Our policies involving Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

Being a globally recognized IT development company, we consider it our responsibility to build our business with respect for human rights and care for the environment. Here, we highly value sustainability and believe that it is the base for a successful business strategy.

We highly believe in human rights and thoroughly practice it at our workplace. At eSparkbiz, we offer unbiased service to all and do not treat any customer or employee on the basis of their gender, age or nationality. We do not violate human rights or accept its abuse, and avoid forced labor with employees

We highly value our employees, hence, we responsibly keep them in a safe working environment. Each employee is guided to follow safe work practices and is provided with aid and medication whenever they need it on an immediate basis. We instruct our employees to immediately report an unsafe situation at the workplace.

Environment protection is something we adhere to. We obligate on addressing environmental and climate changes. We also encourage our clients and business partners to follow the primary environments rules which includes the following:

  • Avoid using plastic and paper cups and instead make use of reusable cups
  • Incorporate energy-efficient equipments like led lights and more
  • Minimizing the use of paper by replacing it with digital documents etc
  • Recycle old work stuff like light bulbs etc
  • We motivate employees to maintain personal hygiene at personal level as well as at the workplace.

Business ethics defines an efficient business strategy. Our transparent business operations help eliminate factors like anti-fraud, anti-corruptions, bribery and coercion. This approach enables us to maintain or build trust of employees as well as of customers and business partners.

We are consistent with our sustainability ideas and also open to promoting on a global scale. With the use of marketing materials and corporate websites we share our knowledge to the corporate website across the globe with an aim to make IT business more sustainable.

Our sustainability policy is shared to all the clients who partner with us and expect them to follow the human right and environment principles. We appreciate our business partners and vendors considering the impact of how their business or ours conjointly can cause and take required measures to prevent negative consequences.

In order to identify sustainability problems at an early stage we have adopted a complete transparent complaints procedure. To keep a positive business image it's vital to prevent conflicts. We handle user complaints and concerns systematically on a regular basis. We look into the complaints to avoid any further issues.

We continually and attentively work for improvements and review sustainability policy annually. Additionally, we provide policy updates and monitoring. We make sure to align our business goals and sustainability aims.

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