or would someone be supervising the software? There would be pros and cons for each decision. The deployment services would also depend on the budget limitations.

Monitoring the services

Monitoring the services is another thing to consider. It could just be based on data and numbers fed to the system or there could be efficient GPS tracking as well. Geo-fencing and geo-tagging are some other techniques that could be used as well. Also, you should research before using these tools in the solution.

Cessation !

These technologies provide a wonderful way to track bus location and ease the tension of the parents. It is the duty and responsibility of the school authorities to take care of the children and make the parents feel safe. Technology is improving and IoT and mobility features are becoming very common.

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