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Top 10 Service Providers for Content Delivery Network(CDN)

Top 10 Service Providers for Content Delivery Network(CDN)

As per the study, Content delivery network(CDN) stores a copy of your website on 120+ servers and 2000+ clouds located all over the world. Your visitors then load the content from the closest server.

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I have listed few service providers for CDN

1.   Google Cloud CDN

Google cloud platform helps to linchpin for ‘what’s next for the business.’


  1. Frees user from the overhead of managing infrastructure, provisioning servers and configuring networks.
  2. Lowers network latency.
  3. Offloads origins.
  4. Reducing serving costs.
  5. Cloud CDN is always close to the users with caches at more than 90 sites around the world.
  6. Faster page loads.
  7. Increase in engagements.
  8. No regional DNS required.
  9. Content can be secured with SSL/TLS for no additional charge.
  10. Tightly integrated with the Google cloud platform.
  11. Cloud CDN includes support for large objects (upto 5 TB) making it the ideal platform to deliver media and gaming to customers around the globe.
  12. With HTTP/1.0 and HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2 is also supported which is labour-saving.

Invalidation: take down cached content in minutes.

As per research, when Cloud CDN serves your content, you’re charged for bandwidth and HTTP/HTTPS requests. On cache hits, you pay for cache egress bandwidth. On cache misses, you additionally pay for cache fill bandwidth. You’re also charged for any cache invalidations you initiate. Each invalidation can specify either a single path or a path prefix.

2.   Swarmify

Swarmify SmartVideo solution allows users to optimize the power of these little but incredibly fast computers in their pockets and have amazingly high-speed network access.

  1. Reliability in face of failure.
  2. Resilience during changing network traffic.
  3. Reasonable costs as users demand longer and higher resolution.
  4. Ease of access and use.
  5. Eliminates traffic leaks.
  6. Reduce bounce rates.
  7. Buffer proof and stall-proof playbacks, fastest video hosting.
  8. There is no need for assembly. Global accelerated video delivery network.
  9. Professional encoding for all devices.
  10. Clean distraction free player.
  11. No re-loading of videos.
  12. SmartVideo can be operated by a novice user. You don’t have to be an experienced person.


3.   Akamai

Leading provider of cloud services for helping enterprises. It is known for its security, high-performing user experiences on any device, anywhere. It helps enterprises accelerate innovation in the hyper connected world by removing the complexities of technologies.


  • Reduce costs by consolidating media CDN infrastructure
  • Transform streaming video and accelerate software delivery to any device
  • Increase revenue opportunities through retail CDN services and tiered service upgrades
  • Reduce cost and complexity with a turnkey media CDN solution
  • Transform QoE by extending online video libraries to any IP connected device
  • Control CDN performance through comprehensive analytics and reporting.
  • Extend CDN capacity and scale to billions of objects and petabytes of storage
  • Support live and on-demand web apps with adaptive streaming
  • Offer non-stop operation with in-service capacity expansion and software upgrades.
  • Add CDN capacity to your network quickly and easily
  • Accelerate performance from within your own network
  • Reduce transit costs by leveraging the Akamai Intelligent Platform
  • To gain flexibility, higher network performance, new-services and low-cost infrastructure, recursive DNS is designed.
  • On-premise authoritative DNS solution critical to configuring, publishing, and distributing access to IP services.
  • A DNS-based solution that allows service providers to easily integrate DNS data into their big data platforms.
  • Cloud-based, carrier-grade cyber security solution protects subscribers and IoT devices from phishing, viruses, ransomware and malware.

Akamai doesn’t share its pricing.

4.   Microsoft Azure CDN

Through a global network of Microsoft managed data-centers, a cloud computing platform, Microsoft Azure plays an important role to build, deploy and manage applications and services.


  1. CDN works seamlessly with Azure services, including Web Apps, Media Services, Storage, and Cloud Services. CDN can be applied in few clicks.
  2. Sudden traffic spikes and heavy loads can be handled.
  3. Optimization of features like availability is achieved. They excel in features like performance, reliability and security to make application fast.
  4. Mitigate security threats on the content distribution network, such as distributed denial-of-service attacks. Optimize security by enabling HTTPS for your domain names, without additional cost or certificate management.
  5. Build and tailor your content delivery strategy with a choice of providers. Azure CDN integrates with services from Akamai and Verizon, enabling customers to select the right solution for their needs—for example, for load balance across content delivery networks.
  6. Gain insights about customer workflows and business needs by tracking engagement with the content. See how customers are receiving and caching assets, and further monitor traffic on the content delivery network using real-time and granular analytics.

5.   Limelight

The main aim is to satisfy the user with fast, reliable and secure services irrespective of what you deliver. Limelight’s edge cloud platform gives what you want under one roof.

  1. Fast, available and secure delivery of digital content to any device, anywhere.
  2. Live + VOD media management and packaging for delivering broadcast-quality video to any screen.
  3. A fully-integrated set of scalable, low-latency, high-performance distributed edge services that help you solve any IoT challenge.
  4. Comprehensive suite of services to secure your digital assets and protect your infrastructure
  5. Limelight’s ongoing investment in the development and optimization of every component of its CDN provides industry-leading performance, even over congested or changing network conditions.
  6. Limelight operates one of the world’s largest networks with the capacity and reach to support the largest global events.
  7. Limelight speeds up the delivery of static content like images, text and video as well as dynamic content that changes with each user.
  8. It also simplifies the process of ingesting and managing content.
  9. Stale content are removed from the access path of the user.

The pricing details are not shared.

6.   CDNlion

We know that a CDN is a global cluster of caches that can serve as local caches for static files. CDNlion is a CDN service provider that has the largest network, affordable pricing, simple setup and easier acceleration of digital content.


  1. Instant Activation: The whole configuration takes less than 5 minutes
  2. Unlimited websites can be speed up by one client account.
  3. CDNlion offers 7-day free trial.
  4. It offers unlimited website acceleration including images, videos, audios, documents, html, css, and all kind of files.
  5. Support for the content pull. (HTTP Pull)
  6. Support for the content push. (HTTP Push)
  7. Support for content caching. (HTTP Cache)
  8. Protection of your website from DDoS attacks.


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7.   MaxCDN

It is one of the largest content delivery network provider with data centers around the world. They have numerous servers all over North America and Europe.

  1. Realtime: Purge and provision content, integrate SSL and generate reports.
  2. Analytic: Who, what, why and how your content with raw logs and real time reporting.
  3. Security- Create secure tokens, enable 2-step authentication to secure your account.
  4. Support- A team that is available for 24/7 with the mission of making you meet up the speeding requirements.
  5. Rules: Controls how your content will behave.
  6. Origin Shield: protects your server from the request.


8.   CloudFlare

Cloudflare has built the next generation Content Delivery Network. Our platform was designed and built to integrate emerging technologies to ensure our customers receive the most advanced protocols on the web; today and tomorrow.

We have built a global network designed to optimize security, performance and reliability, without the bloat of legacy technologies. The result is a CDN that is easy to setup, more affordable, and performs better than any CDN you’ve tried before.

  1. Never charged for bandwidth.
  2. Vdeos are serverd from any corner within a fraction of seconds.
  3. It helps the internet to operate cleanly free from DDoS attack.
  4. Decrease in Latency.
  5. Better Integration with emerging technologies.
  6. Reduced power consumption.


9.   Amazon CloudFront

It integrates with other Amazon web services products to give developers and businesses an easy way to accelerate content to end users with no minimum usage commitments.


  1. It is a global, growing content delivery network due to its infrastructure.
  2. It is a highly-secure Content Delivery Network (CDN) that provides both network and application level protection.
  3. There is no additional cost for AWS shield standard protections.
  4. Advance protection from sophisticated threats and DDoS attacks.
  5. Provides low latency code and have a high data transfer speed.
  6. Integrated with various platforms to speed up DNS resolution of applications.


For pricing, click on the link below

10.   Incapsula

It employs proprietary machine learning technology. With it, Incapsula is able to cache your dynamically generated files, while ensuring content freshness.

  • Dynamic caching technology based on machine learning
  • Reliable, self-healing mesh network topology
  • Peered, Tier 1 transit system for optimal coverage
  • Extensive cache control options
  • Instant cache purge and cache rule propagation
  • Security and bot management features


For more details Click here

To check the best service provider for CDN among the above mentioned, click on the link below:

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I have listed the top 10 CDN Service Providers for 2018. I bet you have researched few more and definitely have been using them. Let me know your experience by commenting the providers you are using in the comment box.


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