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The market is witnessing technological ups and downs every now and then. With these changes in technology fads kissing our feet, our main focus remains unchanged which is optimization of these apps. The main reason behind this is to they shouldn’t be bounded to a particular platform and device. This target is achieved with the combination of our expertise and your business requirements. With our highly skilled App Developers, we ensure to meet your business needs with Swift applications.

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Tie your goals for Swift App Development with us

An IT organization who can provide customized solutions in Swift app development is the need right now. Our highly skilled & dedicated application developers are trying to anchorage this revolutionary technology with innovative Swift application ideas. Thus to pace up with these trends, we continuously analyze the market and recent booming technologies that are driving the market.

If you are aiming to put your business to a level up a position with Swift app development, then our company will aid in this. We’re one of the leading Mobile App Development Company in New York. Since Swift technology is capturing all the attention due to its rich features, our developers had geared up to develop customized Swift applications for providing an enhanced version of the app with the increase in user engagements and downloads. For that purpose, we utilize the latest technologies, platforms & architecture available for Swift app Development. Our strong communication is the base of a successful app building process.

At eSparkBiz, we craft native iPhone mobile applications using Swift in order to assure that your app is fast and reliable in nature. For this purpose, we have appointed a team of highly skilled and experienced Swift app developers who help us to build clean, robust and highly engaging Swift app solutions. Over the last decade or so, we have worked on a wide range of verticals starting from consumer to enterprise-level apps including Entertainment, Healthcare, Lifestyle, Real State, Restaurant, Retail, and Education.

Swift App Benefits

  • Open Source thus developer friendly
  • Easiest to read and write the code
  • The maintenance of the code is easy
  • Swift is a fast app development language
  • Proven compatibility with objective-C
  • Prone to less number of errors

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Our Swift App Development Services

Since swift application development is our forte, the varieties of services we offer are as follows

Custom Swift App Development

Crafting a customized Swift application considering the requirements put in front by the businesses thus providing a powerfully built, secure, flexible & Scalable solution.

Enterprise Oriented Solutions

Share your ideas & avail an enterprise-oriented Swift application which incorporates your business methodology.

Migration & Upgradation Services

Be it a migration of your app to another platform or upgrading the present version of the app, we’re there for you.

Swift App Consulting Services

Do you want to know about Swift Application Development Services & their requirements? Then, feel free to connect with us.

Swift App Support & Maintenance

Our young and dynamic team of Swift app professionals provide 24*7 support & maintenance services for any of your application.

QA and Testing Services

We believe in quality work & for that purpose, our QA team conduct various tests before finalizing the end product.

Our Best Swift Apps that we had developed

Everything You Need to Build, Deploy and Launch an Amazing Swift App.

Health App

This app provides you with different solutions for managing your stress levels and proper diet.

Travel App

Provides a wide range of hotels with fares, people around you, travel fares, etc. Perfect Holiday planner application with rich features.

Share your ride app

Share your ride app enables users to select people with whom you want to share your ride on your route using Swift with push notifications.

Food Delivery App

One of the most successful apps using Swift including push notification.

Weather App

Our team has done a fabulous job by building a weather app which not only provides temperature but also suggests what to wear for the day, what should we have as per the weather.

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Why Swift Language for Mobile App Development?

eSparkBiz has always taken the most complex challenges as far as Swift App Development is concerned. Here’s a list of business verticals we work on.

Mix of C and Objective-C

Mix of C and Objective-C

It utilizes a mixture of C and Objective-C which makes it easy for developers to learn.

Adds feature to existing iOS apps

Adds feature to existing iOS apps

With this programming language, you can add features to any of your existing iOS apps.

Very fast and efficient language

Very fast and efficient language

Swift is very rapid and agile development language apart from being highly efficient.

Modern Programming Language by Apple

Modern Programming Language by Apple

It's s the modern day programming language and it is the central focus of Apple Inc.

Clean and Powerful coding

Clean and Powerful coding

With this language, developers have to write less amount of code for powerful features.

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