Top 8 Features of Mobile Application to Enhance Brand Credibility

By Harikrishna Kundariya Mobile, Technology April 19, 2019 11 min read 723 Views

Why do you need to learn about enhancing brand credibility?

  • For acquiring and Retaining customers.
  • Increasing Brand Awareness.
  • To have a competitive edge.
  • For increasing the trust of customers for your brand.

But to achieve these targets, how would you make a brand strong? And if you know the factors, do you know how to put them in practice?

As quoted by Jonah Sachs,

“Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer’s touch points.”

It proves that brand is an expectation, a promise that customers have in their mind about a product or the service provided by a company they are looking up

But why mobile applications?

As per stats, mobile apps are projected to generate 188.9 billion U.S. dollars in revenues via in-app advertisement and app stores.

statista_app_revenueIn short, apps are brand-driven, provide interactive experiences, and optimized for the specific platform that customers use.

Since numerous factors enhance brand credibility and strengthen a brand, I have penned down a few features for a mobile application that will help you to increase brand credibility.

1. Experience with deep pockets

When would customers prefer your brand?
Obviously when you as a brand provide an experience that isn’t available elsewhere on the planet.

But where is the problem?

  • People aimlessly want to develop a mobile app just like others are doing in the market.
  • People are adopting the strategy of duplication since they haven’t framed the needs of why brand requires a mobile app.

What are the consequences of duplication?

  • People won’t have a reason to make a place for your app which is another ‘space occupying app.’
  • This app will have no different features or will be able to provide a rich experience that you can’t find on Google.
  • Wastage of money and resources unnecessarily.

What should we do?

  • Your intention to develop your brand’s app should have a specific goal.
  • Frame the requirements of customers that they expect from your mobile app. Understand user intent.
  • Your app should be able to provide value to users and different utilities which are uncommon.
  • Increase the efficiency of tasks that you often promote through your app.
  • The ability to justify the presence and expense of your app through its performance and problem-solving capability.

A blog from Forbes recently mentioned a mobile application named Mindclash which offers an incredible experience for players.

Specially designed for users who are interested in trivia, they are accorded with valuable experience while using the app.

The app provides clear takeaway from using the program, whether it is for the joy of answering trivia questions, winning prizes, or engaging in some friendly competition.


2. Combination of in-growth and easy navigation.

What you think why people delete your app?
One of the common reasons is they aren’t using the app anymore. Another reason is difficulty in using the app.

But the brand app is being used by customers, how can it be deleted?
A stats from eMarketer shows that apps get deleted in 5.8 days after the download.

Another stats by AppsFlyer shows that mobile app uninstalls rate after 30 days is 28%. So even if people are using your app, it doesn’t guarantee the safety of your app.

appsflyer-1Then what customers are looking forward to?

Customers are looking for interactive and easy navigation for hassle-free mobile application experience. In-growth and easy navigation are the key points that increase the possibility of keeping your app on their phone.

What one can do?

  • You should minimize clicks and actions on mobile.
  • The architecture should be kept in mind while developing the content from the point that scrolling is more preferred than clicking on mobile.
  • Functionalities should be limitless, but at the same time, it shouldn’t be full of field entries and clicks.


If we are talking about easy navigation, then Netflix is grabbing all the light towards it. The in-growth facility makes video streaming pleasure to the fingers, and with limited clicks, it becomes one of the most loved video streaming apps.


3. The checkout experience should be plain sailing.

What problems that you faced?
One of the Herculean tasks is the checkout process. Even though less number of fields are desirable, some areas can’t be ignored especially during the checkout process.

But fields can’t be ignored, then what you can do?
Who said to ignore the critical fields?

  • The name field can be a single one rather than divided into First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name.
  • Depending on the PIN, the system should fill the location, city, and state automatically.
  • Allow users to save the shipping process and payment methods.

One of the online food delivery apps Seamless, as the name so is its facility that it provides to the users during the checkout process. It contains all the information about the existing customer. It gives the customers a pure experience within few clicks.


4. Providing customers with personalized experience.t

As a brand, what have you noticed?
Other brands are searching for ways to make user experiences more personal. In other words, people are looking for more personalized experience in mobile apps.

How to bring this in practice?
If you want to achieve the goal of personalizing your app, you need to prepare a check-list of the following:

  • Analyze the behavior of the user that they take in the app.
  • You can use past browsing and purchase history data.
  • Geographical based content by default in terms of an app that provides regional information like news.

What will be the Impact of this?

  • Mobile App will be more personal.
  • The Personalization experience will be utterly user-friendly as it framed by attributes and need of the customers.
  • It develops positive connectivity with your app.

Spotify has been using this technique of personalizing the music experience as if it is for an individual. It curates through playlists based on the user’s interest.


To know more about how to provide a personalized experience through the mobile app, you should Hire Someone To Make An App For You from a reputed organization. He/She should be able to guide you regarding this subject.

Mobile app development services

5. Never overlook the power of Simplicity.

What have you observed?
There are a lot of things that appear to be ogle friendly but hurts a lot rather than help unintentionally.

  • There are lots of features that aren’t essential.
  • Creates unnecessary rift while performing a task for the users.
  • Difficulty in navigation.
  • The app becomes heavy and clunky.

What is the reason?
The reason is what appears to be attractive isn’t always aligned with the needs and requirement of the user.

What do users want?
A simple app that is easy to navigate and interactive. Thus it is not false to say that simplicity is the key to user engagement.

One of the examples of simplicity at it’s best is the Venmo mobile application which is a payment sharing app.

Key Tips:

  • Note the goals of why they are using your app from users intent.
  • Now focus on making these tasks simple and easy to achieve through fewer efforts.
  • Don’t make it too complicated with catchy eye elements. They might be appealing but would hamper the performance overall which is not a good thing for your app and brand.


6. Proving customers that they are in a rightful place.

What can be better than transforming your app into a tool where users can open it anytime and access it? you can loop this process for increasing user engagement for a long time.
But with such experience comes problems which had to be solved 24X7.

Read also: Agile Methodology-Driven development is the new catch for Mobile App Development

But what this proves?
It proves that you as a brand not only offers a quality service by name. You are always there for your users. It enhances their appreciation for your brand and boosts up their confidence in your brand more.

One such example is Nike Running that always keeps track of their customer’s health and habits and keeps them engaged.


7. Never compromise on your consistency.

What is important?
The pitch of your content shouldn’t change. It should be consistent.

What is the observation?
Contents change as per the business functions. But the fact that the contents should not change as per business is the primary key point as fads shift every time.

What you have to do?
Simple. Be as you are. It means originality is respected everywhere. Moreover, it is necessary that you be loyal to your customers in intentions and what you want to convey to your customers.

Key Point:
Avoid changing themes, fonts, colors because this way customers find it dull to recall your brand. After all your main aim is to revolve in a customer’s mind.

I don’t think any coffee lover on this planet can’t recognize Starbucks.


8. The value of Emotions comes from sharing them not just having them.

What is important when any user uses your app to create something?
Sometimes it’s necessary that your creations like photo collages you make or pencil sketch or any innovative production that you want to share with your connections should be easily shareable.

What happens by sharing?
By this, your customers not only shares your brand but also proves that your service is valuable.

How your brand is getting credit?
Your brand is getting famous through the publicity your current users are doing. While they are sharing your app through their creations to others, people are made aware of your brand. Thus they are helped in your process completely.

Pandora, a known and loved the app for music streaming allows the user to share their favorite tracks and radio stations.

Now, you as a brand have noted these to-dos for enhancing brand credibility using mobile applications. But how would they benefit your brand in totality?

  • Recognition from Customers: This is possible only when your customers while buying any product or service recalls your brand. Thus you can say that your brand is strong enough to get customer recognition.
  • Obtaining a competitive edge: If you want to highlight yourslef in the crowd, then it is your brand that does that. This is backed by customers who are associated with your brand thus providing a competitive edge to your brand in the market.
  • An easy way for new products: It’s obvious if Mr. Shakrukh Khan, known as the King Khan of Bollywood has built a brand through his hits over the years then launching his son Aryan wouldn’t be a Herculean task. Similarly, if your brand has been the talk of the market domain then introducing new products isn’t a hard nut to crack.
  • Loyalty and sharing: The ballooning of your brand depends on customer loyalty. It is possible only with shared values. It is necessary because you have to create a connection with your customers.
  • Ease of Purchase: If your brand is doing well, then it results in enhancing credibility in the marketplace as a whole. Due to such growth of your brand, every aspect goes in hand in hand and thus results in ease of purchase. It is possible as your brand will always be recalled and recommended.


The app development services have been elevating without any sign of looking back. With the increase in the app market, it becomes the basic need for enhancing your brand credibility using mobile apps.

Taking this into consideration, the Custom App Design company is making all the efforts to ensure that they provide a credible & robust solution.

I have given the possible top features that need your attention to creating the name of your brand. If you have any features revolving in your mind, you are free to comment in the space below.

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