Top 8 Benefits Of CDN That Proves It Best For Your Business

Advancement in technology has been rapidly increasing day-by-day. It results in witnessing the newer technological inventions storming the market in no time.

Therefore with this change in technology, you need to gear up and walk at the same pace. A fast-loading website hence becomes the need of the hour for your business.

It’s essential that your contents and data are delivered as never before by your website. Thus the concept of CDN or Content Delivery Management comes into the picture.

What is a CDN?

According to a study, CDN, or Content Delivery Network, is a cluster of servers strategically placed across the globe with the purpose of delivering static content to users much faster. When a visitor makes a request to a website, that request is routed to the nearest possible CDN edge server, thus reducing latency and improving site speed.

Why CDN?

Let us consider two scenarios: without CDN and with CDN.

Without CDN: As shown in the figure below, irrespective of the user’s geographic location, information must be requested from the origin server. This server may be located miles away from the user. This is how information travels to an origin server without a CDN.

With CDN: Edge servers distribute static website data to visitors that are close to their geographic region while using a CDN. The connection is fast because it’s between Internet nodes that are close together. It means fewer hops and quicker flow of data.


CDN Statistics:


The statistics show CDN usage by top sites. It shows that everyone, from small and medium content providers to the world’s large corporations rely on CDNs to provide a seamless web experience to their end users.

How do CDN works?


  • The end-user sends a request to the central server, CDN redirects that request to the edge server that can provide the highest content delivery speed.
  • When a visitor reaches your site and requests files, it will redirect to the fastest CDN edge server.
  • The request gets robotically directed to the nearest DNS servers.
  • DNS server resolves the requested URL and converts it into IP Address. After that, it looks up for the closest CDN server using ping routine algorithm.
  • The fastest edge CDN server delivers a cached copy to the user. If the requested file is not cached, it pulls the content from the originating server and provides it to the user.

1.  Breakneck Rendition and Boosting Performance

You can say connected content delivered at speed. Performance is the difference between your click for content and getting immediate access and a click after which you had to wait for 7 seconds while page loads or video buffers.

Therefore one of the most critical factors is the performance for which you’re using CDN. Since content is cached around the world, the users at shorter distances can get the benefit of minimized packet loss and latency.
Latency can be defined by the time it takes for a request to travel from the sender to the receiver and for the receiver to process that request.

2.  Outdated Conventional Hosting

There is no doubt that traditional web hosting would deliver 100% of your content to the user. Though they are located across the world, the user has to wait for the data to be retrieved from where your server is located. In the current era, the business is not limited to a single continent. It is expanding from one corner to another.

Therefore, there is always a need to serve audiences all around the world which give rise to latency. In contrast to this scene, a CDN takes a majority of your static content and helps it from across the globe, decreasing download times.

Most times, the closer the CDN server is to the web visitor, the faster the assets will load for them. Another reason to state that traditional web hosts are lacking is Web Hosting refers typically to one server. A content delivery network relates to a global system of edge servers which distributes your content from a multi-host environment.

3.  Search Engine Friendly

One of the primary step to improve SEO strategies and Google Page Rankings is CDN service. There are more challenges for slow websites for acquiring ranks in search engines.

As per the SEO rulebook, websites which have a high number of visitors leaving the sites within few seconds fails to achieve desired search engine rankings.

With CDN Network, you can overcome the render blocking of JavaScript. It gives a face-lift to the performance of your website on Google Page Speed or GTmetrix dramatically.

4.  More Affordable than you think!

Customers may be from any corner of the world. But what if your web infrastructure is in one country? The result may be poor performance due to delay. Global CDNs help you serve better in this aspect.

You don’t need to set up a data center in each country. You can serve customers faster because they can get served by local edge servers in those countries.

You can Hire Web Developer to know more about CDN functionalities & cost. Most of them have the experience of working with CDN. So, they would be able to solve all your burning questions.

5.  Reliability and Scalability

With a CDN requests to your website are always routed to the nearest available location. If one server is not available, applications will automatically move to the next available server.

It creates automatic redundancy helping to ensure that your website always remains online and available for your visitors. Considering a typical site, 80% static content is present on a website, and a significant portion of your assets delivered in a faster, more efficient manner from the CDN.

6.  Traffic Spikes & Bandwidth

Offloading traffic to a CDN will make it easier to manage traffic spikes and scale up or down within a short time. With CDN, you can deliver static content to users for their servers; bandwidth costs go down.

CDN reduces resource usage by lowering the amount of request made to your hosting server. In other words, you can say in contrast to a single centralized server; here, they make use of distributed servers which results in bandwidth consumption reduction.

Read also: Top 10 Service Providers for Content Delivery Network(CDN)

7.  Enhance your website’s security.

To improve the security of your website, it is desirable to add a CDN. A CDN may enhance safety by providing DDoS mitigation, improvements to security certificates, and other optimizations.

CDN can act as a sort of firewall which protects your site from going down during an attack known as Distributed Denial of Service(DDoS). The CDN provider has all kinds of tools that help with that. CDN helps you to guard your website against most common threats out there.

8.  Amalgamation with Expert Purveyor

Not only CDNs benefits in terms of customer’s experience but also will help to reduce data center/cloud hosting cost. Since the amount of data that goes to your core infrastructure gets cut, the price also gets reduced.

In most cases, you can deploy CDNs on almost any platform in just a matter of a few minutes. There are numerous integration possibilities, whether you are running WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or even a custom framework such as Laravel or Zend Framework.


Why is it proving best for your business?

  1. The website traffic divides among CDN’S multiple edge servers. It enables decrease cost of infrastructure as you can sustain the same amount of traffic while operating on less hardware.
  2. The content delivery speed increases which increase end-user’s satisfaction. It results in an increase in sales gradually for online business.
  3. The storage of data’s copies on various servers minimizes the damage from any of them being down. By having traffic redirected from failed servers to an available one, CDN increases a website’s uptime and the number of happy customer sales.
  4. Because the use of CDN provides additional server capacity, your website can sustain higher traffic.
  5. One of the primary expense of the website is the bandwidth consumption costs for website hosting. CDN’s can reduce the amount of data through caching and various optimization techniques. It reduces the hosting costs for website owners.

Top CDN Providers available:

  1. MaxCDN
  2. CloudFlare
  3. CDNlion
  4. Amazon CloudFront
  5. Limelight
  6. Incapsula

and many more to list.


To epitomize the write-up, your site if configured with a CDN, not only enhances the site’s speed but also lowers your resource usage like bandwidth at the same time. Therefore nowadays Web Development Company is making use of CDN.

The factors that make your site more attractive to visitors are fast loading and better availability. CDN adds a security layer to your site and improves reliability. So how many of you are using CDN? Which CDN provider you are using and what difference did you notice? Comment in the section below.

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