Try This Simple Hacks To Double Up Your Site’s Email Subscribers

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Whether you are newfangled or savoir-faire in email marketing, you will habitually spare no effort to sniff out the excellent practicable ways to fatten your email list. Expressing in an understandable sailing way, ballooning of your email list results in the multiplication in sales affecting your business in a beeline.

1. Add An Exit Intent Pop-up

Problem Statement: Out of 10 visitors, there is a possibility that seven visitors will pull out of your website and would never come back.

Solution: A five-finger exercise that would convert these withdrawn users into leads is Exit Intent Pop-up. You can call it an opt-in form that is placed thoughtfully as per the behavior of the visitor and displays when the visitor leaves your site.
Follow the steps below to create an Exit Intent Pop-up:

  • Click on the ‘Sign Up forms’ option.


  • Click the ‘+’ Sign


  • Select ‘PopUp’


  • Use the options on the left to customize your form.

A) Title:
To change the title of your form

B) Description:
To add text to your form. It will be either a text mentioning the time they would get the emails or how often they will be triggered.


C) Contact Fields:
This field will enable you to choose contact fields which you want in the form to be filled by the visitor.


D) Email Lists: Here you can select among the given options for email lists that you want your visitor to choose.

E) Button: To change the color and text of the button, click on the button.

F) Background: To change the color of the background of your form.


  • Select the timing to display the form: This feature is available on upgrading the service and not for primary email users.
  • To control over your pop-up follow the steps below

1. Click the Settings tab:


2.Click Timing:


3. Select an option when you want your pop-up to be displayed.

There are two options, either on exit or on a timer. If you select on exit, then your pop-up will be displayed when a user would be exiting from the site. If you check the box for ‘on a timer,’ then the pop-up will be posted after a mentioned time from landing on your webpage.

4. The frequency drop-down list helps you to add an approximate display time of your pop-up.


5.Click Save:


  • Once you have completed customizing your pop-up, the next step is to install your Pop-up in your website. Follow the steps below:

1. For making your Pop-up form active, click on Publish


2. Click ‘Universal Code’ on the Sign Up Forms Page


3. Copy the code and paste it into the footer of your website.

2. Lock the visitor with effective CTA at the right place

Give a Thought: If a visitor reads your content till the end, it shows that this visitor is your prospect lead. The reason is there are many contents out there. But he has chosen to read your content from the pool. That means, you have attracted the visitor and the visitor is interested in your site. Therefore the end of your article is the perfect time to ask them to join your community or like your page or subscribe to your articles. You can do that as follows:

Add a call-to-action in the Author’s bio-section. A simple example is the Bio by Jeff Goins.


3. Content Locking

You might have heeded a blurred section after reading a few lines of content. It is content locking. A sample of content locking is as shown below:


To recoup insight of the article, there are pop-ups like ‘Subscribe to our Newsletter’ or fill-up any opt-in form, etc. To add the oddity of content locking to your content follow the steps given below:

1. Identify the blog posts with the highest traffic. You can engineer it by using Google Analytics. There is a Step-to-Step guide for implementing Google Analytics on your website.

Click on Behaviour>>site content>>Landing Pages. By default, it will show the analytics of the past seven days. You can change the range of dates from the top right corner.


3. Create an Inline campaign using Optin Monster.
The steps are as shown below: -> Go to the dashboard screen after login


-> Click on Create Campaign


-> Select your campaign type:


-> Choose your campaign template:


-> Upon clicking the title of your campaign, your campaign will load in the OptinMonster builder.


4. After creating an inline campaign, go to Optin >> content blocking


Click the toggle to activate it. Choose how you want to block your content. You can either hide or remove it.

4. Try A Different Button Color

According to research, 85% of people keep the color as a primary focus which pilots their shopping for a particular product.

Every color has its significance. If you are under the impression that color has nothing to do with escalating your mailbox, then you are avoiding an essential aspect for your business.

If you are using OptinMonster, then you can click on the button. It enables the editing options on the left. Click on the color button and allow it to pop-up color picker to choose a new one.

5. Split Test Button Copy

Rest in Peace to all those people who are using predictable terms like ‘Subscribe’ as a CTA! Your CTA plays a significant role for lead conversions. You can’t aggrandize CTAs.

One of the most potent strategies is to give a personal touch to your CTAs.
To get the same data on the button, a split test is required and done as follows:

  • Login to your OptinMonster account. Click on the three-dot menu. You can place it on the right of the campaign you want to split test.
  • Select A/B Split Test. After this select Create Split Test. Name your split test, and you’ll get an identification of your campaign.


After the above process, change one element of your campaign; for instance the wording on the button. Save the changes made and broadcast the campaign. OptinMonster will automatically divide your traffic and amass data, so you know which one works best.

6. Make Effective Use Of Testimonials

Recommendations are very crucial in businesses. People now-days believe in proofs that show your brand standard and value. For example, if any celebrity recommends your website then display this heavy hitter on your webpage which in turn brings more subscribers.

7. Stop Asking For Too Much Information

If you are going to a salon for hair coloring service, which of the following questions are unnecessary?
Your Name?
Your Age?
Your Eye Color?
Which hair color you want to opt?
Yes! The first three have no relevance to the service. If you got my point, then stop asking the same to visitors in your opt-in form.
Your opt-in forms should stick to relevant information like email and domain.

8. Link A Campaign In The Twitter Bio

What information does your Twitter Bio consists? Your occupation, few hash-tags, etc. Now let’s see how Twitter bio can be used for boosting up email subscribers: The screen-shot below is of Brent Jones who has used his Twitter bio for his business. He has given a link of an e-book to download and refer. This plain sailing method thus becomes productive.


9. PostScript

PostScript has its roots from letters. When you write a signed letter is and suddenly you have an afterthought on the letter that you want to mention at the bottom is called PostScript of P.S.

Using P.S. messages at the bottom of every blog post facilitates linking of related content elsewhere on the blog. P.S. should be optimized very well as it is one of the most-read elements of emails and write-ups.

Setting priorities are the critical factor as if your preference is to bring the traffic more then P.S. should include links to your write-ups, and if your priority is to fatten your mail list, then P.S. should be groomed only for that as shown below:


10. Create Something Of Value As An Offer

People who have made a name for oneself have a simple ‘sign up for my newsletter’ or ‘Subscribe’ will pass muster. But for bloggers who are in mint condition, it becomes a matter of great consequence to come up with something in remit for an email address.

An e-book, worksheets, etc., can be aware for improving sign-ups. Whatever you offer should be of value to the reader and not any filler material. It is essential as they are investing their time to read your blog post and in turn giving their email id which is equivalent to money for your business.


In this pool of market competition, the main focus is on the lead conversion through email subscriptions. Ballooning of email subscribers means escalating lead conversions which in turn boosts up Inbound Marketing.

Disclaimer: We at eSparkBiz Technologies have created this blog with all the consideration and utmost care. We always strive for excellence in each of our blog posts and for that purpose, we ensure that all the information written in the blog is complete, correct, comprehensible, accurate and up-to-date. However, we can’t always guarantee that the information written in the blog correct, accurate or up-to-date. Therefore, we always advise our valuable readers not to take any kind of decisions based on the information as well as the views shared by our authors. The readers should always conduct an in-depth research before making the final decision. In addition to these, all the logos, 3rd part trademarks and screenshots of websites & mobile apps are the property of the individual owners. We’re not associated with any of them.

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