12 Easy Hacks To Improve Product Search With Shopify Development

By Mohit Surati ECommerce, Shopify March 22, 2019 11 min read 993 Views

12 Ways Improve Product Search With Shopify Development

  1. A Brief Introduction To Shopify
  2. Why Product Search Matters?
  3. Tips To Improve Product Search On Shopify
    1. Make Your Search Box Easy To Spot
    2. Make Use Of MetaFields Editor
    3. Implement Fast Search
    4. Using Autocomplete
    5. Using Images For Product Name
    6. Utilize A Big Enough Search Box
    7. Keep Search Box On Each Page
    8. Give Department Specific Search Option
    9. Allow Users To Search Products By Product Code
    10. Put Emphasis On Mobile Search
    11. Make Use Natural Language Processing (NLP)
    12. Avoid Zero Search Result

1.  A Brief Introduction To Shopify

The above quote is good enough to know the importance of E-Commerce in today’s day & age.

Now, one of the platforms that have captured the imagination of merchants around the world for online retail business is Shopify.

Shopify is an all-around E-Commerce platform that allows you to start, manage the grow your online business with the utmost ease.

You can customize the marketplace as per your need. There are many Shopify App Development Tutorial available on the web which will help you in this matter.

Shopify is self-hosted and cloud-based E-Commerce platform and therefore, you don’t need about updating or maintaining the latest software. You can also develop Custom Shopify Plus App according to the requirement of your business.

As per a survey, the Shopify revenue for the year 2018 will be around $1.045 – $1.055 billion which clearly shows that it’s a booming platform right now.

2. Why Product Search Matters?

If you’re someone who is working in a Shopify App Development for a long time, then you must be knowing that Product Search matters a lot in any online store. The same is the case with Shopify Filter Search Results which has vital importance in Shopify business.

There are two primary reasons for which Product Search matters:

  • It helps you to save a lot of money by providing user what they want
  • According to a study carried out by Econsultancy, E-Commerce websites who have implemented the product search saw an increase of 80% in their conversion rate.
  • It assists you in making better business decisions with detail user insights

3. Tips To Improve Product Search On Shopify

3.1 Make Your Search Box Easy To Spot

Any developer or designer who has worked on any Custom Shopify App Development project must be knowing the importance of product search. Now, one of the best ways to improve that is by making the search box easy to spot for users. The reason behind that is, it enhances the UX.

As a customer, when you open any E-Commerce website, your first instinct to look for the search box. So, as an owner of an online storefront, when you’re implementing Shopify Search Settings, always emphasize the placement on your search box.

Here’s a list of some tips that you should follow to design a classy search box:

  • Place your search box away from any other distractions so that the user can recognize it.
  • Use a magnifying-glass icon for indicating the search box.
  • You can also use the ‘GO’ button next to the search box.
  • The search box should have a full open text field next to it.
  • Some user prefers ‘Enter’ for searching, while others click on ‘Search Button.’ So, provide your users with all kind of options.
  • Always place your search box at a location where user come most often.

3.2 Make Use Of MetaFields Editor

MetaFields Editor is one of the most effective ways to improve Shopify Visual Search for your online store. One great thing about this app is that it comes at a free of cost to you. The app allows you to add metafields related to a particular product which helps in improving search.

By using this app, you can add variant “tags” for a particular product through which you can find the product from the search box. In this manner, you’re implementing the concept of Shopify Advanced Search on your online storefront.

However, the MetaFields Editor will not directly work with the standard Shopify search functionality. To implement that on your website, you need to take the assistance of Shopify Custom Search. The developers need to add custom code for this type of feature.

3.3 Implement Fast Search

As there is a famous saying that,

“Time Is Money”

The same applies to the case of product search where it needs to fetch the details about the products within a few seconds.

If your search box takes a lot of time for fetching the details, then the user gets frustrated by that, and he/she won’t come back again to your online store. In short, this is terrible user experience.

Therefore, you should take the necessary measurement to make sure that your searching facility is high-speed. For that purpose, you can opt for an excellent cloud-based hosting solution. In addition to that, you can also take the help of CDN which significantly reduces your response time.

Here are the Top 10 Service Providers For Content Delivery Network (CDN) which you can utilize for your Shopify website.

For implementing fast search, you should Hire Shopify Developer from a well-known IT organization.

For any business, large or small, not to have a strategy is a big mistake.

– William M. Daley

3.4 Using Autocomplete

Since Google gave the concept of Autocompletion or Autosuggest, users have become a fan of that. When you start typing anything in the Google search box, it provides you with related search queries which means you don’t have to type the entire question and you can also fulfill the purpose. This concept improves the searching and integrates accuracy into the prediction.

You can also implement this kind of concept for your E-Commerce product search which will enhance the user experience. Shopify Search Autocomplete is one of the best methods to improve the product search for your Shopify store.

After implementing the Autocomplete, when the user selects a recommended product from the search box, He/She will directly move to the landing page of the product. It will help you to speed up the purchase cycle and also increase the overall conversions.

If the user selects a popular query, then He/She will the result page for a specific question without typing the product name. Many popular E-Commerce giants have implemented this concept for their website, and they’re reaping the rewards for that. You can also try this out for your store.

3.5 Using Images For Product Name

As there is a famous saying that,

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Images are a potent weapon, especially for the E-Commerce website. How about implementing this concept for your product search? Most of you haven’t thought about it. However, it’s time you give serious thought to this concept, as it can be beneficial for you.

You should make sure that your product images appear in the search box when any user searches for a specific product on your online storefront.

If you’re utilizing the concept of Autocomplete, then make sure you’re providing the thumbnails for each of the product in the sidebar as shown in the screenshot below.

3.6 Utilize A Big Enough Search Box

Over the years, with the experience in developing a lot of E-Commerce websites, we have seen that many E-Commerce website owners tend to opt for the shorter search text box which forces the user to write a quick query and sometimes, even trim the original question.


Instead of this, always opt for a big enough search box which can accommodate larger search queries. As a thumb rule, you should go for a 27-character long search box, as it comprises most of the user queries. It is handy for retailers who have a wide range of products.

3.7 Keep Search Box On Each Page

Any shopper who comes to your shop for the first time might get distracted by the scope of your products. If the user receives uncomfortable with your site’s look & feel, they will surely press the back button which will eliminate their search result.

To get rid of this scenario, you should display the search box on each page of your website. In addition to all that, you should place search-box on the top of the page or in the center, as that are the areas where the user attention span is the highest.

There is a small twist in this situation. Do not place the search box on your checkout page otherwise that could backfire horribly. For the rest of the pages, this tactic is relatively useful.

3.8 Give Department Specific Search Option

As an E-Commerce site owner, if you’re offering a wide range of products to the customers, then there is every chance that your customers might want to search the products by category. For that purpose, you need to provide them with Department-Specific searching functionality.

You may feel that it’s a straightforward trick. However, the results of this trick are unimaginable. Many E-Commerce store owners can increase their conversion rate with the help of this fantastic tactic. So, why not give it serious thought for your Shopify store.

For example, if you’re selling clothes on your Shopify store, then you should allow your shoppers to search for “Jeans,” “Shirt,” “Formal Trousers,” etc. It will add an extra layer of comfort for your shopper. It will also help you to enhance the user experience of your website.

3.9 Allow Users To Search Products By Product Code

It is not the feature that every user desire for, but for some user, it can be a great add-on. If you’re publishing a catalog of your products on your online store, then providing this type of functionality could prove beneficial for your user-experience, without a doubt.

If your users can find the products with the help of product code on your Shopify store, then they will be able to see the exact with they’re looking for which will make them happy. Now, you all know that customer satisfaction is the ultimate aim of any E-Commerce website, and with this kind of approach, you can achieve it very quickly.

3.10 Put Emphasis On Mobile Search

As you all know that, nowadays most of the website visitor comes from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Therefore, it becomes incredibly crucial that you put a significant emphasis on improving your Shopify store’s searching functionality for mobile search.

On desktop devices, you can view 7-8 products per page. While on the mobile device, you’re only able to see 1-2 products per page. It can irritate the user. However, if you provide a search box functionality, the mobile users can easily search the product they wish to buy. It will make their job more comfortable, and your customer satisfaction ration will surely go upwards.

3.11 Make Use Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Many E-Commerce giants like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, etc. are using the concept of Natural Language Processing (NLP). Still, most of the E-Commerce stores are not able to process Natural Language Queries.

What we mean by the NLP logic is that, when the user searches for a product or ask any question, He/She should be able to get a relevant answer.

For example, if a user searches an NLP query ‘blue men shoes under the size of 8’, then the user should be able to get the specific result as an answer. It will help you to save a lot of time as well as the effort. In addition to that, it also helps you to accelerate the buying process.

3.12 Avoid Zero Search Result

As an E-Commerce store owner, your biggest defeat is when anyone leaves your website without buying anything. This type of scenario should never happen on your Shopify store. To avoid that, you need to take care of Zero Search Result issue.

When a user search something on your online store, and He/She doesn’t get any results, it is known as a Zero Search Result scenario. It will be called lousy user experience.

Try to turn this type of problem into an opportunity. For that purpose, you can provide the Google Search Result for a product which doesn’t exist in your store. This way, you will give some useful information to your user instead of not providing anything related to that.


Nowadays when Shopify is one of the booming enterprise E-Commerce platforms, it becomes essential for the Shopify store owners to give importance product search.

Taking this scenario into consideration, here we have tried to provide you with 12 tips & tricks will help any Shopify Development Company to improve the product search on the Shopify store.

Which of these tricks are you following for your Shopify store? Do let us know in our comment section. If you’ve any query or suggestion, you can also write that in the comment section. We’ll try to respond to each one of them. Thank You.!

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