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A pretty website is good, but a pretty website that sells is even better. At eSparkBiz, we're a ecommerce website design company who gives you both - high quality & responsive web design that generates better results.

  • Product Catalog For - Compelling & organized
    The design of your product pages will affect your sales. More images and more information about each product is typically better, especially when presented in an easy-to-use design.
  • Shopping Cart & Checkout For -Simplified to convert sales
    Our goal is to reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase revenue. We take advantage of the latest and most effective usability techniques to ensure visitors remain happy and continue through the entire process.
  • Security For - theft protection
    Never overlook the basics when it comes to managing a secure e-commerce website.

Bespoke eCommerce

Your new online shop will be your number one salesman, so make sure it's highly effective and built to convert.

When you ask us to build your ecommerce website design, we'll use proven techniques and years of experience to deliver an online application that helps get you business.

Designed around your customers, your eCommerce website will allow users to find items and make purchases in the simplest possible way - all while looking polished and professional.

And that's one big tick in the customer service box.

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Powerful Software

Every ecommerce website design we create is bespoke and integrated with the right software for your company. Not only will it work well for your customers, we'll ensure it meets the needs and requirements of your business.

With full training included upon completion of your site, you'll have access to a comprehensive administration area allowing you to manage products, orders, customers and much more.

Detailed sales reports and analytics keep you in the loop about how your ecommerce website is performing, allowing you to accurately measure your ROI.

Our Proven Process

An experienced member of our team will be on hand to guide you through your project.

Our design process follows a proven 5 step approach. We begin with a deep understanding of your needs and create a planning template. Next, we provide wireframes and mockups that allow you to visualize the structure that we are developing. Our time-tested approach to quality control insures that the end product.

On Going Support

Some of our works.

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Ready for ideas and coffee?

We're always on the lookout for clients who have big ideas, whether you're a start-up company with big ideas or an established brand ready to make a big impact.

eCommerce standard features.

Our ecommerce websites are built to make the buying process as simple and enjoyable as possible for the user. That is why each of our clients see increases in traffic, sales, and repeat visitors.


The web site should be clutter-free and as breathable as possible. This improves readability and hence performance. Place only the relevant and important links on your site. For instance, stick to using just the product tittle discretion and details, don't over do it with other advertisements or irrelevant data.


The consistency of your pages adds to the usability of the website. The user should be comfortable with using your website and features like layout and navigation should remain consistent as the user would not appreciate having to learn the same for each page of your website they visit.

Visible Shopping Cart

This is very important as it contributes to the overall usability of the website. If the shopping cart is always visible it reassures visitors as they can check out what's in their shopping cart at any point of time. It also facilitates a quick checkout.


Your website should not require a user manual to work on. Visitors to your site should be able to understand what to do and how to do it. The success of your website lies in nailing this feature.

Easy Navigation

Use breadcrumb trials to enable users to know where they are on your site and how they got there. Using drop down menus are also a good idea as they demonstrate the structure of the website.

Easy Checkout

This is essential to see your customer through the entire process of purchasing a product. If the checkout process is too complicated the user might decide not to buy it off your site.

Strong Calls-to-Action

This is imperative and pays the way to the ultimate goal of your website. When a user has to purchase anything off your website they are required to perform a set of actions(Add to Cart, Checkout, Make Payment) that ultimately lead them to the payment page.

Featured Promotions

Highlighting promotional and seasonal offers on the homepage essentially helps improve sales.

Order Tracking

This feature is very useful to know the status of the product delivery and users appreciate it.

Sorting, Filtering, and Viewing All

Customizing and personalizing the website depending on individual users is a good idea. Include options like sorting and filtering.

Save for Later

Many shoppers like to choose their products first and then pay for them later, so enable an option of saving the shopping cart.

Related Products

Often users don't know exactly what they are looking for, so displaying a list of related items would help them make an easy decision. This feature also adds to user-experience.

Out of Stock

If you run out of stock for a particular product, enable users to leave an email address so that you can notify them when you replenish the stock.

Quick Preview

Quick previews are essential for every ecommerce website to perform well. Quick previews enable users to go through all the details of a product without having to go through the entire process of waiting for a new page to download.

Shipping Cost Calculator

Clearly display your shipping policy and enable users to calculate the shipping cost of the product directly from your shopping cart before they proceed to checkout. This helps them make an informed decision.

Product Details

Make sure you put up all the necessary information about the product to ensure that the customer is fully satisfied with what he sees and purchases the product.

Share Features

Enable options like facebook shares, email a friend, google +1 etc so that users can share their choices and preferences. This is a good way of marketing for your website.

Search and Auto-Complete

Including an auto-complete search bar helps user locate things that they are searching for. As it is an auto complete bar they get to know whether the product is available in a particular combination of keywords or not.

Dynamic Shopping Cart

A dynamic shopping cart is one which is a small window which is neatly tucked away in a place where it can be easily viewed and then populate it with products the user adds as he adds them.

Payment Confirmation

This page is essential to reassure customers about the transaction that was being performed as well as the status of the transaction.


All the important data regarding your website administration are kept here. The dashboard of your website should be customizable and give a summary of all the pertinent aspects like Stock details, stock items, info request, performance metrics sales figures, etc.

Administrative Management

eCommerce websites are huge and complex and often require a team to run and maintain it. A good design would enable you to run the administration easily by clearly demarcated different parts of the CMS to different individuals to manage.

META Data Control

Meta tags have to be handled well to improve your page ranking. You are required to customize the title tag of every page and also be able to create protocols or rules for types of pages to make tittle creation easier.

Tracking Code Addition and Editing

You should be able to easily edit and track codes on various pages of your Google analytics code or Google Website Optimizer. This will help you reduce testing time lines, as you would not require a web developer each time.


This xml file gives search engines the details of all the pages on your website, it's to ensure that all the pages get crawled.

Crawler Control

The CMS on your website should give you the control to set the pages that can be crawled by search engines. This is done using the robots.txt

Store Management

Just like your physical store, your online store should also be neat and orderly . You should be able to easily edit the categories, subcategories , product colors, sizes, description and product pages from the back end of your website.

Order Management

Being the administrator of your website, you should have a complete idea of the status of sales, shipping orders and important customer information on your website.

As a web design development company we build websites that perfectly captures owner's imagination without compromising usability, marketability and functionality.

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