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15 Best Shopify Plus Apps of 2020 to Run Your Storefront

By Mohit Surati Shopify 4 weeks ago 12 min read 116 Views

Shopify has created a great marketplace for everyone who wishes to sell their products online. Shopify Plus has added a charm to this platform. Today, we will explore the top Shopify Plus Apps for the year 2020.

Shopify is one of the best e-commerce platforms which is equipped with multiple useful features and is ready to use.

You can give your customers some great experience when you sell through this channel. But running your business through this platform can be quite tricky.

Management of customers, inventories, etc. is not an easy task at all. The way you manage your business would affect your reviews and the way you handle your challenges would make or break your online store.

To start up with Shopify Plus, you would get thousands of their apps. The future of your business would hugely depend on the app that you choose

In this article, we have listed 15 Best Shopify Plus apps of 2020 to run your storefront.

Here we have considered some categories and for each of the categories, we have picked up some of the best Shopify Plus Apps.


Marketing is one of the most important aspects of any business. You would need to let your customers know about the things that you are offering. This would increase your sales and take your business to new highs.

1. Privy


Privy is the best Shopify Plus Apps for both small and large scale businesses. This is one of the best apps to increase conversion by growing email lists and reducing abandoned carts through the targeted onsite display and email marketing. The best thing about this app is that it is very easy to use. You would be able to take your first marketing campaign live within a few minutes only.

You would also not need to have any experience in website development in order to use this app. Privy provides a very simple interface along with convenient and attractive templates that would increase your email lists. That’s why it is a favorite of the Shopify Development Company.

Price: You can get both free trial and free plan of this app, but if you wish to upgrade then the plan starts from $20/month.

2. AdRoll


This is a very useful and excellent Shopify Plus App, which would not only help you to boost sales but would also help you acquire new prospects.

Using the app, you would be able to create adds which would feature relevant or pre-viewed products which would encourage the visitors to look into the products and buy them.

Your loyal customer base would surely increase with the help of this app. You would also be able to understand the previous purchasers or cart abandoners based on their past activities.

This can prove to be very useful for future ad campaigns.

Price: This is one of the free apps in Shopify, that can help to boost your business in the best possible way.

Store Design

With the help of these Shopify Plus Apps, you would be able to customize your online shops and give them that appearance that would appeal to the masses.

These would help in improving the experiences of your customers, which would, in turn, affect the conversion rate positively.

From creating and editing pages to customizing images, you would be able to make your online store more professional using these apps.

3. PageFly


This is an advanced page builder that comes with drag and drop options, which helps in optimizing the conversion rate of your online store.

Using this top Shopify App For 2020, one can build different types of website pages like homepage, product page, landing page and so on.

You can customize everything quite easily with 50 ready to use templates and with Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), multiple problems can be solved at once.

Price: You would initially get a free 14 days trial, then you can either go for the free app or an upgrade, the price of which starts from $29.99/month.

4. Photo Resize


Having the right pictures of your products are very important for your online business.

It would give your customers the right insight into the things that they are buying.

The Photo Resize app by Pixc would help you to customize all the photos in your online store.

They would automatically resize it to the perfect square ratio and you would not have to resize all of them manually, which would save a lot of your time.

This means you would be able to achieve that professional look for your online store without much hassle. The app will automatically detect your newly uploaded photos and resize them.

Price: The app would cost you $19.99/month.

Loyalty, Rewards, and Reviews

 When a customer is loyal to your online store, you would need to give special attention to them, so that their loyalty remains with you.

Rewards in the form of cashback, discounts, free products can encourage a customer to buy more from you.

Also, new customers look out for reviews before buying products from your store to ensure quality, so these are quite important.



This basically provides an incentive to your customers and rewards them for maintaining their loyalty with your store.

Customers can also write reviews and share their shopping experience through this app, along with many other actions.

You would also be able to create VIP for your top customers and give them the rewards of your choice, like coupons, perks, etc.

Price: It can be availed for free but in case you wish to upgrade, plans start from $50/month.

6. Yotpo


Yet another Shopify Plus Apps that would help businesses, irrespective of its size, to collect and show reviews, photos, etc throughout the journey of the buyer so as to build their trust, increase traffic and Lead Conversion Ratio.

It would let your customers leave reviews for products that would enhance the social appearance of the business. The best thing about this app is that it can be integrated with other apps available on Shopify.

This means that the reviews would be available in many other places, along with social media messages and abandoned cart mail list.

Price:  It can be availed for free but if you wish to upgrade, plans start from $29/month.

Shipping and Tracking

Customers need to get their products delivered on time, and getting so would enhance their experience.

Although Shopify does handle the basic shipping and tracking arrangements, some of the additional features are there that cannot be handled by Shopify.

7. Multi-Carrier Shipping Label

Multi Carrier Shipping Label

This is an end-to-end shipping solution as this integrates with multiple carriers and also automates the overall order fulfillment processes.

The shipping rates from different delivery partners can also be seen from this app. It also helps in printing shipping labels for bulk orders, and provide other tracking details to your customers via email.

Price: You would get a free trial of 14 days for this app, the prices, however, ranges between $9 to $99/ month.

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8. Shipment tracking & Notify

Shipment Tracking And Notify

You would not only get live email tracking notifications but would also get a tracking lookup page. This basically acts as complete tracking solutions for your online store.

You can perform various activities using this app, like sending automatic Push Notifications when there is a tracking status change, more customer engagement through integrated tracking lookup page and get the live updates on tracking dashboard.

You would also be able to monitor the shipments from different integrated carriers.

Price: There is a free trial of 7 days, a post that the pricing ranges between $9 and $99/month.

Best Shopify Plus Apps 2020

Customer Support and Alerts

One of the most important aspects of any online business is you should be able to solve all the queries of the customers and make their shopping journey a better one. These apps in Shopify exactly helps in doing that.

9. Gorgias


This is a helpdesk or customer support app designed for your online store. This app would allow your customer service team to manage everything in one place.

This app helps in reducing the ticket’s first waiting time of the customers, increasing the overall efficiency of the support team.

This is an all in one help desk manager, where you can use various channels including emails, chat, calls and social media. You can view all the support tickets in one place, which would save your money and time.

Price: The app comes with a 14 days free trial, a post that you can buy packages starting at $19/month.

10. Back in Stock

Back In Stock

Customer support always does not mean answering to their queries but also providing them with all that they need. Often customers would try to buy products that have gone out of stock, and not getting it might make them feel distressed.

This app would notify the concerned customers when the products have been restocked through automated emails. This app can also be integrated with other apps using which the emails are sent to the given customers.

Price: The app comes with a 30 days free trial, a post that you can buy packages starting at $19/month.

Sales Boost and Conversion Rate Increment

The prime motive of your business is to gain revenue. This can be done by increasing sales.

Once a visitor is at your website, they must be attracted to transform themselves to potential customers. Let us talk about apps that can help you to achieve that.

11. ReferralCandy

Referral Candy

Getting referred by your customers is one of the best ways to expose your business to more people.

With this app, you would be able to reward your customers who have referred your products to others. You would have full control over the referral reward program using this app.

There is a facility to choose among cash, coupons or special gifts as rewards. You can integrate the app with popular email marketing channels so as to get more referrals.

Price: You would get a 30 days free trial, after that you can buy the package at $49/month.

Payment and Billing

You should have a reliable app using which you can receive all the payments and also do the billing properly.

Also, you should be able to give your customers the option to pay via different channels as per their convenience.

12. ReCharge


This app offers a variety of features for recurring billing.

You would be able to decide when you bulk the customers and the customers would also be able to manage their subscriptions from your website itself.

You would also get the option of multiple credit card integrations, multiple delivery options, etc. along with many other features. Hire Shopify Developers to know more about this app.

Pricing: You would get a 60 days free trial, then the monthly subscriptions would start at $39.99/month.

13. Bold Subscriptions

Bold Subscriptions

This is an easy way to add beautiful and powerful subscriptions to your online store. This is the only app on Shopify using which one would be able to subscribe to specific products, a cart or even a mixed cart. It can also easily integrate with many other related apps.

Pricing: This one comes with a 60 days free trial, the rates of the packages, however, start from $29.99/month.

Search, Recommendations, and Collections

Your customers should be able to search the products easily and they should also get recommendations based on their search. This would improve their user experience and in turn, your conversion rate.

14. Findyfy


This personalizes the experience of the products to increase sales dramatically. This app is equipped with a powerful AI engine that recommends the users with the products that they really wish to buy. This is done based on the searches and browsing of the customers.

This acts as a personal shopper. It notices the behavior of each shopper and then recommends them with the products that they are most likely to buy.

Price: This app comes with 14 days of a free trial, however, the plans start from $499/month.

15. Smart Search & Instant Search

Smart Search & Instant Search

This multilingual search Shopify Plus Apps by Searchanise which is great for local apps and also for cross border selling.

Once your customers start typing in the search box, it would show all the related products, pages and categories in a single widget.

It would remember your search history and uses this information to recommend what is really right for the customers.

Price: Free trial is for 14 days and then plan starts from $9/month.


Shopify has been a goto choice for E-Commerce Storefront in the last few years or So. With the innovation of Shopify Plus, businesses will surely get lured towards this platform more & more.

For utilizing the Shopify Plus platform to its fullest potential, you need to be aware of all its apps. It will surely help you in the long run, without any doubt.!

Taking this scenario into consideration, here we have provided you with the top 15 Shopify Plus Apps for the year 2020 which will seal the deal for you.

We hope you had a great time reading this article and it will be helpful to you in the long term. Thank You.!

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