Innovative Methods To Test Apps With Our Automation Testing Services

Over the years, researchers have found that around 50% of the software development projects never meet their goals or objectives. The two primary reasons for that are lack of proper scheduling and wrong budget estimation. All these factors make a dent in the customer satisfaction ratio and reduce the ROI & revenue of your product.

That’s where the role of Software Testing Services comes into the picture. We offer you a methodology where you can test and verify the results of your web/mobile application. The procedure works well for regression testing & during development.

We at eSparkBiz, one of the leading Test Automation Service Provider companies, are offering a complete testing roadmap for clients. We don’t just focus on crafting automation scripts. We build a robust automation testing cycle to obtain world-class products.

  • 50+Testing Devices
  • Avg 3+Years Of Experience
  • 10QA Experts

Offering Software TestingServices Across Development Phases

We at eSparkBiz, one of the leading QA Automation Testing Providers, believes in nothing less than excellence & quality. That's why we have decided to support our clients with our testing automation services during any phase of development. Our QA team will assess your needs and based on that suggest testing packages for uplifting your product.

Full-Cycle Testing

Being one of the top-rated Functional Testing Services providers, we at eSparkBiz concentrate on 360-degree testing methodology. It consists of various testing types such as integration testing, regression testing, black/white box testing, user acceptance testing, etc.

Project Rescue

Our highly skilled and talented Performance Testing Services team excel in saving software development projects who’re at midway. We assure to get your project back on track & rescue it from jeopardy. For that purpose, we make use of innovative & intelligent strategies.

Support & Enhancement

We never leave any of our clients after the project completion who partner with us for Test Automation Solutions. That is the reason why we offer clients support and enhancement services. It will help you to improve your software or resolve any bugs that are present.

Make Apps Bug-Free By Availing QA Automation Testing Service

We at eSparkBiz believe in the client-first approach and that's why we have started to offer selenium testing services to various clients around the globe. Our highly skilled testing team offers automation testing service for:


Being one of the prime providers of Manual Testing Services in the USA, our highly skilled QA team is providing 360-degree testing services for a Web App Development. It comprises CMS, SaaS Solution, Cloud-Based Solution, etc. We craft customized test cases that work across browsers.

  • End-to-End Usability
  • High-Level Functionality
  • Robust Security

web testing

Our Wide Range Of Automation Testing Services

Being one of the most prominent Mobile Testing Services providers in India & the USA, we at eSparkBiz focuses on offering a wide range of Manual & Automation Testing Services that can help the clients. Here's what we have to offer:

UI Automation Testing Services

We at eSparkBiz, one of the top-rated Mobile QA Testing service provider in India & USA, are offering 360-degree UI Automation Testing services for mobile as well as web. Our highly skilled and experienced QA professionals make use of Selenium as well as the iOS Automation Framework for this purpose.

Automated REST API Testing

In the last few years or so, REST Web Services have become an integral part of the modernized app. In this kind of scenario, keeping the REST interface safe and sound is vital. We at eSparkBiz, a Mobile App Development company, are offering Automated REST API Testing Services to ensure robust REST APIs.

Automated Unit Testing

As you know, Unit Testing plays a vital role when you talk about business logic and functional code. For MVC applications, our QA Testing team advice automation testing for Data Access & Service Layer. We make use of modernized test automation tools for Unit Testing to ensure reliability & robustness.

Automated Load Testing For Web Services And Stress Testing

Load Testing has become an integral part of 360-degree Automation Testing Services. That’s is the reason why we at eSparkBiz, one of the prime Test Automation Services providers, have decided to offer Load Testing & Stress Testing services. It will help you know the scaling capability of your system.

Our Automation Testing Process

Each company has a fixed process for the Automation Testing which has given them success and the same is the case with eSparkBiz Technologies. Our experienced QA professionals get on board right from analysis to the release.

Assessment Phase

Planning Phase

Automation & Process Phase

Execution Phase

Test Review Phase

The first phase in our Software Testing Services is the Assesment Phase where our QA professionals conduct a meeting with clients and understand their products as well as its requirements.

  • Dedicating Platforms & Technologies
  • Finalizing Devices & Browers
  • Analyzing UI & Business Logic

The second phase in our Performance Testing Services is the Planning Phase where our QA professionals recognize the testing areas, testing approaches and also select the appropriate tools.

  • Finalizing The Areas Of Testing
  • Deciding The Testing Methodology
  • Installing The Testing Tools

The third phase in our Mobile Testing Services is the Automation & Process Phase where our QA professionals decide the testing framework and also design a script that will be used later on.

  • Finalizing The Testing Framework
  • Preparing The Script

So far, we have planned everything for Mobile QA Testing services. Now, it's time to execute everything. In the Execution Phase, our QA Testing team automate test case & collect the results.

  • Automating Test Cases
  • Capturing All The Results
  • Review & Analysis

The last phase in Functional Testing Services is the Test Review Phase where our QA carries out the analysis of pass as well as the fail test cases. They also create a summary of that.

  • Analyzing Pass/Fail Test Cases
  • Test Summary Report
test review phase

Test Automation ToolsWe Utilized At eSparkBiz

We at eSparkBiz always believe in utilizing the latest tools and technologies and the same applies to the case of Automation Testing. Our QA professionals make use of best-in-class infrastructure to ensure the robustness of your products. Here's a list of automation testing tools utilized by eSparkBiz's QA professionals.

Tools image
Tools image
Tools image
Tools image
Tools image

Our Test Automation Maturity Model

The need of the art is to have a Maturity Model for your Automation Testing Services. That's where eSparkBiz, a top-rated QA Automation Testing services provider, has designed a maturity model that can align with needs like customization & flexibility.

Manual Testing

Automated Testing - Beginner

Automated Testing - Advanced

Automated Testing - Maturity

Scriptless Test Automation

If you're someone who is associated with the Automation Testing field, then you must be knowing that no automation is 100%. You need to use Manual Testing somewhere in the mix.

We at eSparkBiz are offering Manual Testing Services as well. However, the process isn’t feasible in a scenario where budget & time are main constraints and you need to perform testing multiple times.

manual testing

This is the primary level of automation. eSparkBiz is one of the leading Mobile App Testing Company in India & USA that follows this approach. Here, the focus will be on automating the test cases through scripts.

Initially, it will take a lot of time to get these things done. The other downside of this maturity model is that automating complex scenario becomes unmanageable.

automated testing begineer

In the advanced level of automation testing maturity model, you will get 30-40% automated executions. The Test Automation Solutions are reusable and it helps you to uplift the overall productivity.

However, you need to have a dedicated team for Manual Testing as well. The automation of test cases is entirely dependent on the skill of resources. So the operational cost is higher.

advance testing

As the name suggests, the testing automation model gets into the maturity phase. This model can scale up easily across the apps. We at eSparkBiz provide details regarding this model to clients.

The models have a high level of usability and os, the engineers can easily run the script to manage this model. The only downside is that test engineers won’t be a direct part of automation.

automated testing maturity

This the new age of automation testing solutions. The models come with a framework where there is no need for scripting. The model comes with intuitive GUI. Easy to scale across automation teams, tools, technologies and scenarios.

The model has the highest level of maturity & it also uplifts the efficiency. In addition, the model puts emphasis on test cases and ensures optimum ROI.

scriptless automation

Keeping It Real

As one of the leading Test Automation Services Provider, we keep complete transparency with our clients. There are many projects where you can’t achieve 100% automation test coverage. So, we have set some criteria for that.

  • Not every test case is bound to be automated.
  • Record & playback rarely helps in automation.
  • The benefits of automation are realized after a few cycles.
  • No automation tool provides supports all the systems.
  • You can not expect an immediate ROI.

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Why Choose eSparkBiz For Automation Testing?

eSparkBiz is one of the finest Automation Testing Services providers in India & USA who is providing 360-degree testing solutions to various business verticals around the globe. Here's a list of reasons for which you should choose us for Automation Testing.

Dedicated QA Department

Being one of the top-rated Software Testing Services providers, eSparkBiz has put up a team of industry experts for QA.

Fully Transparent Process

We at eSparkBiz, a pro in Performance Testing Services, keep transparency with clients who partner with us for testing.

Saving Time & Money

We know time & money you’re investing is vital and that’s why we always come up with a process that saves operational cost.

Flexible Hiring Models

Being a top-rated Test Automation Solutions provider, eSparkBiz offers flexible hiring models to clients as per the need.

Reliable Process

eSparkBiz is one of the top Mobile App Testing Company that utilizes maturity models to ensure reliable products for you.

Regular Reporting

Our highly skilled and experienced QA team keep regular communication with clients and inform them about project progress.

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